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Penta Magic

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Penta Magic
Post # 1
If your looking for a coven that won't judge you our your path, then this is the coven for you. Were open to many paths, and we're looking expand our knowledge as a family. Come by and check our site out, and maybe submit application, our coven will be sure to get back to withing 24 hours. How many covens can say that, most of the big name ones make you wait 1-2 weeks for just a response. To go even further check out our forums if your still questioning joining. One of our qualities we pride our self on is "We're small enough to deal with you specific needs, and help along the way, and big enough to take care of you spiritual needs", -a trusted member. Our forums are always on fire and we're always learning new things and sharing our experiences. "When you're here you family" - Olive Gardens, the quote fits perfectly.
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Re: Penta Magic
Post # 2
I want to add a to this. We also offer coven chatter and forum discussions (this is separate from other forum discussions we pick one main topic or questions for everyone to share their ideas on) every week. Members can pick a topic and lead the discussion. We also are trying to hold group rituals and spells. We set a date and time for coven members to participate in rituals and spells. We then talk about it afterwards in chat. We are also discussing trying to hold the rituals in the coven webcam chat here on the site so that it would feel more like we are actually practicing them together. We are trying to give members the feeling of being in an actual real life coven even if we can't really practice together like normal covens do.

Our forums have threads and classes on necromancy, invocations, evocations, chakras, dream interpretation, candle magic, the basics, spell casting, natural magic, herbal remedies, correspondences, mythology, healing, crystal magic, divination, and much more.

If you are interested in what we have to offer you can talk to Jay, me, one of our other council members, or our Priestess. Just be sure to follow the rules for applying to the coven if you want to become a member of our family. :)

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Re: Penta Magic
Post # 3
This coven is now invitation only. Thus, if you don't receive a message from me or one of our councilors regarding this, any application you submit will be rejected.
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Re: Penta Magic
Post # 4
Penta Magic is reopening it's doors for a short period of time. Several of our members have become inactive and we are seeking new active members to replace them. We are looking for council members and regular members.

We are looking for mature members that can be active and that are willing to participate in weekly coven discussions, forum posts, and so on. Beginners are welcome, as long as you are willing to participate in the coven. If you would like to join our coven send the Priestess, Lonicera, the following information, after applying to join the coven on our coven page.

* Your age

* Why you joined Spells of Magic

* Why you want to join our coven

* How active you're going to be within the coven

* What can you offer us

* What you wish to learn or teach

* Number of years of experience (if you would like to teach a class)

* What you wish to teach (if you plan on teaching).
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