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Help here

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Help here
Post # 1
Hey guys i need a strong attraction spell. I don't mean romantic attraction.... Unusual, unnatural attraction.
The thing is I just complimented my guy friend that he was looking handsome so this idiot guy who was passing by started yelling gay guy !! so now i am in a bit of a problem...
I don't want revenge, Karma will see to it i just want to create unnatural attraction in ppls mind so that they feel ashamed and guilty of themselves... they get dreams n fantasies about guys so that they wont tease me....
anybody knows such thing ?
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Re: Help here
By: / Novice
Post # 2
while i understand what you're asking for Merlin, i don't really know of one, you might want to think of something else. plus, i don't see how this would work, there are guys who dream about the same sex, same as some girls do, and they're straight. there's plenty of reasons why this would occur, but people, guys especially, would never talk about it, so i don't see how ashamed and guilty they'd feel. in fact, they might lash out to prove themselves not gay in their mind if they're so shallow as to insult someone by a glance.

you could try a protection spell on your friend, a stop gossip spell, a honey jar spell perhaps to make them sweeten up. if i were you i'd ignore them. i had to deal with similar people in high school. i'm not gay, but i was a member of my schools gay straight alliance along with some friend, and we got a lot of crap as a result of having fundraisers to support AIDS research, putting up posters of famous gay people, having movie nights showing films like Philadelphia and Rent. one of the teachers who ran the GSA got the school board to green light The Laramie Project. got a lot of heat from that one, even Fred Phelps wanted to come to my town to protest the play. point is, i understand close minded people like that, making them think they have homosexual tendency probably won't make them avoid you.

i'd do a protection and a stop gossip spell if you don't want to hex them. non-magically, i'd ignore them, or try to document what's going on so if it escalates you have evidents to present to the teachers, principal, or school board depending on how bad it gets.
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Re: Help here
Post # 3
As you said before karma will see to it - attraction spells are a two way danger to you and your target(s) you may realize that if someone starts fantasizing it can grow into an obsession which can lead to... Bad things. Your best bet would be not to do anything so dramatic as that you may ruin his life which later could take yours down with it ~ hope I helped Lightbane
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Re: Help here
Post # 4
Nekoshema and Lightbane thanks guys..
I am 17 years old now and i have been ignoring them since i was 14 i know i am not gay but there is no point in doing things to prove it... if i do that i am no different than them....
Its just that now i feel empowered and wanting to take revenge... i am controlling things but it has become difficult now
Lightbane i dont want some one to get attracted to me, I want to do it on someone else
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