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Raise Pagan Awareness

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Raise Pagan Awareness

Raise Pagan Awareness
Post # 1

This cause just got to the top five of causes.com, and is featured on the front page: http://www.causes.com/actions/1733105-demand-fox-news-apologize-to-pagans-and-wiccans?ctm=causes_dot_com The cause page has the video that has caused a huge uproar within the Pagan Community, and a petition to demand that FOX News apologize to our community for their slander. Now is one of these times that we need to set aside our differences, band together, and defend our rights against misinformation and slander. To show "Faux News" that they can't just slander someone's beliefs on national television. Facebook group:https://www.facebook.com/FoxNewsPagan

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Re: Raise Pagan Awareness
Post # 2

Crap that meshed it all together.



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Re: Raise Pagan Awareness
Post # 3

Well you guys Stop with trying to "fight" back. Stop being children. So what if Fox News gave out misinformation, whichrarely happens by the way. The adult thing to do would be to ignore it.The Pagan Community should be upset. Unfortunately, what will signing a petition do? Nothing except give you guys a fake apology. What ever Fox News said would not have changed any opinionsthat anyone had not already have on Paganism (be them good or bad). So what is the Point? Answer is... Surprise... There isnone.


Common Sense

P.S. This is not meant to offend anyone just open the eye of some people.

Blessed Be to all

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Re: Raise Pagan Awareness
Post # 4

Look, if you don't agree with our stance and our action, then just don't comment. More so as this doesn't really affect you.

This is not us "trying" to fight back - this is us fighting back. Twice now I've had a christian (who are not as affected by this) tell me that we as a community should just "ignore it." What good would that do, really? Short answer: it would not do any good. If we ignore this, then it continues. Your favorite little news group (yes, I read your profile,) continues with their bigotry and misrepresenation of our beliefs, and we remain all the poorer for it. It is "ignoring" issues that has kept us underfoot for so long.

What good will an apology from FOX News do? Nothing, in and of itself. However in the action of publicly apologizing - as is our goal - those three reporters will be humbled, and the nation that recently saw misinformation will see from their mouths that they were wrong. We don't care if their scincere or not. Secondly, it will show to the reporters themselves that they were wrong, and several of us have given information and informational sites so that they will educate themselves on topics that they are attempting to cover. You should know that their tagline is "Fair and Balanced," well now it's time to see them practice that.

Lastly, it is very likely that FOX's viewers hold this view about Pagans and Wiccans. Does that make it okay for the misconception to continue? Should we just lie down and take it - as you suggest - and allow millions of American to have an incorrect view of our beliefs? No!

I believe it will be difficult for you to relate to our struggles, as you're neither a Pagan nor American, but they are struggles vying towards equal and fair treatment in the manner that christians, jew, and muslims recieve in this country. Our time of hiding in the woodwork and meekly acepting mistreatment is over. You say that you're not trying to offend anyone, yet how can many of us not take offense at basically being told "deal with it"? Did any activist (civil rights, women's rights, etc etc) ever get anywhere by just "ignoring" their issues?

I don't really care if you disagree with our cause, but you're not going to halt the already hundreds of thousand of Pagans who have rallied behind this community effort just because you think it's a "childish" action or desire. I weep for the day - and your generation - that vying for equal rights and fair treatment is seen as "being children."

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Re: Raise Pagan Awareness
Post # 5
Bravo Mechtavolk for that second post, i really appreciated reading that.
I signed the petition a few days ago but only got around to watching the actual video tonight. It hurt. The lack of correct information on their part stunned me. Talking like that about a group of people is so hurtful and misleading.
Standing for equality is certainly not childish, it is a means to get a point across and with thousands signing that petition, hopefully the point will get across.
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Re: Raise Pagan Awareness
By: / Novice
Post # 6
I agree completely that Fox was not correct about what they said. It was an example of poor research and a hasty conclusion. However, you do have to pick your battles. Instead of demanding an apology wouldn't it be better to educate people?


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Re: Raise Pagan Awareness
Post # 7

Sorry for the late response Mechtavolk. I was busy and had to re-read your post several times. Your stance is noble but you have a few misconceptionsthat I will address.

First, (I laughed at this part, I really did) Remember when you said I was not Americanwell, you would be wrong. I will tell you why. If you knew basic American history you would know that the United States gained Puerto Rico as a territory in the early 20th century. While in 1917 the United States Congress passed the John Act, which granted all Puerto RicanU.S. citizenship. Therefore, making me an American. (That was to teach you some basic U.S. History)

Second, You are right on the fact that I am not Pagan. Unfortunately,you fail to know that I study religions and Paganism is one of them. You are wrong on the purpose of Civil Rights. It was to fix a problem and make the solution law. Just in case you didn'tknow this, the Bill of Rights, Amendment I (One), It state " Congress shall make no law respecting an establishmentof religion,..." That states the basic freedom of religions, and that congress can not put one religion over another. Therefore, Paganism is already covered.

In conclusion, Yes ignoring it will not stop it, but the Petition will not stop it either. It will never stop because it has been happening for centuries... So it will not stop just because you Petition.


