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A guide for beginners.
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Meditation is the best way to get rid of stress. meditation is very effective when it comes to stress. Started started to be developed in the eastern cultures i think. There are so many meditation tecniques that have been develop over the last 50 years. From what i have studied they have used meditation for mental peace, the purpose of meditation is to relax your mind body and soul and to get a better connection to your sub conscious. When we meditate we can connect to our higher self and connect to our guides i explained that in my other thread about spirit guides. meditation also has the ability to make your life alot better. many people say that meditation is about quieting the mind, well for me its not about stilling the mind, because if you can relax you can meditate so therefore i think meditation is about relaxing thats how our body mind and soul becomes relaxed. Meditation to me is like a chore i have to do it on daily basis, i think meditation is a chore because we always get a reward at the end of it.


Vizuliseation is just basically creating a mental picture. when people create mental pictures they maybe feel the energy of in there gut or they may feel it physically it really depends if you can sense energy really good. this actuuly helps us with meditation because when we meditate we intend to focus on one thing well this is like that because you can focus on one image in my opinion. you can create energy with vizuliseation, you can make psi balls an all that, you can direct energy with etc, you know where am going here. we use vizuliseation to channel energy, to channel spirits, we use vizuliseation to communicate to spirits. so many people find it easy but so many people find it very difficult aswell. all you have to do i keep practising. practise makes perfect.


Basically grounding is a simple exercise to get rid of negative energy. its remmoving excess energy from your body(i dont know if i spelled that right but ohwell) This is one of the main ecercises you need to when it comes to spell casting because if you cast a spell and you have not grounded yourself it may not work because you could put a negative energy into the spell. once you are grounded it just balances your energy out in your body so you dont have less energy and you dont have lots of energy. nature helps you when your grounding yourself.


Everyone that practises magick need to know how to ground and center because you need to do it when it comes to spell casting. centering yourself refers your physical and mental state i think, centering yourself just calms your emotions down and your mind and breathing, so basically its good just before you do some meditation, its like a state of alterness. Nature helps you alot when your centering yourself to the universe aswell.


The power to make a spell work is within you like its your energy, if you cast a spell and thinks its not going to work because that negative thought is adding negative energy to it. in my belief i believe to make a spell work you need to have a good connection to divinty. when your casting a spell put all your emotion ito it make the spell do what you want it to do and also when you cast a spell just forget about it. you can ask spirits,guides,elements,demons,gods,goddess to help you with a spell and they will most probably add more energy to it. for all you beginners you might get frustrated when your spells are not working, it just takes practise, you will be successfull one day. Meditation, Centering, Grounding, they are the top 3 practises you need to do to cast spells.

Why your spells dont work

  • Your thinking negative after you have casted the spell
  • Your not believeing in the spell.
  • You have not practised the basics enough.
  • You did not put enough energy into the spell.

1. After you have casted a spell make sure you forget about the spell. because the more you think about the spell the more chances its not going to work.

2. you need to believe your spells are going to work because if you dont youl never be able to cast spells, just think of it like this, you believe you can walk, you know you can walk, just do the same as spells.

3. you need to practise the basics through out your jouney. if you never practise the basics your never going to cast spells like a said earlier meditation grounding centering are the main practises.

4. when your saying the spell put all your emotion into it, vizulise your spell working and you should feel the energy raising up in your gut.


The best tool is yourself because all the other tools can not cast spells for you its impossible they just add more energy to the spell that's all id ont really use tools iv got the best tool and thats myself.

Full Moon

We get a full moon every single month. its best to cast spells on the moon because when the moon is full it means that it gives our spell so much energy that its so powerfull its 99% chance of working. if the moon has a low phase youv got a low chance of your spell working. just always cast a spell on the fullmoon at midnight.

How to write a spell?

Get a peice of paper. and when your writing the spell put all your emotion.feleings and intent into because when writing your own spell you have got more of a chance of it working than the ones on this site. just make it a very simple good luck one or a protection spell doesnt matter. you can use tools for it or just yourself its entirely up to you.

i hope all this helped you.


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Re: A guide for beginners.
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Magick is neither good or bad, magick is neither black or white. magick is only intent. The intent of the practitioner is what seperates black magick and white magick. over the last couple of years people have said that being being wiccan is part of witchcraft aswell, most wiccans practise magick but other wiccans dont because they believe its evil and they worship the devil. not everyone practises magick because most people are unaware of it. thats when scientist get involved and take tests, scientist have found out that magick is real and physhics,mediums are real, if we did not have scientist were would we be now? if there was no science we would not of known that energy existed.

