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Really? past life help!!!

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Really? past life help!!!
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Really? past life help!!!
Post # 1
My partner came home from a past life session claiming to be someone from Egyptian times. weeks later he claims the egyptian spirit has manifest itself and hes discovered that he has more than one spirit. the last one was released from a lock he found at an antique shop. I do not want to tell him that I am not completely comfort ble in believing his ideas, and it's all just a bit too "charmed". could these things really be happing? he uses a quija alot and i am afraid maybe there is a spirit glamouring him for fun?
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Re: Really? past life help!!!
By: / Novice
Post # 2
not entirely sure what you're asking about, past life regression is possible, though i don't believe people who say they were Cleopatra or King Henry in a past life, since things can be planted in your head to make you think so. past life regression, in my opinion, is best done on your own.

your partner thinking they were an Egyptian in a past life, i'll say is possible. there's a theory that the reason we love certain time periods [like Victorian, Egyptian, Elizabethan] or learning about certain things [Salem trials, Vlad the impaler] is because we were there in a past life. sometimes, yes, we could find something from that life we cherished and it could unlock memories if the bond was that strong.

this all being said however, your partner shouldn't put so much emphasis is their past life. it's cool to find out this stuff, and it's fine if they show interest in it, but it's the past, this life is the one you need to live and experience, you already experienced Egypt in the middle kingdom [or whatever time they apparently lived] there's a reason you live this life, so don't spend it looking back.

not sure what a quija is, do you mean Ouija Board? there could be a spirit messing with him, but i don't know what the gain would be. just make sure he uses it properly, and if you feel he uses it too much, talk with him, try and get him to use it a little less. you don't need a Ouija Board for past life work, you could do it through meditation. not all spirits are evil, the spirit could just be trying to help, or it could be bored and wants attention, just keep your eyes open is all.
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Re: Really? past life help!!!
Post # 3
I agree with the post from Nekoshema that it is fun to learn things like past lives but it is not healthy to obsess about them and forget to live in the present. I also don't know why your partner is using a Ouija board for past lives, unless he is trying to contact a spirit from the time frame of his past life.
please try and make sure your partner is using the board correctly, like all tools the board can be a good asset but if used incorrectly it can be dangerous.
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Re: Really? past life help!!!
Post # 4
I agree completely. And these are the things I have been trying to get him to realize. I have had to cleanse our apartment from the negative energies. I no longer live there and he is consumed. It is definitely a spirit playing tricks on him. Intuition serves Mr well and I pay attention to small detail. I'm worried he has gone to far and the witch that now has her claws in him has turned him against me. No matter how good the deed she leads him to believe I have evil intent and I am out to harm him. I do niy want to okay games and I know what needs to be done. But I am afraid yo release that amount of energy against someone who may not even know what they are. I feel like I am living an episode of charmed.... I
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Re: Really? past life help!!!
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
Oh, I love your post Nekoshema ! Always you give a clear advise and very informative, very difficult to add something :-)

Once I was very obsessed with my past life for a personal reason and it affected me somehow. Need to be ready what you will learn from the past and it can be very dramatic but we can learn a lot from this experience, why we we afraid from water, hight, or preferences in certain gender lol. Ouja board is not for fun and can be tricky and can mislead person who is too eager to learn something. Some spirits like to play tricks with curious people. Lol in your case I would advise to make a witch banishing bottle for your own sake. Blessings
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