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Spell using oils

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Spell using oils
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Spell using oils
Post # 1
Hi I want to do an attraction or body confidence spell. ive got vanilla and cinamon and ylang ylang oil, plus a red scented berry candle.

Any spells you want to suggest using these ingredients feel free:)

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Re: Spell using oils
Post # 2
there is a really cheap book going just now that have lots of spells using oils and powders etc message me for details.
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Re: Spell using oils
Post # 3

using oils in spells and even occasionally can be done by various methids while you still need to assure some safety based things.

You use the oil you've made by following the accurate instructions depending on different criterions such as: the symbolic value your use of the oils serves, the chemicals and safety of the ingredients includen in the oil (some oils are toxic so they can't be drunk and some of them are none toxic so they can be safely used as something for drinking).

There are many methods using the oil depending on how it's made... Here are some examples.

I'll give you some common ones, however do what you're instructed to do.
If you have a practical need such as more money or a new lover, choose an oil that complements that desire, and anoint a candle with it. When you burn the candle, the magic contained in the oil is dispersed into the Universe to help create the circumstances and opportunities for you to meet your goals.

Another common method is petitions papers. A petition paper is a brief need or prayer written out on a small piece of paper. Choose an oil that closely matches your need, and dress the four corners and edges of your petition paper. Burn this wish, place it under a candle, or set it aside in a special place such as an altar or a mojo bag. The condition oil will activate the petition paper and speed along your request.

Using the oils as perfumes are useful as well.
You can rub a small amount of oil into your hands to gently influence yourself or others. Say you make a living using your hands and selling your handiwork. It's another very common use of oils is as a magical perfume. If you are not terribly fond of the way a particular oil smells, or if you think it doesn't mix well with your regular perfume, add just a touch to your pulse points , and then spray over it with your regular cologne or perfume. It doesn't matter how much you wear - just that you wear it .

Traditionally, oils can be used used to "feed" both Mojo Bags and Lodestones to keep them working strong. Use a complementary oil that suits the work your Lodestones and Mojo is employed for . It's definately a subject to read and get informed about.

Using the oil in baths is a good idea as well. If you are ever without Bath Crystals and want to take a spiritual bath or make up a magical floor wash, oils substitute quite nicely. The water will not be as fragrant or as colored as it would if you were using Bath Crystals, but oils will accomplish the same goal. Just add a few drops to the bath water or mop bucket, say a prayer over it, and proceed as usual.

Finally, you can Mix with Incense Powders and herbs to burn as incense . If you are ever in need of some magical incense, you can doctor the plain old regular incense you have with oils to get the job done. You can also create custom blends mixing the two . Oils may be added to both loose incense and stick incense; you just need to use a light touch to prevent the mix from getting too wet. Dried herbs may also have oils added to them to increase their power, or you could combine all three: Incense Powder, dried herbs, and condition oils for a very magically potent incense.

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Re: Spell using oils
Post # 4
Thanks so much for this information!
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