Astral Projection

every single human being every living thing on earth has experiences astral projection, we was just unaware that we was even doing it. Astral projection is also known as "OBE". astral projection is where our astral body leaves our physical body connected to a silver cord. we see the astral plane completely diffrent than we see the the physical plane, i reconmend you start of with the physical and once your more experiences you can go into the astral.

Ouija Boards

Many people may know that the ouija board is well know as a talking board which opens a portal to the spirit world and invotes any spirit into where your useing the ouija board. they are very dangerous and you should not mess with them, if you ever ant to use one i suggest you use protection and learn how to use one, ask your parents what they do and how they can affect your life. i used one for the first time and then i relaised it was not a gane, from that experience iv studied alot about them. they are not a toy.


  • 1st chakra: Root
  • 2nd chakra: sacral
  • 3rd chakra: solar plexus
  • 4th chakra: heart
  • 5th chakra: throat
  • 6th chakra: third eye
  • 7th chakra: crown

If you working on opening all these chakras i suggest starting from the 1st chakra root. then work you way up just remember they wont open over night and its a process.

There ye go


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Re: A guide for beginners.
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
This is a very great informative post! You worked hard and just with speaking with you briefly i know your bright! Good work :D

Blessed Be
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Re: A guide for beginners.
Post # 4

Awesome! I could see how you said that your first post was limited due to time constraints. I also like how this is titled 'A Guide for Beginners' and not straight out basics, as it is tailored for the newbies of SoM.

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Re: A guide for beginners.
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Umm quick thing with the moon different phases of the moon has different properties for different spells
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Re: A guide for beginners.
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Thanks I've been searching for like ever thanks it's really informative and some stuff I really needed to know thank u! thank u! thank u!
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Re: A guide for beginners.
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Re: A guide for beginners.
By: / Novice
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hey SpiritualMan i know i posted this on you Spellcasters repost of your forum, but i figured i should post it here also since more people will probably be reading this post.

meditation: originated in eastern culture; Buddhism, Hinduism, Shinto, Taoism so on. the different meditation techniques date back farther than 50 years ago.

visualization: it might help a little with seeing spirits, but that's more focus, some need to clear their mind before speaking with spirits.

Grounding: while it can get rid of negative energy, it gets rid of excess energy left behind after a spell. this energy can build up in our system and lea to us feeling sick.

Centering: good points, though i think you meant [or forgot to mention] charging. it's needed to cast spells, you need to charge your body with energy in the universe or else a spell won't work. centering is important, but without energy the spell is useless.

spellcasting: another well written point. should also mention however the caster needs to put forth some effort to achieve the goal. money spells don't work if you sit on the couch watching tv, love spells won't work if you don't socialize or say hi to the person. spells aren't a 100% guarantee, they help the odds in your favour, but spells do fail for different reasons.

the next couple points are good, the moon though, half true.

Moon: most spells are best done on the full moon for the reasons you listed, but some aren't some spells like curses, or spells to bring change, are best done on the new moon. if you want a spell to grow with strength, then it should be cast a few days before the full or new moon, to be completed on the day the moon is full/new for maximum strength.

How to Write a Spell: good point, they should also research the items used in the spell, and test it out.

Magick: 'they believe its evil and they worship the devil.' just no. some people don't believe in magick for varying reasons, 'the devil' is not one of these reasons if you're Wiccan/Pagan. if you're Christian then yes, but Wiccans don't believe in 'the devil'. a Wiccan might not cast magick because they feel it goes against free will, they don't believe magick can do anything, they would rather deal with a situation them-self. Wiccan's are witches, a 'witch' is the practitioner. just like calling a catholic 'christian' they're part of the faith, though they have a few different beliefs than an anglican or a baptist. Wiccans have a few rules other pagans may not, the Wiccan Rede for instance, it is a reason why many Wiccans might not cast spells.

AP is alright.

Ouija Board: it doesn't open a portal, it's attracting spirits towards the board. it's also not evil, it's a tool like an Athame or a Besom. it can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing, but it's not evil. how would your parents know they're not a toy? chances are your parent used them as a toy at a slumber party and think it's just a game to freak you out. it's not, you are correct, people do get in trouble when they misuse the board, but it's not evil, should avoid using it though until you're more advanced.

and the chakra's are fine. sorry to go through all of them pointing things out, but if you're using this to teach people, just make sure it's as accurate as possible and not based on personal opinion.
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Re: A guide for beginners.
Post # 9
Thank you so much I now know what to do and what not to do.
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Re: A guide for beginners.
Post # 10
can any person practise this and make it even if no one ever practised magic in your clan??
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