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Confustion -3-

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Confustion -3-
Post # 1
I'm reading different things as to spells are pr not. Someone said spells are just wishes. Some people ( on this site ) said spells aren't real. I'm confused. May I please have a knowledgable and well reliable person explain to me. Also, someone said beauty spells do not work. So: If they don't work why put them on this site? Please, if someone can explain to me I'd really appreciate it. n.n Thank you. ~Shadow
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Re: Confustion -3-
Post # 2

Alright. Hopefully I can break this one down.

-Spells are real. Simply wishing with a lot of intent and desire for it to come true is a spell. The reason being is because you are sending energies into the universe, and they will come back in the form of the effect you want. Some spells are not real however, because thet defy the laws of science, nature, and physics.

-The reason Beauty spells and Other fake spells are posted on here, is because there is a coven with auto-accept council. Some members abuse this privilege and post fake spells. There are members who are in thatt coven and post good work. But mainly people who post fake spells. The Administrators, Moderators, Editors, and Contributors of the site have no power over what people post. Only the person who added the spell can delete it.

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Re: Confustion -3-
Post # 3
Alright then I guess... Thanks..
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Re: Confustion -3-
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
What Hexen explained is pretty true. But as far as beauty spells are concerned, this is a debatable subject. Beauty spells can work; however they won't actually alter your physical body. They potentially could work in the matter of an illusion. Meaning that it will cause people to perceive you as being such a way. Take for instance the eye colour changing spell. It won't actually change the colour of your eyes, but will merely create an illusion of a different colour to your eyes that people will see. Albeit, there are those that will say that the people will will see this illusion are those that don't really know the details of your physical body to begin with; and those that do know will see straight through the illusion. But there is debate that any and all, including your self and those who know, will see what the illusion shows.
Yet at the same time there is a contradicting debate that spells like a breast growth spell will work and cause physical alteration to the body; whereas others say they won't work because magick cannot alter the physical body, amongst other impossibilities.
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Re: Confustion -3-
Post # 5

I agree with Vanity and Hexen.

As for beauty spells, here's something that I've stated before in the public forums:

It is right that a spell will not change your physical appearance or genes and DNA, such as: eye color, hair color, etc. This is very true. Energy manipulation and desires will not change your physical appearance or your genes and DNA. I agree with that Hexen, such things will not work for anyone who try that since spells are basically energy manipulation and direction...

However, as vanity said , there is a form of glamour spells which is known as something that works. So saying that it is not fully possible is not fully correct. The form is called: "Illusions".
Basically glamour spells are illusion, nobody says that they actually changes any part of your body or your actual physical appearance or DNA and genes. Such spells are known as putting and illusion on your self and other people around you.
A glamour spell will only change your opinion and your point of view about you beauty and appearance, same thing about other people who are around you. However, nobody said that this changes something actual about your physical body or appearance.
So this is why this is called an "illusion".
This is actually not a bad thing to do, yet it won't change anything about your genes and DNA but it will change your own mind and thoughts. This is actually even a helpful thing, because sometimes it is very important to love yourself and to think about yourself as beautiful - from the inside and from the outside.

A beauty spell can make you feel better about yourself and boost your confidence, and when you feel better about yourself, other people will be more attracted to you. If you take a closer look at the people you admire the most, you will usually find that they have a special inner beauty and confidence that far exceeds any outer beauty they may possess. Work on developing your inner beauty and you will never again feel the need for love spells and beauty spells. I know how trite that sounds, but there are plenty of people in the world who aren't traditionally "beautiful" but who are still considered extraordinary and special.
My personal idea is every body have his/her special beauty, there is no such thing 'ugly person' there is a person who does not take care of himself. Thus, you do not really need a spell. Just love yourself and believe in yourself and you beauty. If you do it, other people will start looking at you differently.

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