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I am looking for help
Post # 1
Trying to make a long story short...A loved one has a love spell cast on him, something that blinds him to truth and common sense. While this sounds like something rather normal the entire story around the situation is certainly not. I don't like calling myself gifted, and usually don't like interference of any kind unless I can help someone to heal. I know he is part of something larger, something he is born with and grew deeper into without appropriate understanding of consequences by being too trusting. It has come to a point where he has physical pain every time he doesn't oblige, made to look like a string of coincidences. I know, they are not coincidences but forces involved from close friends and *cough* loved ones. I wish to set him free to his own choices, no more no less and keep him protected against the unknown. How can I do this? In a way I know but I have strong things to deal with myself, and fear my powers aren't enough to protect both of us.
Some advise would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: I am looking for help
Post # 2
A couple questions before I continue with my advice:
How do you know he's had a love spell cast upon him?
If you do know for absolute sure, how do you know it was successful? Let me note that I believe in coincidences so you can't tell me that's not a possibility.
How do you know what's causing him this physical pain?
If you do absolutely know for sure, then what?

Now then...
Chances are your friend is suffering from anxiety. Anxiety is unreasonable, situation relative fear. It can have effects like exhaustion, increase heart rate, and other related physiological problems.

Aside from all that I suggest you make a protection charm for him and ask him to keep it on his person regularly. If you want to be absolutely sure about the situation and you want to take extra precautions, try a banishing and good luck ritual for him. This will help banish anything negative that could be lingering and provide the poor guy with some luck while you're at it.

Beyond that I simply suggest you let him take care of himself from here on.
...especially if you have little to no evidence he's had a spell cast upon him.
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Re: I am looking for help
Post # 3
Thank you very much for your keen advise! I am a realist to a point putting Kant into his shadow and know where you are coming from. This is where my internal fight begun long time ago. The universe has strange and very persistent ways to make itself, and messages, known though.
Without me writing close to a novel of explanation to validate my words, me stating 'I know' will just have to suffice.
I know of the immense power of spells. I know of the ignorance of many using them unaware, or uncaring, of consequences. I know of the power of the in between. I know that in the end, there is a lot none of us will ever know. I know I am naive in many ways but chose to stay this way - as it is supposed to be. I have been given a gift without an answer of what this gift is but a guide to show me how to use it when needed. Needed for others or to call upon for strength. I came to this site for very selfish reasons as I am in need of protection (how do I know?)and to find a way out of the situation I am in. Yet words formed a question all in thoughts of a loved ones well being. Conscience? Coincidence? Self sacrifice? Underlying mental disorder? How do we know things when strongly we feel we do? When do we trust a feeling and when is it best we don't? Are there signs or is the mind merely finding answers to questions where there are none? Forgive me my philosophizing and rambling, simply a morning coffee wandering of mind.
Thank you again for with not saying much, you have said what I probably needed to hear to find my own answer :)

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Re: I am looking for help
Post # 4

I'm also going to ask how do you know he's had a spell cast upon him? He might just be in love. Even with best of intentions you must not meddle, i mean with Magick as you could be doing harm. As we have no right to say what is right or wrong for another person. I agree just protect him, keep him in your prayers & make sure you let him know your there for him, love him & care for him no matter what. The worst thing would be to push him away!

Blessed be!

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