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Recent Sleep Paralysis

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Recent Sleep Paralysis

Recent Sleep Paralysis
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I woke up in sleep paralysis, and there were a few things following- I figured I'd fill you all in for the benefit of sharing and all that jazz.

So as I said.. I had been sleeping through the night. I was probably about ready to awaken from my slumber, and when my awareness was roused I found myself paralysed in my body. This is not abnormal for me- in fact it happens rather commonly. So I focused on regaining control over my body, normally this involves trying to move a limb or create a physical sensation through movement that is strong enough to 'hook' me back into full control over my body. It usually takes a minute or so, maybe less.

Anyway, so I succeeded in regaining control, and adjusted myself in the bed. I was still very sleepy, the feeling of wanting to sleep was quite overbearing in fact- so after I was comfortable I proceeded back into sleep. But, as I drifted off, I merely found myself back in a state of sleep paralysis. This has happened before, a few times- but not as commonly as the singular occurences of sleep paralysis.

So I went through the motions of regaining control once again. I should note I always find myself feeling awkward in that state, so my instinct is always to set things right. Its not particularly comforting to be in a body that does not respond to you, either.

Once I regained control once again- I still felt very sleepy- I had heard my partner having a conversation on the phone with one of his friends and they were wrapping the conversation up. I let myself listen a bit, since he was nearby and I could hear everything. My head/back also felt uncomfortable because a blanket was bundled up beneath my shoulders. I moved the blanket out from under me, as well as the pillow as it was uncomfortable. I laid flat against the bed and felt good about it, so I relaxed a bit. I have a thinner pillow nearby in case I wanted to use it. I drifted off into sleep.. and was once again in a state of sleep paralysis. Annoyed a bit this time- I once again went through the motions of regaining control over my body. It is a bit tedious.

Once I regained control I was once again awake in my bed. But I can't describe to you just how sleepy I felt. I felt as though my body needed the rest. I was not aware for very long this time before falling into slumber once more. And back into sleep paralysis, once more. So, I went through the motions- and then fell quickly back into slumber after regaining control, or possibly while trying to. I am unertain what exactly happened at this point, to be honest.

However- It culminated in me waking within sleep paralysis for the final time. This time, and this is the first time this has ever happened for me- my eyes, or at least my sight, was open during the paralysis. I have *never* opened my eyes during paralysis because any movement is incredibly difficult, speaking, moving, anything- takes tremendous effort, and my eyes typically are clsed to begin with. This time, however, was different- my eyes were open, and what I saw was strange.

I saw a room out of my eyes, but it was not my room. I felt confused, but I was too dazed to question it much. There was a small circular stained glass window(it has red and green ornamental looking designs in the glass and it appeared that there was a light behind it- also, when I stared at it, it looked like a part of the window was literally 'twitching'. I assumed it was because my eyes needed to be cleaned and I was seeing some kind of abnormality because of that) to the left of the bed I was on, and to my right I felt that my arm was rest on someone's skin. I assumed my partner had come to bed and I was feeling his skin. I thought- perhaps he can help me to regain control over my body this time because it is very tedious to do it on my own, and it is starting to feel more difficult. I tried moving my right arm- as always- I did not have full control over it and could only manage to flex the minor muscles, resulting in a very slight movement- which I tried to turn into a sort of muscular jiration in order to produce as much movement as possible, in order to either regain control or alert him that I wanted his attention. He was not responding, so I tried to say something- it was very hard, and it took several moments, but I eventually managed to force out a bit of a grunt that I thought sounded like 'hey!'. There was no response. But soon after I regained control over my body- and the 'room' I previously saw disappeared before my eyes in a flash, and then I saw my actual bedroom.

As before.. I felt VERY sleepy. Almost like I was being drawn to go to sleep. But I told myself no- I don't want to go into paralysis again. So.. I kept my eyes open for a moment, trying to find the willpower to sit up. My eyes very much had the sensation of wanting to close- to blissfully drift into my sleepyness, but I firmly kept them open, and eventually moved myself to be supported by my elbows and held my head for a moment with my hand. Then, I sat up. Our cats were nearby and they like to greet me when I wake up, so I called one of them, and he came over to be pet. The other one came too (out of jealosy) and I gave them both some attention. I figured this would help me take my mind out of the lulling draw of sleep.

My partner was not in the bed- he was at his desk. So I don't know why I felt my arm touching flesh while I was in the state of paralysis. I also don't kjnow why I saw a room that was not there. My own conclusion was that sleep paralysis occurs when the spirit is between the body and the astral plane, but not quite in either one. Thus, I was not in control over my spirit strongly enough to project, nor was I in control over my body strongly enough to move it or use it. And I assume the experience ends once my spirit reconnects properly to my body. The strange thing is- this time- it happened multiple times, and I felt a powerful draw to basically allow myself re-enter that state because of my sleeyness, even though I had already had a good amount of sleep (believe me, I slept plenty).

So there it is, that is all of the detail I can think of for now. Ask questions if there is something that isn't clear. The experience is there for your thoughts if it interests you. =P
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Re: Recent Sleep Paralysis
Post # 2
Now sum it up so SOMEONE will actually read that?
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Re: Recent Sleep Paralysis
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
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Re: Recent Sleep Paralysis
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Lazyboat- I posted it mainly if it interests people- if it doesn't interest you enough to read it, no sweat. :)

Lindacash- Thank you for the definition. I do think that sleep paralysis has some physically observable factors- such as what is written in that article. However, I think it also has to do with the spirit as well- which I defined more specifically in my original post.

Just to make sure this is clear- I do not believe this has anything to do with evil spirits or aliens. The article you gave me mentioned that there are those who believe that. I just think that it is when a person becomes aware while the spirit is not fully connected to the body. :)
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Re: Recent Sleep Paralysis
Post # 5
Have you ever heard of old hag syndrome? Could be that. I'm not saying your an old hag hahaha :)
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Re: Recent Sleep Paralysis
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
FrostedPixie- I am reading about it right now. (I looked it up)

I do not believe that demons or an evil witch/etc was attacking me.. I did not feel any sense of fear or dread- though of course it can be a bit of an annoyance. And there was no sense of pressure on my chest. Thank you for your suggestion though. :)
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Re: Recent Sleep Paralysis
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 7
sozerius, if you had read the entire web md. article you would have seen that not only does it define what sleep paralysis is, it also details the causes and what you can do to prevent this. I'm sorry the physicality of this is not so interesting to you, but it is most likely where relief from the situation will be found.
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Re: Recent Sleep Paralysis
Post # 8
Actually I'm pretty sure that nobody bothered, they probably merely looked at the title. LOL.

Anyway I believe linda gave you the full answer.
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Re: Recent Sleep Paralysis
By: / Beginner
Post # 9
Lindacash- I read the full article, into page 2.

It indicated that it is not severe and that one should not worry about it. It suggested seeing a doctor if it troubles your sleep or worries you. Did I miss what you are referring to?
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Re: Recent Sleep Paralysis
By: / Beginner
Post # 10
LazyBoat- Reader's perogative :)

If it does not serve as interest to anyone here, I can still use what I wrote to save the details for myself, written out as they are.
I personally will read a long thread if it interests me, so I do not think it is impossible for someone to give something like this attention.
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