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Post # 1
Hi everyone, I found this site today because my intuition is telling me i need answers I think i have been cursed i have had so many traumatic things that have happened to me all in this one year. First of all my beloved pet dog passed away suddenly he was so special Alaskan Malamute and meant the world to me. I then was planning my wedding and found out half way towards it that my mother has lung cancer which has been extremly difficult to deal with. I then broke my leg and now have a metal rod all the way up to my thigh as it was a severe car accident therefore lost my job,My partner who is a wonderful woman and everybody adores her we have been together for 15 years and she is very loyal to me, people can see how happy we are together when we go out everywhere together to dinner parties and other social events and how good we are together, infact we often get asked what our secret is because of our love for each other but out of the blue one night she cheated on me but told me about it the next day and we have had so many rows over it which is very unsual as we hardly row and she has also been distressed over the situation as she does not seem to understand why she did it and has been now thinking of ending her life about what she has done to us. she said she felt at time she was not doing anything wrong and i did not come in her mind at all but now realises the damage which she is beating herself over about it. I also have just found out today my Dad has prostate cancer and i really feel somebody out there is cursing me my life is not the same and i wish i knew how to fix everything. Has anyone experienced sudden events like these?
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Re: Cursed!?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Firstly I'm really sorry to hear about all that's happened in the past year and I hope things get better for you soon. I could now sit here and debate whether or not you may be cursed but ultimately you've had a string of bad luck which can definitely be a sign that you're cursed so why even bother risking it? There's a whole host of methods for alleviating curses and one of the best and simplest is a salt bath. It was outlined really quite nicely in a post before now and I think that explains things much better than I could.

Good luck and I wish you all the best.
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Re: Cursed!?
Post # 3
Hello, thanks for your response and your wishes. I also forgot to add that i know a magician myself but i dont really have much contact with that person but all i can say is i thought they were my friend.
Also the strange thing is that oddly this person was behaving rather suspicious and odd when i had these things happen to me and also has said some things indirectly to me for me to believe it was them. I am trying to look after myself now and my partner as she is not her bubbly self no more she even now sees a councillor I just do hope i eventually get some good luck!
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Re: Cursed!?
Post # 4
The way I see it, you have four options:
1) you cast a spell to break the possible curse
2) you cast a luck spell
3) you do both
4) you do nothing
If you're interested reply to this and I'll post whatever spell you ask for :)
So sorry to hear about your bad luck! Blessed be!
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