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gave up love

Forums ► Misc Topics ► gave up love
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gave up love
Post # 1
I gave up love and i dont know wat i feel is there really a reason to know love
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Re: gave up love
By: / Novice
Post # 2
The very same day I made a promise to myself to never love again, I met the man I later married.

When we make the conscious decision to retract ourselves from love, we do not merely close ourselves off to others. We close ourselves off from within. We place a gray lens upon the frame through which we see all of life, diminishing every high and low into a muted apathy that renders most of life's worthwhile pursuits pointless.

It is a dreadful and lonely existence.

However, before I go hyping up the alternative, I'll say this: Love is hard. One moment it lifts you to soaring heights of euphoria; the next moment, it plummets you into a pit of despair deeper than any you've ever felt before. It is joy and anguish wrapped into one.

But, trust me on this one: life is better when it's shared.

Good luck, and blessed be.
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Re: gave up love
Post # 3
Thank u they say there is someone for everyone if i take a break from it maybe ill find the right girl who will break my doupts and show me wat true love is
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Re: gave up love
By: / Novice
Post # 4
there's more to love than romantic love. even when someone talks about a 'true love' it isn't always romantic. you can love anyone or anything, to not feel love would be a terrible thing, you wouldn't love your pets, your friends, your family. on one hand you won't get hurt, but on the other you wouldn't feel the joys of loving another. one of my favourite quotes [talking about the old 'tis better to of loved and lost than to of ever loved at all']

Well, he's acknowledging that if something makes you feel good, like being in love, there must be a corresponding painful side, like losing at love. It's just a fact of life. And what's intriguing about it is that no-one calls Tennyson a big unhappiness freak just because he understands that. He's a realist. He says that emotional involvement can bring pleasure *and* extraordinary pain. Then he declares that it's still better than never feeling anything at all.

if you wish to not feel romantic love, that's fine, it might show up at some point in your life, but it's not something you'll search for. [personally, that's the best way to find love] if you don't want to feel any type of emotional attachment, you'll life will be a hollow existence indeed. you'll shield yourself from pain, but you're preventing yourself from living. it's your life, and your choice, but don't jump into this without thinking if you're serious.
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