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Just A Thought of Mine...

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► Just A Thought of Mine...
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Just A Thought of Mine...
Post # 1
Alright, first of if you do not believe in fae or elves residing in the physical and astral plane, leave now.

I had a thought, I know most of you do not believe in shifting the physical body. Apparently it's 'not possible', but I had a thought. What if there was a group of elves or a very strong elf that you could talk to. If you could, and you did a spell and asked for an elf's (or group of elves) help, then possibly could you become one of them? Over a long period of time of course. Really the only thing that would change would be the soul, or the astral self. There may be some physical changes, such as pointy ears, but I think it would mostly be spiritual. I have my reasons of course for wanting this, but it's mostly just a thought. Just a 'what if' moment.

Re: Just A Thought of Mine...
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Well, I'll just state the obvious: You cannot physically change into anything other than human, which is what you are and will always be. So you cannot grow pointy ears, etc, through this. You need to understand how your physical make-up works.

On another note, elves? In my practice we consider elves, or the Alfar, to be on the spiritual plane, and to be simply another type of wight. But if you were to ask the Alfar for anything of this nature they'd be most likely to just ignore you. Or become offended- which is never a good thing. While there are stories of people who projected/did work with or honored the Alfar, and became fascinated with them/wished to be like them-those stories all ended with the people becoming mentally insane and dying. Not one of them ever became an Alfar, and I doubt it's possible.

Re: Just A Thought of Mine...
Post # 3
It was just a thought.
I knew you would go straight for the physical thing, but I didn't quite explain it right. I meant the pointy ears as an illusion, and you certainty cannot say those spells are fake. Those would just be an add-on, a thing my imagination played with. Besides, that wasn't the main point of my post.
I know how my physical make-up works.
And, not to tramp on beliefs or anything, but I am fairly certain elves reside on the physical plane also. Again, not to tramp on any beliefs. (Which people seem to do a lot on this website.)
This post was meant as an idea, meant for people to share their opinion about this, not to come and say the things I like to think about don't exist.
Also, I said at first that if you do not believe in elves residing in the physical plane to leave.

Re: Just A Thought of Mine...
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

Anyone is allowed to respond to your forum post, Dawn, because it is public. Thus any viewpoint on it is welcome.

Re: Just A Thought of Mine...
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

If you meant it as illusion-magick, you should have said so. "There may be some physical changes, such as pointy ears.." implies that you meant a physical change, as you stated.

Re: Just A Thought of Mine...
Post # 6
1. This is a public forum. Anyone can comment even if they do not agree to what you are saying.

2. Turning into an Elf would require you to change your DNA, which is not possible yet and probably won't be possible for a long time.

Re: Just A Thought of Mine...
Post # 7
And also, you will be hearing this a lot. The obvious will be stated. If you don't like it, don't say we are being rude because we are telling the truth as you claim we are being.

Re: Just A Thought of Mine...
Post # 8
well, I think elves were a irish and native american tribe that bent their ears at birth and eventually their ears adapted to become like elf ears through the generations of people that bent their ears, and they were a magickal people but they weren't like elves like off of books and movies. They were a pure people that performed good magick like white magick, of course that's what I heard, some people can look like elves but not be actual elves, like some people have the french curly fingers where their fingers are bent, and some people can have elf look alike ears, and some people get ears without some of the inner parts of it making it look flat, and no real elves aren't real, and they are not some kind of creature or species, they are just humans doing magick and they bent their ears at birth so that their ears look pointy. I do not believe they are a supernatural nor metaphysical species, I believe they are humans that are into magick or people with genetic trates that look elvish or they bent their ears at birth, again I don't think they were born magick and I don't believe they are supernatural beings or metaphysical creatures. And I am not even sure if they were actually into magick all I heard was what a person told me, they may have bent the ears just to show people that they were from a certain ancient tribe and perhaps they had enemies so if the enemy would try to invade their territory they would see their pointy ears and run away off their turf. Kind of like how indian tribes have totem poles and certain feathers they wear to show their enemy tribe who they were. Kind of like the gangs of japan they tattoo their whole body to show other people that they are in that gang clan. So I do not know if the elf tribe were into magick or not that's just what I heard from a person that claimed they were in the elf tribe.

Re: Just A Thought of Mine...
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 9
I have said it many times on this site. I will say it again!
You may believe anything you wish; but a belief does not make it true.

Re: Just A Thought of Mine...
By: / Novice
Post # 10
To the best of my knowledge Irish people have never shaped their ears to be pointed. I also feel as if the concept is confusing fairies and elves. Fairies stem from Celtic folklore and in Ireland were simply considered people with magical powers. It's unclear as to if they were believed to be separate species but it is mentioned that they appeared identical to humans so ultimately it would appear as if they were simply magical practitioners that were not heads of the Celtic faith (as they were druids). Elves on the other hand stem from Germanic folklore of a race of supernatural beings with magical powers (like they fae though they did not possess pointy ears). As far as I'm aware pointy ears is an addition made on behalf of Hollywood simply to distinguish them from humans on screen. The two terms have become synonymous though and are typically thought of being spiritual creatures on the astral plane. As I said though to the best of my knowledge the Irish have never been in the practice of misshaping their ears at birth although I can't speak for any south american tribes although if you know of a reference to it then I would be fascinated to learn about it.

Now that I've defended my heritage a little I'll address the actual topic. Personally I don't think you could change your soul to be elven but that boils down to what you interpret the soul to be and personally I don't apply the concept of (for lack of a better term) species to the soul anyway. That being said the fairy folk are typically regarded today as being spiritual beings and thus it wouldn't really be possible to become one on the physical plane. As for shifting to an elf on the astral plane it doesn't require any great spell, all it really requires is for you to get inside the head of one, metaphorically speaking of course. If you understand or at least have an interpretation of what an elf is then you can mirror its behavior and form in order to gain a better understanding of it. It is not quite that simple as that is a way of shifting into your interpretation of one, to gain insight into their true mind you would need to work with them as well as seek them out on the astral plane and work with them a little. If you are not after a physical transformation then it ultimately boils down to changing your personality, will you be an elf? No you won't, but you would be like an elf which is ultimately as close as it is possible to get.

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