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Home made Herbal smoke

Forums ► Herbalism ► Home made Herbal smoke
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Home made Herbal smoke
Post # 1
So wizard,witches and other magicians.Today i decided to give you few plants whic can be smoked (if you are looking for any legal drug smoke will be listed at the bottom of the post).So before i start you must know that those plants aren't for magic use but they are very good for smoking and can relax you for meditation.So here they are:
Meta(is it metha i dunt know),Roses leaves,nettles,rasphberry leaves,strawberry leaves,wallnut tree leaves,salvia offical,green tea (lipton or any other),mullen,grape leaves and lemon tree leaves.
Legal drugs smoke:Nutmeg,origano(work best with nutmeg),damiana,salvia divinorum,catnip,morning glory.
Okay guys that's all for this post.
Comment for more
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Re: Home made Herbal smoke
Post # 2
I do not think this is a good idea, as smoke of any sort causes physical damage to the lungs. Furthermore, to promote this is just a way of trying to legally get high. Its a misuse of these plants and herbs. Not a good idea.
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Re: Home made Herbal smoke
Post # 3
Dude iam newbie in magic but why have i posted that on da forum?Only good reason is caus i am herb expert and i know what does those herbs.You can check magic shop on that site and yyou will se many of my plants and if you mix salvia with some spells...Well try it you will be so surprised. Blessed be
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Re: Home made Herbal smoke
Post # 4
If you were an expert wouldn't you also list the bad side effects that these could have and know proper grammar? Nutmeg can kill you if you eat (or smoke) too much it. Morning glory can cause cold sweats, fevers, nausea, paranoia, vomiting, and a lot more. In severe cases or if they had an allergic reaction from the plants people could die from this. Don't you think an "expert" would mention that. http://www.neurosoup.com/entheogens/morning_glory_seeds.htm That website explains more about it.

I agree with tombstone. I don't see any magical significance to this at all. It's just you posting about smoking a bunch of plants, and trying to say "they work great for helping you meditate" as a way to get away with posting it.
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Re: Home made Herbal smoke
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Certainly any reputable listing of herbs for any form of ingestion should also include warnings about potential problems. For instance:

Damiana - should never be used by those with diabetes as it can cause the rapid onset of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) Damiana also alters the body’s hormone levels. Pregnant women should never take damiana because it might lead to miscarriage. Nursing women and children should also avoid taking this herb because there is a risk of cyanide toxicity. It is not recommended for people with anemia because it can prevent the body from absorbing iron.

Nutmeg - at low doses produces NO effect whatsoever. At the levels where it produces euphoria or hallucinations it is already into the dangerous range where it can also cause psychotic episodes, delirium, and even permanent psychosis.

Salvia divinorum - although there are no long-term risks currently identified, does cause hallucinations and should not be used unless you have a sitter with you to protect you from harming yourself as a result of the hallucinations.

Catnip - Should never be used by pregnant women as it may cause miscarriage. It is also not recommended for women who are breast feeding.

Morning Glory - the active ingredient in morning glory is related to LSD and has many of the same risks. These are especially high if you are taking MAOIs, a common ingredient in many prescription drugs, especially anti-depressants. LSA causes uterine contractions that increase the risk of miscarriage, so avoid if you are pregnant. If you have a family history of schizophrenia, or any mental illness, avoid morning glory seeds--they can hasten any symptoms you are predisposed to experience.

The bottom line is that just because it's natural and just because it is legal doesn't mean that it is safe.

If you're considering using some plant product, whether for smoking or in some other preparation, be sure to research the correct dosage and the potentially health threatening side effects before you use it.

And if you're going to suggest herbs for others to use, please be responsible and identify the risks attached to those herbs. That's the only way to do it responsibly.

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Re: Home made Herbal smoke
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
Unfortunately it is very common view people posting herbal recipes , potions for internal use ,and any other prescriptions ,without pointing out any possible side effects or contraindication for them .
Herbs are medicine and many of the synthetic pills we take have been created or derived initially from herbs.
Not all herbs are safe for all members of the public and for all genders .Some are contraindicated for use if the patient has certain disorder or medical problem .
The dose also play huge role .For example dose which is safe for adult maybe be fatal for baby or child (if not even contraindicated ).Certain herbs ,brews and essential oils are contraindicated for pregnant and nursing women .
Many herbs and essential oils are not appropriate for small kids ,toddlers and babies -this is also valid for some substances even honey .

Please ,do not assume that your reader will decide to do further research on the herbs you have been recommending .Some people trust and follow advice blindly and their health declines .
We need to take some responsibility .Do some serious research and reading for possible side effects and contraindication ,before posting herbal advice .

All members of the site ,who really have the intend to help and heal people, are advised to point out this contraindications , possible side effects and the allowed dose (this is a tricky part ,because the dose depend of age ,general health and weight ).

To the rest of the readers ,please take all advice with grain of salt and conduct further research ,before ingesting any herbs and herbal medicine .
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Re: Home made Herbal smoke
Post # 7

I don't advocate smoking in any way. However, if you are going to explore smokable herbs, make sure you learn how to cure the leaves with honey, for example, or you're going to be in a lot of trouble.

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