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Question about a spell..

Forums ► General Info ► Question about a spell..

Question about a spell..
Post # 1
I found a spell on here that involved summoning the souls of the dead. I was looking for information on that because my friend and I were talking about it, and I was very surprised to find a spell for it here. Isn't that black magic?? I've been taught that it was wrong, along with anything that would hurt anyone or anything, because it's black magic, not the way that nature intended magic to be used.. Going against nature. Was I wrong? Or does the site just not stop those from being posted?
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Re: Question about a spell..
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

It's your personal view that it is wrong, but to others it is perfectly acceptable, it's about following your own moral compass.

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Re: Question about a spell..
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to General Info from Comments.
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Re: Question about a spell..
Post # 4
I frankly do not see why it is so wrong . Summoning the souls of the dead ..how is it going against nature in any way?

There are many practices related to black magick and quite a few have originated from cursing and diverged from there . There are many different paths , practices and topics one can study .

And this site is tolerant of all such practices and accepts them .

Also , I would not like to point out that not everyone are little burst of sunshine and light and would not touch such boundaries and studies .

And everyone does not see magick as something you should never use to harm others . That was your personal opinion only .

So why should such practices and spells should not be posted ? I do not see why
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Re: Question about a spell..
Post # 5
I think you should use common sense, respect, and as WitchyKid said follow your moral compass when using magic. If you do not intend disrespect on these souls then you should not be concerned. Use your head when doing any any magic. There are many people on this site that preform many different types of magic. To each his own. Only you can decide your path.
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Re: Question about a spell..
By: / Novice
Post # 6
indeed it's your own moral compass that guides you in paganism. this is a pagan community, granted Wicca is the highest group, but i see a lot or Satanists and 'black magic' users on here as well. just look at the logo at the top of your page, under the logo it states:

'where the world learns black magic, white magic, pagan, wiccan and occult arts'

now, i know you've probably heard this before, but magic has no colour. it all comes down to intent by the caster. if there was a colour, you'd learn there's a lot of grey. simple example is say your friend's sick, so you cast a healing spell on her which she didn't ask for. while you think you're doing good [white magic] you imposed your will on her, maybe she didn't want/need the spell, forcing what you want on another is bad [black magic] so you would of cast against the Wiccan Reed [because you took away your friends ability to choose] and it would be negative. you need to think before casting.

not sure what the spell is exactly, but some spirits wander around, if it's just calling for any soul to help in a spell, it's really no different than calling upon the God and Goddess for help. of course if you have a moral objection, don't do it, but it's not against nature, some spirits cross over right away, others spend time here with loved ones, or they just don't want to cross over. what is unnatural [to me] is forcing a spirit to remain here in this plane when they want to cross over.

since you are so concerned about going against nature, look into green witchcraft, it focuses on herbs, but everyone i know who practices would be considered doing 'white magic'.
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Re: Question about a spell..
Post # 7
Beyond that very helpful hint suggesting that it's a matter of opinion and that you should follow your own morale...

Black magic is an obsolete term used with many different definitions. One popular would be magic that which is wrong. Now, how can something without a conscience be wrong? To elaborate, how could something that cannot make decisions between what is wrong and what is right, be wrong? At that, how could it be right?

Another definition of black magic is that which harms others. Well can't even a flower harm a person if shoved down their throat?
In which case, any kind of magic can be used to hinder someone.
While as white magic is consider that which benefits others. Well can't a flower shoved down someone's throat benefit the person that dislikes them and wouldn't mind them choking on pollen?

Then you have black magic simply being that which is dark. Well, where there's light, there's darkness and vice versa. In that sense, just because it's a shadow does it mean it's wrong? At that, just because it's producing light does it mean it's right?

Aside from the differing and contradicting definitions of black magic you mention black magic going against nature.

What is nature?

Would you describe it as what happens naturally?

If so, all magic used to bring about change may or may not be natural.

What on Earth do I mean?

Well to begin with a spell is used to assist the chances of something specific happening; to increase the chances of something happening in your favor. Whether that be healing someone, bringing good luck, or summoning the dead, you are attempting to better the chances. You are basically asking for something you don't expect to happen otherwise or at least better chances which is still out of the ordinary. Magic is used to change something. Every time you cast a spell, any kind of spell, you are trying to make something happen that doesn't appear very likely to begin with. You are just by the act of casting a spell attempting to change the course of nature.

In a good luck spell, you are possibly asking for a better week than the previous.

In a spell to summon the dead, you are trying to compel spirits to arrive in an area they otherwise may have not arrived in.

In a spell to heal someone, you are perhaps trying to speed up a natural process which would have otherwise taken longer. Nature would have taken longer.

Now as far as what's posted on the site it's really not regulated beyond who is allowed to post spells. As long as you hold a current, council or leadership position in a coven you can add whatever spells you please. The only combatant to poorly written or bogus spells being added are the leaders being able to delete/edit spells and other members being able to rate them. So my only advice on that is that if you see a poorly written or bogus spell give it a lower rating for future reference to other members. You can rate them from 1 to 5.
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Re: Question about a spell..
Post # 8
The color black is a mix between all colors,so,black magick CAN be harmful,but i dosen't have to be,if you don't feel right about it then don't do it.
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Re: Question about a spell..
Post # 9
Magick isn't black or white good or bad it's how it is used we use colour as a physical object or mental like pink for love red for passion that sort of thing
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Re: Question about a spell..
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 10
It is beyond me why would you summon something which is anyway around you all the time ,but you can not see it .The more magical work you do the more spiritual attention you are attracting .You attract also the lost souls ,but it is another case if you are really prepared to work with them ,help them or learn from them .As soon as you start working with spells or divination this sort of working creates certain energetic field around you and your house ,something which any spiritual being can notice and dead are simply one kind of spirit .It is another question that many of these souls need help and are confused or stuck ,so if you can not help them why calling them ?By doing something you can attract positive and negative attention from them depending of your skills and knowledge and then you better be prepared to deal with them .
Also i do not think so summoning dead can hurt them ,but they can hurt you if you are disrespectful in your attitude or childish ,they will feel it is their obligation to teach you a lesson .I would not call it black magic personally .Relation between us and them is natural but it does not come naurally to everyone .It is the same as in human relationships you should treat others in way you want to be treaten ,however as there are good and bad humans there are also good and bad souls ,and guess which one attracts which one .As we say what you call that is what will come .If you call with disrespect you will get disrespect and few hard lessons ,deceased ones are not so helpless to stand their ground especially if you are sensitive above avarege to can see them or perceive them in some way .If you can not they will ignore you and you will give up for it will appears as nothing happened .
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