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reiki magick/sorcery

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reiki magick/sorcery
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Here's some reiki magick, I believe this magick is spelt right I mean the word rieki, anyways here's a protection spell, you put acorns on your windows, that protects you from evil spirits and keeps positive things in your house, also putting garlic on the fronts steps of a door or on the floor and window it will protect you from evil spirits.Also putting pine needles on the floor and saying "pine needles protect me" it will protect you from evil people and evil spirits, some say it's to ward off zombies but real zombies aren't real, here's something a little different than reiki magick, it's the type of sorcery that uses drugs and magick, not the type of sorcery that uses just uses magick, these days people usually don't use drugs in sorcery in order to achieve enlightenment or to go into a spiritual realm, I heard that if you make a tea out of pine needles and drink it you can go into another realm, but don't try this at home, because pine needles can become deadly in high dosages, drinking pine needle tea could or can poison you, also if you are going on a spirit journey or to summon a spirit you can eat small doses of wild berry's in order to enter another realm in order to become closer to the spirits in another realm. Don't try this at home, wild berry's can be deadly or fatal because of its poison. here's another sorcery spell, it doesn't work it's a fantasy spell, it's to become a werewolf, make a 7 foot circle and put a 3 foot circle inside it, and the ingredients for the magick salve is hemlock, deadly night shade, poppy seeds, opium, animal fat and some other ingredients, then kneel in the 3 foot circle while also kneeling in the 7 foot circle so you can stay in the spiritual realm but also into the physical realm and so that you are not carried away from the spirits, you should also wear a wolf fur belt, then say this incantation " Spirits of the leas that grow upon the trees, be kind to me, spirits of fire and ice that are fair and nice, be kind to me, spirits of the dead that glide with noiseless tread, be kind to me, spirits of the grave without a soul to save, be kind to me, spirits of wolves, vampyrs, satyrs, and ghosts, elect all your devilish hosts, I pray you send hither, send hither, send hither the great grey shape that makes men shiver" then rub the magick salve/ointment on your skin, if the fire turns blue the spell worked and the spell is done, also one more thing the spell is said to work only under the full moon, and again I will say this the last spell on here the werewolf spell is not real and does not work, just giving a example of what a ancient sorcery spell is like, modern day sorcery does not use drugs in order to go into another realm.
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