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Revision Of Chatter Rules

Forums ► Comments ► Revision Of Chatter Rules

Revision Of Chatter Rules
Post # 1
Although the title probably says it I am suggesting that the rules that are applied to the conversation in public chatter be revised and updated.

When you take a look at the conversation nowadays there are always going to be the people who still fail to read the page of rules you have to read before chatting - however there is a second group of people. And these are the ones who read the rules, understand the rules provided, but do not know all the other "unspoken" rules of the chatter. Yes, the unspoken rules of the chatter are documented somewhere on the site, but you do have to look for them to find them, they are not in the official chatter agreement which users have to read and agree to before chatting.

The current chatter rules are also left extremely wide open to interpretation based on a users personal opinion and experiences. What we need is a clear, concise set of rules that leaves little-to-no room for interpretation on a personal basis. This would also limit the number of disagreements between the mods/admin and the users based on gags.

Other possible suggestions for a revised version of the current rules would also be general information and suggestions on the chat such as a list of suggestions on some good magick topics, topics to avoid, etc. In addition I would also like to suggest that this general information tells people how to navigate to the site features page and what information the page contains.

All in all I hope this is considered by Petrarca and the community as a valid suggestion. It would be great if the rules were concise, all in one place, and helped towards making public chatter a friendlier, more tolerant and peaceful room to be in.
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Re: Revision Of Chatter Rules
Post # 2
This just sounds completely useless and pointless. If something is not broken do not fix it.
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Re: Revision Of Chatter Rules
Post # 3

This sounds like an interesting idea, but I find that the many have been on the chatter for years and have not broken the rules. I find that most people just don't read them anymore or just barely skip over them due to laziness, or because they think they are better than the rules. It's not really due to accidents, more of people (most young) being ignorant.

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Re: Revision Of Chatter Rules
Post # 4
Good job Sarcasm, this is a nice thread. You validly presented a very wise legitimate statement. Thank you very much for this stunning post. :)

Azria dear, why are you so pessimistic? If you don't agree with something at least state your opnion and explain yourself.
It is offensive and disrespectful to comment on a thread, which is seriously invested and thoughtful, as this one.
If you don't find this thread as good enough or you just don't like the idea of agreeing with something, simply don't comment and let it be so. It won't lead us to anywhere.

If you agree with Sarcasm's thoughtful and invested statement, leave a comment or make a respectful post to contribute any sort of input for the thread.

Anyway, I fully agree with your idea. I would like seeing it causing improvements and giving rise to new chances and attributes for the site and it's members.

Have a stupendous day,
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Re: Revision Of Chatter Rules
Post # 5
It is broken for one their is nothing about links in public chat which for some reason is an instant gag offense. People don't know this and oh look linky link. Plus no swearing yet like i have explained multiple times swears are different from time to time and even country to country. The rules are so vague they can interpenetrated for anything and since mods don't like to give people a second chance its instant gag haha laugh about it behind theirs backs as you insult their very being. Frankly their are many problems in public chat its pretty sad when people have to avoid mods just to get answers.
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Re: Revision Of Chatter Rules
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
I believe what SarcasmIsWit is trying to say is that the chatter rules should be updated and a little more clarified.

Now because something is not broken doesn't mean there is no point in improving it.

People that have been on the chatter for years know the rules due to the Mods telling them to stop or getting gagged. But someone that is new to the site is different from you and your friends on the chatter.

If we do upgrade the rules than it will raise more awareness of what you can and cannot do on the chatter. Of course since this is not important or needs to be done right away it can still be done.

P.s. anything to help make this site better and easier for everyone, including the new folks.
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Re: Revision Of Chatter Rules
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7

I have witnessed many people being gagged over their interpretation of the rules, or maybe their personal opinion of the rules. I think the main beneficiary of these rule updates, if they do happen, is going to actually be the mods. It will not give them room to interprate the rules as they see fit, and really help them know what is and isn't acceptable, instead of what they believe is or isn't acceptable (based off their own interpretation of the rules).

This will also clarify many gray areas that are percieved by members. The no cussing rule is a good example. There are words in other cultures that are nowhere near cussing level of speaking, but in another culture, it may be a huge insult or cuss word. Things like this need to be clarified, as it can be highly counter-intuitive to an individual who uses a word in daily speach, but is being told that they are saying something bad.

I very much like the idea and I think the community would benefit as a whole from it.

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Re: Revision Of Chatter Rules
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
Many people are simply not reading rules and I guess for one reason, the reason is that they are not taking this site or magic field seriously and I am glad that Mods are taking care of ignorant people who are lazy to read and obey
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Re: Revision Of Chatter Rules
Post # 9
We knows this point, Darwish.
The thread gives us other sort of material to think about, in a little association to this subject.
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Re: Revision Of Chatter Rules
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 10

I think it could possibly be beneficial to review the rules, and perhaps expand on them to make sure the clarity is easy for newer members to understand. The issues will always remain that people are lazy or don't read the rules, however, there can't be any excuse or complaining about a gag if the rules are clearly defined and explained for the members, who must click through the chatter test before they are able to communicate. We have the rules, and then in the articles we have the SoM survival guide. We could combine the two, essentially.

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