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Strong Opinion or Rude?

Forums ► Comments ► Strong Opinion or Rude?

Strong Opinion or Rude?
Post # 1
A lot of people on this site do not believe in certain things(You know what I mean). I don't really care if you label me a 'fluffy' for believing in Fae, or just the slight, oh so very slight possibility that someone, with years of focus, may be able to physically change themselves, if only slightly. Now, i support people giving their opinions on subjects, but some people are starting to get very rude. Even the moderators. I, for one, am at the age minimum, but not everyone is. Didn't at least some of you have a silly belief as a kid? How would you feel if that got ripped away from you? I'm just saying that some people here should be a bit more careful when explaining certain things to people, because it's really easy for a kid to make an account on anything now-a-days.
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Re: Strong Opinion or Rude?
Post # 2
Honestly, I can understand why some of the moderators and members alike are being "rude" as you call it. They have to deal with "fluff" and willful ignorance on a daily basis. Time and time again they calmly explain the facts and members become rude and combative simply because they don't like to hear the truth. Yes, we all had childhood fantasies, but at some point we all realized that those fantasies would never be reality. Everyone has to come to terms with that. In life, we can't always get what me want, be what be want, or be with who we want. Call it rude, call it mean, but it's a fact of life that people need to learn to deal with be it on this site or elsewhere.

If children can't handle the truth, then they shouldn't be on this site in the first place. The site has an age requirement for a reason.
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Re: Strong Opinion or Rude?
Post # 3
I would say the moderators on here are alright. They have a job to do at the end of the day. As for beliefs when i was a child i believed in the tooth fairy until i found out that my mother was taking my teeth and putting money there under my pillow. I felt gutted and i so wanted to kill her, and till this day i wanna kill her :) But thats just life!
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Re: Strong Opinion or Rude?
Post # 4

I would have to say that there are people on both sides. Some are very rude about it while others express their belifes in a calm and acceptable way. I think it is the same with the moderators, some are good and some are very rude.

Persoanlly, I've been on this site for 7 years and I've been around "fluffies" my entire time on this site. Honestly it's not like you just "break down" and can't handle being around "fluffies" anymore. They have absolutly little to no effect on you unless your that person who makes it your job to go around verbally abusing these people. (Yes, it is verbal abuse and harassment.) These are the people who get tired of "dealing" with the "fluffies" day in and day out.

So just 2 things I'd like to end on:

  1. If you belive in vampires, werewolves, fae, fairies, mermaids, etc. then feel open to come talk to me about anything. I love having conversations and gaining new perspectives on life.
  2. Just leave these people alone, I mean if you don't mess with them thay won't mess with you and vice versa.
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Re: Strong Opinion or Rude?
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I dont think its wrong or rude if you tell someone that something is impossible but I dont think that people need to drag up the old forums just to repeat what fifty people have said concerning chainging 'fluffy' subjects.
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Re: Strong Opinion or Rude?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6

I agree with Loni on this one.

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Re: Strong Opinion or Rude?
Post # 7
Think about this, how would you like someone coming up to you and asking the same thing over and over and over again? Wouldn't it be annoying to the point where you absoulutely get frustrated? I should think that this was obvious. Yes, being rude to someone is wrong, actually, it is downright disrespectful and I know this all too well, but, the resident fluffies here do not know when to stop. Countless times after times, moderators like Personified has told fluffies that they cannot be a vampire, mermaid, etc, and they choose not to believe what is the truth. They then turn childish and start whining to the point where we have to be rude. Yes, again, it is wrong to be rude but in a way they are being rude to us serious practitioners by thinking magick is only good for turning someone into something they are not and you know very well that this is not. I get entirely insulted when someone asks for a spell to turn them into something they are not because not only are they insulting the serious practitioners, they are insulting mythological beings and giving them a bad name. I cannot even talk about Dragon Magick without a fluffy rearing his/her ugly head. Some topics are forgotten because of fluffies and that seriously is not right. So before you think us and any of the moderators are rude, why don't you put yourself in their shoes or ours?

Believing in and wanting to be something you are not is entirely different. We say 'you cannot change your DNA' countless times because it is a fact. We say 'magick cannot defy the laws of nature' because that too is a fact. How many witches do you see flying with pretty fairy wings or shooting fireballs out of their hands? I find none.

There is a reason there is an age requirement of thirteen. At that age, you should know the difference between reality and fantasy.

We have all had silly beliefs as kids, but when we grow up it is time to abandon them. Some do not know how to do it. Hollywood has not made anything better with Twilight. This is why more and more are flocking in, wanting to be vampires or lycans.

Sure, I believe in fairies, mermaids, vampires, dragons, etc, but I do not believe I can become one. I believe they exist somewhere, whether in the Astral Plane or the Physical Plane. As I have said before, believing in and wanting to be something you are not is entirely different.

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Re: Strong Opinion or Rude?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
RainCaller, I do like the point you make here. To some extent, it can very much seem like it is simply verbal abuse to continue curt explanations, and otherwise snap on multiple occasions at "fluffy" behavior.

