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speaking with spirits

Forums ► General Info ► speaking with spirits
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speaking with spirits
Post # 1
How do i open up and speak with them? have a full convo an hear there voices
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Re: speaking with spirits
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to General Info from Welcome.
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Re: speaking with spirits
Post # 3

You need to strengthen you third eye, my reccomendation is meditation:


This article can help you with that

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Re: speaking with spirits
By: / Novice
Post # 4
don't focus just on your third eye, start with your root chakra and move your way up slowly. you need to remember a few things though, some people just can't hear spirits. while some are born with the ability, and others learn over time, some people just can't. as well, some people who can't hear spirits might be able to see them, or they can only speak with demons, or dragons, or faeries, it depends.

myself, as a child i could hear, see, and sense spirits, as i've gotten older, i've lost the ability to see them. this too is a common occurrence, so don't get discouraged if things change, or don't go your way.

there's a veil between our worlds that grows thicker and thinner throughout the year, while you should meditate and balance your chakra's daily, sometimes it'll be harder for you to speak with spirits. as well, spirits go through active and dormant stages, so this can effect your communication with them.

along with chakra work, i know of some teas that can help your psychic abilities, make sure you're not allergic to anything in the tea, as well, make sure nothing in it is poisonous, and be sure to check if it's suppose to be ingested, or just inhale the fumes.

keep a level head when dealing with spirits, you might feel a chill, or hear a noise, you can't jump to conclusions, rule out all logical options first, like the house creaking, or an open window. when you hear a spirit, it will sound different than your voice, so while meditating, if you start to think about something, don't assume it's a spirit. myself, it's normally a quick one word that sounds like someones standing beside me. another thing you might experience is sensing the answer instead of hearing it, it's odd for me to explain, but there will be times where you'll get a feeling of 'no' or 'happy' before the spirit answers your question.

things you could try to help you is skrying or pendulum work. DO NOT use a Ouija Board. they are very dangerous for those who don't know what they're doing, they act like a spirit magnet and call forth all manner of astral and spiritual beings, cast a circle, and cleanse after use. myself, i think it's better to make one over buying, but still, don't use one, at least until you've studied for 5-6 years. [seems like a long time, but it's better to be safe]
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Re: speaking with spirits
Post # 5

I can see that a bunch of great information has been given to you, about different points of view and manners. I would like to add some more things to the given information, and help you or "touch" your actual problem with seeing spirits by using the specific method you might be talking about and trying to communicate and see spirits by using it.

To begin with fear, is something that might make the process of sensing them harder. While being scared, you actually kinda block yourself from seeing them and make yourself to avoid the experience of sensing them.

So the first reason of having your difficulty with seeing spirits might stem from your deep fears of dealing with spirits and experiencing anything related with them. So shortly, you can't see spirits because you are afraid from them. You probably heard so many frightening legends about ghosts so that you prefer not to see them and believe that they do not exist. Consequently, your mind blocks you from seeing them. So basically when your mind blocks any sort of sight or entity, you will not be able to see it or sense it.

In order to get rid of this difficulty, you need to remove your fears and overcome them. One way to get over the fear is to be aware of your mind's fear from ghosts until the fear is no more. Do not fight the fear, accept and observe it. My tip is that.
You can also check why you are fearing of ghosts and watch your mind's conflicting forces of underlying skepticism and underlying belief. These are the causes for your fear - on the one hand you believe in ghosts and therefore want to avoid them, on the other hand you are skeptic and therefor feel that you are isolated and alone in the world and therefore can trust nothing to help you and guard you, hence fear.
Observe in particular your skepticism, observe and accept, do not fight it. It will also become weaker as you observe it.

When the fear and skepticism become weaker, the mind's blocking of non-skeptical phenomena will subside and the reality created and observed will start to include more happenings that cannot be categorized as natural, logical, science-proven. In this new state of mind you may be able to sense the presence of what you call 'ghosts' (spirits).

As for your third eye chakra... It's not necessarily unbalanced unless you particularly have a bloackage. Mostly when this sixth chakra experiences a blockage, one may suffer from frequent nightmares and headaches, poor eyesight, lack of concentration and sometimes even migraines.
Also if the 6th chakra is not balanced, you have the potential to be a cold intellectual who trusts only reason and logic and is manipulative when it comes to getting what you want. Also when you say that , you are undisciplined and probably an underachiever.

So if you don't find any of this symptoms this may just tell us that you haven't developed it enough and didn't practice and meditate in order to improve your third eye chakra and develop your skills with it.
If not, I believe your third eye chakra matter is fine.

So what you simply have to do, just as about any other skill or ability in the craft or other subjects, you have to have patience for it and practice in order to develop it and improve it.
What I recommend you is to use meditation in order to improve your third eye chakra. You need to dedicate time, effort, energy and patience in order to achieve improvement and development of this chakra.
Through performing a third eye meditation you can open your subtle senses to perceive higher-dimensional worlds and energies. The third eye is the center of what is called clairvoyant sight , meaning "clear vision," and refers to the higher-sense ability to intuitively see or perceive subtle energies.
Just dedicate some time to meditate and give it as much time and effort as you need in order to success.

You may search about opening your third eye in Google (or any other searching engine) and look for the sixth chakra (third eye) meditation methods. You will find a bunch of articles about it, and you will probably get the information you need.

I also agree that there are different methods of sensing and seeing spirits and other entities. Yet, I decided to explain about the terms that the person who opened the thread asked about. But you can also simply search for other plenty of various methods of sensing and seeing spirits and entities.

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Re: speaking with spirits
Post # 6
I first thought is why do you want to talk with them? If they have gone to the place they should have gone, then trying to communicate with them is holding them back from their spiritual growth. Most of the time you will not be talking with the spirit you are trying to talk to, there are many spirits that like to play games with people. They get into your mind and then give you answers that you think would be coming from someone you know that has passed on, and then feeding you lies once they think you are believing them.
Best to leave those that has passed on, alone.
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Re: speaking with spirits
Post # 7
Thanks guys i can sense an i can see them! but i cannot hear them only slight whispering but cant understand but thanks anyway i'll be doing the meditation
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