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Forums ► Misc Topics ► Gemstones
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By: / Novice
Post # 1
Hello everyone,

I'm starting a thread about gemstones because that's what I'm using right now to focus and amplify my strength. I also want you to share openly and freely any stories you have about using/caring/programming your stones and how is that turning out for you.

Many people overlook gemstones because, quite frankly, they are not familiar with them and they are not accustomed to their size (i.e. geodes) or having them around the house. I know. Some people are nosy and ask a lot of questions and you feel like a caged animal in a zoo answering them. How to explain the metaphysical properties of an amethyst to someone that does not believe in the power of crystals? But relax, gemstones are great and can help you heal, balance and restore abundance in your life.

Today I want to discuss Tiger’s Eye. I know a lot of you have researched the stone on the web but have you actually purchased one, say a tumbled stone, and carried it around?

Two months ago I purchased two strings, one of small beads for a pendant, earrings and a bracelet and the other string of big polished stones that I placed in a potted plant that I have in my office desk.

Here are the results so far:

At the office:

• Stones have given me focus to complete tasks, especially if I take one that I particularly like and rub it between my thumb and index finger (right hand) while I work in the computer.

• They have attracted abundance in the form of speedy payments for invoices (I handle accounts receivables). We have very few unpaid invoices and clients frequently want to settle them quickly.

• We are getting new customers and more work.

• Desk plant looks vigorous and healthy. It’s an Aglaonema, an office plant with pink and green leaves that needs very little water, sitting facing North direction (I think placement could also have something to do with its health). I know people recommend placing plants facing East but I cannot do that, so the best direction for me is North.

At home:

• While meditating, the stones help me ground myself and gaining focus isn’t so hard anymore. Time flies by. I hold one in each hand and rub them when I feel that I’m losing my concentration.

• Protection, I feel that my home is protected and blessed, haven’t sensed anything bad or evil lurking around for a very long time.

Wearing them:

• I feel slight changes of temperature inside my body (warmer) and feel like doing more each day. Wearing the bracelet on my left wrist feels slightly more powerful than on the right one.

• Protection. I have been close to having accidents crossing sidewalks or cars almost running me over. Also I’ve been able to avoid being mugged on the street.

• Confidence. The look and feel of the stones gives me more confidence while talking, walking or meeting new people. They are also a nice ice-breaker when meeting someone new.

• I try not to use them for extended periods but I really, really like them. When I feel drained I take them off, cleanse them in salted water and then leave them out in the sun to charge between 2-3 hours. You can do the charging monthly, depending on use. After that time they are really HOT and you can feel their energy and vibration.

Do you have a story you want to share about your experience with gemstones?


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Re: Gemstones
Post # 2
Hi I carry a amythist stone around with me and a crystal on some days, it keeps my mind clear and focused as well.
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Re: Gemstones
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I have a pretty big varety of stones and i use a lot of them for different reasons.
I really like this Black obsidian crystal ball I have which is pretty small so I can carry it around. It really helps with healing for me, I always have aches and pains, headaches, stomach aches, knots, etc and when I use that stone it really takes away the pain.
I also love Moonstones, they help with my stress and depression a lot same with Amethyst which I gave to one of my friends to help her with her mental disorders.
I also like Dragon's Stone/Scale, which is kind of hard to find. and I share your interest in Tiger's eye too, thats one of the first stones I ever had.
I love white Howlite for sleep, I always get great rest when I have one of them.
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Re: Gemstones
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Thank you so much for your feedback!!!!

Amethyst seems really popular amongst practitioners. Last Saturday I purchased a thread of tumbled amethyst stones and had a pendant, set of earrings and bracelet made with it. Why? Because the atmosphere in my home is getting toxic and I need to calm down and have peace with my significant other. I also plan on purchasing an Amethyst cluster to enhance the peace vibe and stop bickering about nonsense (who picks up the dishes, who cleans what and when).

I’m going to start a different thread about Amethyst so feel free to chime in.

Blessed be.
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Re: Gemstones
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
I've been working with gemstones, rocks, and crystals since I was six years old. Too many stories over 20 years! I'm now teaching my daughter at six years of age as I was taught. I love how she reads her stones! I don't tell her their meaning at first, I ask her to sense them and tell me how they make her feel. She told me her rose quartz "tickled" her, making her feel happy. She couldn't stop smiling while holding it.
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Re: Gemstones
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
I've been collecting gemstones my entire life and the hold a very special place in my heart. The first stone I ever got was a piece of un tumbled amethyst and ever since then I've always been partial to amethyst as well as turquoise and Lapis.
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Re: Gemstones
Post # 7
I was at a farmers market one day to buy some home made soap. When I went to reach for a bar of soap my hand was drawn to a bowl of quartz crystals. They literally screamed at me. I bought a crystal and left - never did buy the soap. I'm hooked!

I had always heard about how they vibrate and that the stone will choose you. I have learned to pick up the crystal with my power hand and feel the vibrations. One day I picked up a green calcite(it happened so fast that I dropped it)my fingers tingled and the vibrations went right up my arm and then down my back.

I carry Tiger's Eye, Amethyst & Black Obsidian with me always.

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Re: Gemstones
Post # 8
I carry Jade, Cat's eye and Garnet
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Re: Gemstones
Post # 9
I have always had a love of gemstones and enjoy working with them. It doesn't hurt that they are beautiful to look at as well! I wear a larimar necklace nearly everyday, as larimar is known for its calming properties.
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