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Some help required

Forums ► Astral Projection ► Some help required
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Some help required
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Hey guys. I have been practising ap for about 3months or so and still could not feel out of body experiance. I concentrate,meditate and after few min' i hear buzzing sound which frequently becomes louder but nothing happens after that, i tried to concentrate on moving my subconsious body but that just starts hurting and i feel like something is tearing me apart from inside, and still no out ov body experiance. Even though i am sometimes well aware of everything around me in my dream and can also control them. I also have visions sometimes, please your help will be appreciated.

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Re: Some help required
Post # 2

Well, to me it sounds like you are having some troubles with releasing, and perhaps you are even doing something wrongly and in a way which is not recommended to do while trying to get out of body experience or astral projecting.

Your problem should not really disturb you for too much time, mostly this trouble is fixable and can be easily solved after practicing for a while and using various methods and solutions. It is entirely possible to overcome these issues and find possible and logical solutions to it, so you do not have to worry about it too much. Eventually you will overcome this issue and find the best solution that can solve it as quickly as possible.

Though, from time to time this trouble can be sort of consuming and it may take some time and practice before you will be able to perform full projection and out of body experience, and it will take some time until you will be able to fully project and experience this again. Everything needs some patience, time and practice, but I am sure that you will be okay with it.

There are some things you can do about this trouble, by using logical and possible methods and solutions. . I have several recommendations and solutions I would like to present in this thread, and I really hope this helps. These may be the solutions that would help you to overcome this issue in a quick and smooth way, without causing any problematic things.

Firstly, I assume that you are not meditating before attempting and this probably leads to your mind wandering, possible stressful thoughts intruding, and of course that you're not getting relaxed and thus you don't achieve the needed state of relaxation of the body, your mind and thoughts. Each of these will probably lead to the tensing of your body which relaxation is essential since you have to literally seperate your mind and physical body.
Now, I am not talking about what you did while you were trying to do while projecting. You were basically trying to project by performing meditation. This is not the meditation I am talking about. What I am talking about, is that you probably aren't meditating before the projection itself.
It is very good and possible to project while performing meditation, but what you probably aren't doing is performing a general meditation before the projecting, which should be especially dedicated for relaxation, getting rid of mind wandering, stressful thoughts, etc.

So what I recommend is to meditate regulary even before you're trying to jump to projecting, and also I recommend you to try getting back into the 'swing' of the things with a bit of dream control for concentration as you relax.

Secondly, I can also get the conclusion that your chakras might be either clogged or aren't all balanced as needed in order to perform several forms of magick and projections.
Basically when your chakras are not in a good condition your astral body isn't in a good condition either, which explains the buzzing and possible pain.

So I recommend you to start balancing and cleansing your chakras and again, meditating regulary for it. You may find tutorials about simple chakra balancing and cleansing methods by using Google or by using any other search engines you would like to use. There, you can find various methods to easily balance your chakras and cleanse them.
I also recommend you to look for methods of improving your concentration, which is basically done by a lot of practice and patience. You will find many methods and exercises of improving your concentration level by practicing and doing this regulary.

Thirdly, I also easily assume that you aren't projecting in a way that is safe and probably not the best for you. Each person is different and special and in the same, projection techniques are entirely different and special for various people. If you are really having trouble following through with the technique you are currently using it usually means that it requires certain feeling or energies to work correctly and safely with the particular method.

So what I recommend for this is to research for different forms and methods of mental projection and don't be scared to try them out. Once you find one that is easy, possible and safe for you, "make up by our own" or if one is already available to use- a corresponding projection technique.

So use these tips, and don't be lazy to dedicate enough time, practice and patience in order to achieve your goals.

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Re: Some help required
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3

It sounds like you need to work more with meditation and chakra work. Astral projection takes time to learn and practice. Just like meditation it's self takes time along with practice and working with your chakras to open and align them takes time and practice.

Remember that with astral projection if something hurts then take a break. Pushing forward while you are hurting will only make things more difficult.

When you are trying to utilizing the rope or roll out method of astral projection you still need your third eye to be open and aligned so that you can climb out through your third eye or roll out of it.

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Re: Some help required
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Yes i was trying rope method but that just kept worsening so now i just try to visualise myself out of body,i succed in doing that, but still im not getting the feeling of an astral world,i can visualise myself moving around the room but i cant say ,i mean that looks and feels more imaginative than astral projection.and i also have a disturbed chakra,but my focusing and visualising skills are good. So how will i know if i had astral projected?
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Re: Some help required
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5

There is a difference between visualizing yourself outside of your body walking around your room and actual astral projection. The astral planes look different then the physical one and they will also feel, smell, sound, and even taste different. This is why opened and aligned chakras are so important, without this your third eye can not function properly. If you have a blocked/unopened chakra then you should be focusing on correcting this problem. Until your chakras are opened and aligned you're just wasting your time trying to astral project.

Below is a link to help you learn to open/unblock and align your chakras. Remember that all of your chakras need to be worked on together in each sitting to help you move towards opening and aligning them. I suggest working on them for about 15-20 minutes a day. This is done after one is already in a meditative state. Remember to work on them from root to crown and that this may take you several weeks or months to correct and perfect.


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