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Paradigms (Please Read!!)
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Learn how to shift your paradigm

Do you feel you can achieve so much more but something always stops you getting it.
What if I was to tell you that you are correct that there is something stopping you from achieving what you want right now! Every single thing you do and feel is a direct result of your own belief system.

This is not an instant magic formula. It will take time and some perseverance on your part. But if you want to change your life into something so much more rewarding then this is worth it.

It is free and will not cost you any money. The method is written below so that you can start straight away!. So if you are prepared to put a little work into changing how you think and act into a more positive way this article will show you how to change your paradigm and finally get a better life.

What is your Paradigm?

It is the collection of the ideas and patterns, negative and positive, that have been ingrained onto your subconscious mind after years of conditioning. It is your belief system that you act upon in everything you do in your life.

I explain how the mind works and what could have happened that has stopped you from achieving all you want and deserve for a better life. This is not a quick solution by any means.

It takes time to train your mind to replace those negative thoughts and beliefs that have been controlling your actions up to this point in your life.

Believe it Achieve it Receive it

It also takes a huge amount of belief on your part that you can attract positive outcomes in all you do from now on. Once you really believe you can achieve something then you will be guided on the correct path to receive it. You really can manifest everything you want in life but it does take time and concentration.

If you have not achieved the things you want you can change your belief system, your Paradigm.

How to change your belief system

Positive thinking and affirmations. By repeating affirmations that apply to your chosen new life you can create a new reality for yourself. A reality that you have decided you want and deserve right now. You can harness the power of your subconscious mind.

This in turn will create your ideas and dreams into reality. Make this conscious effort of changing that life long paradigm conditioning and you can start your journey of attracting and creating all that you want out of your life now. Create the energy to harness the power of the subconscious mind.

You are what you believe.

Train your subconscious mind to operate on a different frequency, a different wave length, a different vibration. You are what you believe. You are what you think. By saying positive affirmations over and over again they will create your new reality. The power of the subconscious mind can be used by you to change your life exactly how you want it.

What we believe of ourselves is what we are.

Children absorb energy quicker than adults

Think back to when you were very young. What did your parents or friends tell you about yourself. Did you hear over and over how clumsy, fat, ugly, useless or stupid you were? Or was it that you were told how clever you were; that you could be anything you wanted. Children absorb energy quicker than adults do because they accept everything they are told as true. Your paradigm was created by your parents, friends and the society around you.

What we believe is what we are

The child in all of us has kept whatever thought patterns were instilled in us at that young age. Think back to that time for you, what you remember being told as a child, I bet you still have those thought patterns today.

If they are negative we need to get them out and replace them with new positive ones. Change your paradigm by re-programming your subconscious mind now. Think thoughts of abundance and you attract abundance towards you. Think thoughts of poverty or lack and you attract that into your life instead.

Choose your path wisely and your thoughts will create miracles.

What are your goals in life.

What are your dreams and wishes?

Your life is your choice. If you want to change it then choose to do it now. It's your journey. If you don't know where you are going, how do you expect to get there! How is this going to work for you? The first thing you must think about is what you want out of life. What is it that you want to change? What are your goals in life, what are your dreams and wishes? But none of this will happen if you do not believe you deserve all that you want. Change your paradigm of self hate and ‘not deserving’ mentality. Tell yourself, ' I love myself, I deserve the very best that life has to offer.'

Do you feel unworthy of achieving happiness in your life.

You do deserve the very best, we all do.

So what's stopping us getting it? We are. Or rather our thought system is. A lot of us do not believe that we deserve wonderful things to happen to us. We can think of all the things we've done wrong and all the things we should have done right that makes us unworthy of being happy now. We all want these nice things to happen but we are unconsciously stopping them because we feel we do not deserve it. This is where we need to take action to change our paradigms. Say the affirmations to yourself silently in your mind. Over and over again, whatever you are doing. Keep your mind on positive thoughts and you will become positive in every situation.

Say this positive affirmation now. ‘I love myself, I deserve the very best that life has to offer.'

By repeating positive affirmations you are conditioning your subconscious mind to believe in all your positive thoughts as reality. You need to change your thoughts in order to change your reality. Your actions change into positive actions and the pattern of self hate and unworthy thoughts are replaced by new positive energy.

I am not saying to forget all the things you know you did which you're ashamed of, all the mistakes you've made. Put them aside for the time being, they are done with, in the past. You have a choice right now to let these past mistakes continue to influence your present and your future life. Or decide now to accept happiness and fulfilment. If you still hear your negative thoughts intruding then tell yourself in the mirror, ' I let go of the past.'


Forgive yourself for those things you did that caused pain, sorrow or hurt to others. It's not what happens to us that shape our lives, it our attitude towards it. Today is your new beginning. Today you change your paradigm and therefore your life.


Worry and negative energy

Choose to do it different

If you worry about a situation all the time then you draw that worrying energy into your life. It attracts more negative thoughts and feelings until it takes over, it gets a life of its own.

You can choose to turn it around on its self and make it become positive energy.

Say you are worried sick about your child when he goes out to school or with his friends. You think of all the terrible things that can happen to him, all the temptations he will face. Every time he is late back you go through all these negative outcomes. It makes you scared, you feel awful until you hear him come in and he is safe again.

Creating negative energy.

All that negative energy was not only creating a build up in your own system it was also being projected onto him. You were unwittingly drawing the negative energy towards him. Choose to do it different. Every time he goes out say to yourself, 'My child is safe and protected at all times.' That way you are creating positive thoughts and energy around yourself and your child. The situation is still the same; it is your attitude that is different.

Affirmations to attract money, health and happiness into your life.

Say these positive affirmations to yourself over and over again.

I AM tuned in and receiving my financial wealth, success, and abundance.
I enjoy love, joy, health and family togetherness in my life now.
Money comes to me easily every day.
I earn ………… a year at a job I love and enjoy.
I am financially secure for life now.
I release the past. I love myself. I allow myself to be at peace and trust life.
I receive large sums of money every day to spend as I wish when I wish.
I enjoy excellent health. My life is full of love, joy and laughter.
I am open and receiving my financial wealth, success, abundance and health.
I love myself and deserve the very best in life right now.
I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me in ever increasing quantities from lots of various sources on a continuous basis.
I am tuned in and ready to accept abundance from the Universe today.
This is my reality everything in my life is easy.
I accept and allow financial wealth into my life now.
I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me EVERY DAY.
I am tuned in and ready to accept abundance from the Universe today.
I am tuned into to the frequency of receiving money today.
I deserve the very best that life has to offer.
Something wonderful happens to me today.
I have the power and strength to change my life for the highest good of all concerned.
I accept abundance in every area of my life right now.
I love and admire myself. I take control of my life.

Left work just for you guys so please take this thread serious

This information was gatherd from:
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Re: Paradigms (Please Read!!)
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Thank you very much for posting this. I don't know about anyone else but I found this to be quite useful :D

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Re: Paradigms (Please Read!!)
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Im happy it helped someone =)
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