So then why do we not just leave it be?

My reasoning for this, as I loathe being frustrated and angry at individuals and would much rather provide productive assistance in any cases, is that I cannot fathom allowing individuals to be misguided and intentionally led into ignorance. With all of the youth on this site, the language barriers, and so forth, it is all too easy to find whimsical, "fluffy" answers to your serious questions. First and foremost, I attempt to provide a reasonable answer. After this, I will attempt logical debate.

However, if intelligence is forsaken in favor of willfully remaining ignorant, intentionally subscribing to Hollywood fantasy, and child-like argument that generally consists of "nuh uh", I grow frustrated. When this happens about the same subject more than once within a week... never mind more than once in a day... I grow angry.

Perhaps at this point, I should walk away. But I feel that intentionally walking away in the face of such ignorance would be a worse crime than accidentally leaving another emotionally bruised with some harsh language.
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Re: Strong Opinion or Rude?
By: / Novice
Post # 9
I agree with AwakeTooLong, so far from what I have seen the teenage element here is very stubborn and want to believe what they want and have a no one is going to change it attitude. I am not trying to be rude but I am speaking from experience (having 3 teenage children ranging from 12 to 20, and yes I still consider my 20 year old to be a teenager because he has yet to learn the ways of the world.) They are in their own bubble and do not like it when someone tries to burst it. They believe they are always right and everyone else is wrong as well as older people could never understand (as if we never went through it, because oh yes I was born 39 people.)
I takes a strong heart and a strong hand (so to speak) to stand up and try to set them right, and although it may seem rude it is for their own good.
I also agree with what was stated by Lonicera on her point that if they think they are old enough to become a part of this site then they need to come to reality and see the fantasy for what it is Fantasy. I like the movies and books of all kinds of fantasies but they are exactly that fantasy not reality.
If they want to learn and grow with the grown-ups, then they need to grow up or they should not be on this site. I'm sure there are plenty of fantasy or fan sites for those who still want to believe in fantasy. This just isn't that site. This site is for serious practitioners and those who want to learn.

I know this may sound harsh but how is babying them being any less harmful? If they truly want to know then they would not keep up the banter after other try to explain nicely.
Anyways, those are just my thoughts on it, just my opinion. But I believe that it is at least close to how others may feel too, which is why I said it, but by no mean am I speaking for anyone other then myself.
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Re: Strong Opinion or Rude?
Post # 10

This thread could have had a meaningful point, but in this case I can't really see something indispensably important to reply to or take seriously since it basically encourages the more experienced members to show compassion towards fluffs and trolls, who obviously do not deserve such treatment and respect at all as I doubt there's a logical reasoning to do so, and I will do my best to explain this well and detail this. Fluffy members and trolls, no matter how they are categorized and to what categories, they all take childish and incredibly offensive actions which causes lots of negative outcomes, such as : misinformation, disorganization in the forums and in the chatter, misguidedness of newer members who deserve to know what magic is really about, etcetera.
They are called the "decayed apples" in here, which amazingly - is fully true.
To me they are irrevocably offensive, and I don't think that we should show compassion towards them, no matter under what circumstances.
When someone only harms and offends the whole decent Occult community, they must not expect to get respect and compassion for their wrong actions. When someone harms and offends, they get harsh treatment which is the best thing we can do, because who knows - maybe eventually they will be lead and directed to better paths and directions when it comes to their spiritual messages of life?
However, showing fluffy members and trolls respect and compassion + understanding is a very tough and irrelevant thing to so.
Actually I believe that we should do everything to work against them in order to obtain a better and more decent community, which is the best thing we may do!

Now then, if people have merely silly beliefs and their intentions aren't to offend and make the community less decent, I believe it's very revocable and not too bad.
As long as they aren't stubborn and the only mistake they've made is being lead to the wrong direction (spiritually speaking), it'll be easy to correct them, guide them and lead them to the correct directions. It will be corrected fairly easily.
However, if these members show a lot of stubbornness and the will to widespread their conceptually wrong beliefs, be sure that they will be treated differently. If people will show tendencies to refuse using logic and maturity, all they deserve is some harsh treatment since out community does not deserve to be harmed, offended, and made less decent.
"Show respect - get respect".
This is exactly my sentiment!

As for the age factor... There's something wrong about this.
To being with, the minimal age to join this website is 13. Joining this site while you're less than 13 years old is basically considered breaking the site's rules and its terms of service thus that's a gaggable offense. Noone here is responsible for kids who join this website while they're under the minimal age of joining. It's only their problem and responsibility to take care of.
Secondly, people must grow up and leave their childish behavior and beliefs behind them. However I don't think that I should detail this matter as I believe Awake and some other members have already done this.

The bottom line is, people grow up and gain maturity. People must learn letting go to childish beliefs in order to be here.

As I say, nobody forces them to stay here. If they aren't ready to grow up and show maturity, perhaps this site isn't for them.

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