The White Knight.

P.S. The Petition will take no long term political hold.

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Re: Raise Pagan Awareness
Post # 8

" Instead of demanding an apology wouldn't it be better to educate people?" -Tiredofgaggs

That is half of what our goal is; for the news crew to properly represent Paganism, as well as educate themselves concerning our beliefs. The act of public apology, as I mentioned above, serves more to humble them to their audience, and for such actions apologized for to be seen as wrong.

>White Knight (points will be numerical)

1. These points are irrelivant to me and this cause, as in referencing your nationality (which isn't something taught in any history class I've been in, by the way,) it was calling to attention the stark cultural differences that we experience. More so calling to attention that - by your profile - you are a Christian, and likely do not understand the struggles that we Pagans experience here in America.

2. I fail to see how Civil Rights activists and Women's Rights movements are so far different from a religious group's struggle to be recognized as an official and legetimate religion that I would be "wrong" in sharing the spirit of their conviction. Yes, Congress cannot establish one religion over the other, and yes, this is what the Bill of Rights assures with the freedom of religion. Our issue? Why are we not recieving that freedom of religion!? Have you ever tried to get Samhain - which falls on the same day as Halloween - off from work or school as a religious holy day? Muslim students during Ramadan are able to arrive late to classes or work on account of their prayers, and Christians are excused when Easter does not coincide with Spring Break. So why are Pagans offered none of those equal treatments? Theoretically we are covered in the Bill of Rights. But as we can so plainly see here in the continental US (apparently your nationality does affect this perspective,) we are not treated equally in accordance with this freedom. It's one thing to know our laws and how they operate in theory, it's quite another thing to experience their practice or lack thereof.

I find a great deal of smug ignorance in your closing statements. That this petition "won't change it." Does one footstep affect a journey? If you never take that first small step out your door, you will never get anywhere. The goal of this petition is not to radically change America's view of Paganism in one night. It is to change the views and educations of those three individuals, and to repair damage through their public act of humility (through apology) to advances and representations of Pagans the nation over.

We are people too. We matter. According to a poll done by the site Witchvox, there are roughly 1 million Pagans in this nation. Keep in mind, that number is difficult to pin down because so many experience such overwhelming persecution that they keep their faith hidden. Your views - given from a secure seat of religious comfort - do not help our advances towards public awareness, and do not reflect well on yourself as an individual. Again, if you do not agree with our cause or think it "childish," then simply do not comment on it. No one is twisting your arm to be here, and you will do nothing to disuade our actions for fair treatment.

P.S. There is nothing political about this petition or movement.

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Re: Raise Pagan Awareness
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 9
I agree with mech. Not all religious beliefs are treated equally. I have personally witnessed multiple places here in the US where Christianity reigns supreme in treatment. I've seen how even a Muslim get punished for practicing his/her religion, whereas the Christian is appraised for his/her "evangelism." I say that in quotes because what I have witnessed is called such, but how they do it is quite rude. I mean not to bash any belief. I merely state it as I see it. The first amendment/bill of rights may state as prior said concerning religion, but that does not mean that it actually gets upheld. It doesn't.
Sure FOX News cast has the right to freedom of speech , but that doesn't mean it's right nor justified to slander entire communities and religions. It's a problem when you have these communities struggling to show what they are all about. Struggling to show the truth to people all over about Pagan practices. But it's lack of knowledge and lack of care to put in proper study that gets people like that news cast to say such ignorant statements. Which in turn, people who know no better will believe. They will tell it to their buddies. Their buddies tell it to their buddies. And so on. Then the stubbornness of most people will be cause for why people won't listen. Once they get it in their mind, all other information that doesn't back up their false information is ignored; in one ear and out the other. Sure, sign a petition and make them apologize. Will it be an honest apology? Not hardly. But at least it will be a wake up call to millions of people that "hey, these new casts told false information. I shouldn't believe what they say," or so we can hope. But reality is cruel. And society is cruel too. Odds are they will weasel their way into making Pagans look like a bunch of whiney pricks who threw a tantrum and wants their toy to be happy.
Either way, at least we can say "we are one step closer than we were before to being taken serious for what we believe and practice." That's better than sitting back and letting people walk all over us. Let them take one step without making your voice known and it'll keep happening. Tell them what's what, and you just may get some where. No, it most likely will not be a short coming reality. Odds are it'll take a very long time before true equality is recognized. Look at black rights and women's rights. Is there true equality for either one? No. There are still many places you can go to today where African-Americans (and many other races for that matter) and women do not get fair treatment. Is it right? No. But it happens. All that can be done is acknowledge it's there, and stand up against it in legal mannners to one day hope for true equality without discrimination.
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Re: Raise Pagan Awareness
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 10
I will point out for those who are concerned about their privacy that the petition site will not count your vote unless you agree to give them access to your Facebook friend's list and all of the demographics from your profile. While I support the idea of petitioning Fox to apologize, I'm not about to give any on-line entity access to my personal information to do it. That just opens up a whole different can of worms.
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