Music thread? Post 'em

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Music thread? Post 'em

Music thread? Post 'em
Post # 1
What are you into and add people who have similar interests!
Lets go!

I'm into indie, folk, electronic, singer-songwriter and experimental, including:
Bob Dylan, The Innocence Mission, Animal Collective, Neutral Milk Hotel, Nick Drake, Sufjan Stevens, Right Away, Great Captain!, The Antlers, The Shins, The Microphones, José González, Elliott Smith, Death Grips, Arcade Fire, Daniel Johnston, The Beach Boys, Sam Cooke, Bon Iver, SBTRKT, [unknown] , N.W.A, Purity Ring, Grimes, Joanna Newsom, The Tallest Man on Earth, James Blake, Misfits, Alex Verdon, Iron & Wine, Richmond Fontaine, Bright Eyes, Avicii, Tycho, Robert Johnson, Fleet Foxes, My Bloody Valentine, Radiohead, Beirut, Tame Impala, Joy Division, Pixies, The xx, Brian Eno, Pedro the Lion, Tyler, the Creator, The Books, Beach House, Grizzly Bear, Manchester Orchestra, Sigur Rós.

Your turn :)

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Re: Music thread? Post 'em
Post # 2
I am into genres like Symphonic Rock, Rock, Metal, etc.

My favorites are The Birthday Massacre, Within Temptation, Delain, Nightwish, t.A.T.u, Emilie Autumn and much more.

I listen to Japanese music, too: Eiko Shimamiya, Ali Project, Vocaloid, Yousei Teikoku.

And I listen to Heather Dale, she is famous for her medival/mythology music.

The only Pop I am interested in is Micheal Jackson, who died way before his time.

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Re: Music thread? Post 'em
Post # 3
Thanks Amora! Great post! Nice to see you have a wide range of music you listen to!
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Re: Music thread? Post 'em
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Ooh. I tend towards electronic music!
I absolutely love Vocaloid, which is really a grouping of singers. My favorites are Luka Megurine and Kaito Shion.
But I also like the pop-style of Owl City, who has most beautiful voice, and the Italo Brothers aren't bad either! Basshunter has some pretty awesome tracks as well. The only "experimental" or "lightwave" music I enjoy is DVAR, which a lot of people don't like. Also, I love playing videogame soundtracks and instrumentals, with "U.N Owen Was Her" as the too videogame track. ^^ I'm a need!
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Re: Music thread? Post 'em
Post # 5
I happen to like cultural music like: Japanese music, Country Music, Rock, Religous music
My Favorite Music Artist: Blue Man Group, Selena Gomez, Brittney spere, WoW hits, Pink, Tori Amos, Now 17
And a whole bunch of other songs
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Re: Music thread? Post 'em
By: / Novice
Post # 6
i like pretty much everything, iffy on rap and country though. indie folk is one of my favourite genra's currently. in high school i was [still am] an otaku, so i'm big into Japanese music, was also a raver in high school, so i still enjoy electronica, just not as much as i use to.

bands i like [in no particular order] Bishop Allen, She and Him, Queen, Ed Sheeran, Prozaak, Great Big Sea, Pink, Serena Ryder, Blind Melon, Blink 182, Oingo Boingo, Barenaked Ladies, Beat Crusaders, Ace of Base, Amanda Marshal, Bowling for Soup, Mayavi, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, American Hi Fi, Panic at the Disco, Puppy Pet, Tracy Chapman, Spin Doctor, Stevie Nicks, Sum 41, Flogging Molly, Wave, Squeeze, Sublime, and then a ton of single songs by different artists and from movies and shows.
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