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Summoning demons

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Summoning demons
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Summoning demons
Post # 1
Hello, I have recently taken an interest in the art of summoning demonic aspects. My focus, as of right now, is the summoning of Carreau (Prince if Powers, master of emotions). I am experienced at mediation and diving deep within myself. I will attempt to summon him tonight and see how it goes.

I'm curious, does anyone know his sigil? I've researched everywhere and cannot find it. Also, any recommendations when summoning? I would like any advice from those with experience. Thanks!

Re: Summoning demons
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Where did you get the name, but not the symbol?

Re: Summoning demons
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
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Re: Summoning demons
Post # 4
Don't believe in all sigils you see on the net or in the books my friend...
Best way to get a Demon/ Angel/ Elemntal/ Jinn sigil is to get them from them :) or their " leaders " .
Like if you summon Michael, and get used to him, he can give you the Sigils of his underlings for you to summon. But remember those sigils, which those beings give don't last too long. So you need to copy draw them somewhere, before they to vanish.
I know 2 books where the sigils are true.

Evoking Eternity

I am learning the arts of Summoning too ^^

Re: Summoning demons
Post # 5
your main goal is The prince of the emotions and powers ?
Good ^^ from what i know he is very powerful.
My goal is little different.
My goal is to summon Satan itself ^^

Re: Summoning demons
Post # 6
Your friend got possessed, because he is stupid...
For summoning even the weakest of the demons, you need lot of things...
You need Temple, Dagger ( with the names of the angels and demons)
Alter, Circles, Mandalas, Incense and lot of other things.
Those are only the general things...
You can't go at 12 am and take 3 black candles then chant the name of the demon...
This is stupid.. It's like you saying " Hey come and posses me" .
You need protection... Indeed you can command those creatures, but only when you have prepared yourself years. Not days, but years.
Don't take those creatures easily... They can kill you...
Always respect and don't fear them.

Re: Summoning demons
Post # 7
I knew a guy who did everything fire master was talking about. He practiced for years and knew all of the in's and outs of summoning, but even with his years of knowledge and know how he ended up dieing on the night he said he was going to summon a demon. We were told he killed himself, but I personally believe he was possessed and killed.

Re: Summoning demons
Post # 8
Then like i said he was not ready.
Demons indeed can kill you.
But your friend wasn't ready.
Even with those years of knowledge, this isn't enough.
You need the God Powers flowing trough your body.
You need to prepare your self.
You need to not fear them, you need to respect them.

One more, If your friend did all those things correct and if he made a Triangle where the Demon will be summoned and will be trapped, then he wasn't gonna be dead and the demon wasn't going to posses him, because the Triangle is where the demon will be summoned and he will be trapped there. He won't be able to move outside the triangle.
Same goes to the other Entity's.

So your friend wasn't prepared.

Re: Summoning demons
Post # 9
Nobody should be working with demons anyway they are evil and want us all dead. You should all except Jesus as your lord and savior! His angels can protect you.

Re: Summoning demons
Post # 10
Your preaching isn't helping your cause angel.

As for my friend I don't know what he did in his ritual, but I think more people should be aware of the dangers. I notice a lot of people are interested in demons including little kids.

Hail Satan

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