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what do these dream mean?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► what do these dream mean?
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what do these dream mean?
Post # 1
there is three so sorry if it's long. these are the three most clear dreams I have ever had. so here's the first one.
we were having a party in my laundry room with all of my friends we went to go get something do we left the laundry room. the laundry room is connected to the bathroom so we had to go through the bathroom to leave. on our way out we saw something in the corner of the bathroom that looked
like slenderman. we went and told my mom and she didn't believe us so we told her to go look. she left the laundry room (we were back in there) and went into the bathroom. we heard her scream and she came back and told us it was gone. so we left the bathroom and on the way out I heard typing coming from the computer room, and I thought it was the creature but it turned out to be my brother

here's the second one. 

I was out on my balcony and the stairs were on the wrong side of it and the side te stairs were supposed to be there was a river. there was a guy sitting on our porch that I hated. (he doesn't actually exist in real life) I thought that I should kill him so I did and threw his body in the river. as soon as I did I wished I hadnt. I went inside the house and inside it was my school. the office was talking to two girls and told me to come over. she said somebody had killed the guy and we had to find out who. she handed us three pieces of paper and told us to figure out who did it with them. we got down on the floor and started to arrange them and that's when I woke up. 

heres the third and longest. 

It was early in the morning and I was woken up by my parents who said we had to go to our old house in a different state to get some stuff.  (we recently moved to a different state) so we were there and when we went in it was dark because a subway tunnel was built around our house. we went up into the bathroom and there was nothing in there, no counter or toilet or anything. we went downstairs and I remembers I left my bracelet in the bathroom but I was too scared to get it so my parents did. then it switched. Idk how but it did. the city was at war and I was with a girl from school we were in a half arcade half locker room and our mission was to save all the kids from bombs. i went and I looked in the arcade part where all the kids were. I saw a baby under the gumball machine but I ignored it. I went into the locker room and it was really cold. I asked the girl to give me a shirt and she did. I put it overtop of my jacket and went back into the arcade. I picked up the baby and she smelled like she needed
a diaper change so I gave it to the boys and told them to change her diaper.  I went outside to look for a dog we were missing. here's where it got weird. hitler had the dog. I could talk to it and it could talk to me. I told it to go to our hiding spot and I
would lead hitler Away. so me and the
dog started to run and hitler chased us. I saw the dog go into the hiding spot but I kept running. I stopped at a fence and there wasa really big dog there. hitler said he had seen bigger. I told the dog to attack hitler and it did so I ran. that's when I woke up. 

what do these dreams mean? thanks!
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Re: what do these dream mean?
Post # 2

I always tell this to people who ask for symbolic meanings for things that happened in their dreams.

My advice is : try to get meanings by yourself. In my opinion, dreams i interpret by myself are more qualified for my. And why do I present this statement?

Because you are the one who had the dream, and you do remember all of the details and information by one to one. Even if you will try to provide all of the information you have in your head here, you will still have more potential to get better meanings by yourself. As you know, sometimes we forget to write down some things that we dreamt about.
Also do not forget that people have different meanings and explanations for the things they see. If one person will tell you an explanation of a symbolic item you have seen in a dream, another person might have another meaningful explanation to tell about the symbolic item you have seen.
So i advised you to do it by yourself since you might have other explanations for symbolic things such as specific items which you dreamt about because it is what it means for you. Here your idea is what matters, so it is the best to get meaning about your dreams by yourself. Remember that you dream about meaningful things for you, and that is why you are the one who has to think about your own dreams.

I also advise the same thing for other people who are looking for interpretations for their dreams. Instead of asking another people, and not giving enough details you can simply get your answers by your own self. This is the same situation such as casting your own spells instead of giving a spell caster to cast your spells, this is much better in that condition :)

Go and read about how to get meanings about your dreams, write down details about your dreams - and get information and gather your explanations about any detail one by one. Trust me, the results will be amazing and it will be the best interpretation you can ever get.
Though if you still wish to get someone else who will do this thing for you (less recommended), give details and information one by one, and wait for your interpretation...

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Re: what do these dream mean?
Post # 3
Could it be that the first dream was due to you playing/watching too much slender? Because things like that influence dreams.
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Re: what do these dream mean?
Post # 4
I don't watch or play slender I don't have anything to do with slender.
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Re: what do these dream mean?
Post # 5
There is actually a dream reader on this site. Just putting that out there. I dont see people tell others about it on questions like this in the forums so for some people that didnt know heres for future reference.
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