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Forums ► Misc Topics ► Succubus

Post # 1
Can anyone explain the full desprection to me of what type of creature/female demon is such as a Succubus?
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Re: Succubus
Post # 2

Succubus is a sexual demon. Scubbus go to men at night while they are asleep and have sex with them. Many believed that Scubbus drain their persons energy while having sex with them, that could cause them to fade to illness or even death. But i dont believe in this part of information on Succubus but that is just my opinion. Course it also does depend on ones beliefs. Succubus can come in many forms as they choose. I am not sure exactly what their true forms look like. But i know that i hear that they can appear as beautiful women at times to sudece men, or it can be other way around. Many believed that succubus can be frightening demonic creatures, but everyone has their own beliefs in what they believe in.

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Re: Succubus
Post # 3
Well you’ll find most of your answers on google, but since asked...
Incubus and Succubus are demonic creatures that were first mentioned in the 1300s. Incubus being the male being a male demon and succubus being a female demon, these creatures are meant to paralyze you in your sleep and take your seed, if you’re male or impregnate you with demonic seed if you’re female.
While these are creatures that belong to Medieval Christian demonology, other cultures across the world also have sex demons as part of their mythology that are similar to incubus and succubus.

Arabic cultures have jinns were thought to be responsible for the same acts. Some jinns are believed to be non-sexual, their acts involve pinning the person to the bed, strangling the victim, or suffocating the victim in some way. Kabbalah has Lilith, the list is endless. Even in a modern day and age, people have claimed to have been sexually attacked by aliens in their sleep.
Almost all encounters describe a sense of being unable to move or scream, sometimes difficulty breathing, a feeling of someone pinning you down.

So does this mean sex demons are real? Well, I don’t believe they exist.

If you reconsider these demons in the light of contemporary psychology, you will realize that they are merely ways of making sense of what we know as “Sleep Paralysis”. A phenomenon in which people, either when falling asleep or wakening, temporarily experience a sense of inability to move, sleep paralysis usually strikes panic and is often accompanied by hallucinations. No doubt they feel very real.

Here are a few ways to help you wake up from sleep paralysis
1. Don’t Fight
If you feel like you are being held down and you can’t move, do not fight back. This will intensify the experience. Not only is fighting back likely to increase the feelings of being held down (so much that it may seem like you are being crushed), but fighting back will also increase the fear, triggering emotional centers of the brain and strengthening this lucid nightmare, which can sometimes create hallucinations of demons. Controlling fear is the most important part during these moments. Instead, try to relax and tell yourself “This is a sleep paralysis, it is temporary, it will pass and I am okay.”

2. Feeling pressure on your chest?
Don’t push against it. If you feel like a pressure on your chest is pushing you into the bed, relax and mentally “pull” in the direction I am being pushed. What happens is I then “pop” into a full-on dream, or I can wake up directly.

3. Small movements
Wiggle your toe, finger, clench your feet. Most of the feelings of paralysis are in the trunk of your body. So focus In many cases, this will break the paralysis.

4. Focus on your Breath
An easy way to stop these nightmares is to do some controlled breathing. Controlled breathing does several things at once. For starters, it lessens the feelings of chest pain that sometimes accompany SP. Breathing is autonomic like the heart’s beating or digestion, so it’s not paralyzed like the big muscles in our arms, chest and legs. But breath can be controlled with attention or be affected by severe fear, which may be why sleep paralysis sufferers “forget” to breathe when under attack. If you can control your breath, you can control your fear. Simply draw your breath in at a normal rate, and exhale fully, using all of your lung capacity. Notice that you can breathe fully without obstruction. This technique will keep you calm as the SP runs its course and then you will wake up without any trouble. A few moments of focused breathing with a strong intention to wake up is effective.

5. Think of someone or something that calms you down
Think of someone or something you associate with peace, love and safety. This could be Jesus, the Dali Lama, Archangel Michael, a poem, a song, a candle flame, a prayer or even someone you know personally, like your grandmother. This will help you relax.

6. Coughing
Like breathing, coughing can be autonomic or consciously regulated. By coughing on purpose, you can jar yourself awake.
7. Make faces
When you realize you are in sleep paralysis, scrunch up your face. In other words, make a face like you just smelled something bad. Snarl and squint. Do this two or three times in a row and the paralysis will break. This is apparently full proof

8. When you wake up
After you wake up, get out of bed immediately and turn on a light. Wash your face with cold water and have a glass of milk. If you just stay in bed, the chance of sliding right back into sleep paralysis is pretty high.

So, I think it can be said that sleep demons are merely an interpretation of a sleep disorder

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Re: Succubus
Post # 4
Though my guardian is a succubus, I will say not all are like what is being said. She always told be her race was really a demon of the mind as well,not just sex.
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Re: Succubus
Post # 5
I was always told that succubuses were demons that take the form of a woman to seduce men. I have also been told that they take over your mind.
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Re: Succubus
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
I have explored demons and like spirits extensively, and not found that a succubus has ever existed without being a thoughtform, servitor, etc. Those that do exist are usually the manifestation of another human practitioner, often the result of their subconscious.

For example, the above individual claims to have a succubus "guardian." This is likely the manifestation of their subconscious in the form of a spirit that helps them correlate the conscious world and its subconscious influences.
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Re: Succubus
Post # 7
this feels familiar to me
i felt pressure on my chest many times
got touched on private spots
onetime i felt she/he was there and i got a deep pain in my veins and heart , i knew it was her cause i felt her energy

i always knew there was a demon following me
her/his name is markle

at first it was kinda scary but i guess were in peace now
cause she/he only watches me from a distance

x Jordy.
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Re: Succubus
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
Jordy, you completely ignored that these symptoms are likely sleep apnea or a similar disorder rather than any actual demon. Read everything and not just what you want.
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Re: Succubus
Post # 9

To me a succubis seems a bit so called "Fake" because why would i demon succubus want to come and seduce men who why would someone want to make a demon like that?

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Re: Succubus
Post # 10
you dont know how hard it is for a kid.
i know its a demon i have proof
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