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Question about the flames

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► Question about the flames
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Question about the flames
Post # 1
I did a love spell that used 5 candles. All 5 candles had strong flames, but one was also flickering, it was The first candle I lit. What does this mean?
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Re: Question about the flames
Post # 2

There is a concept that candle flames do have a meaning and can be read by seeing how they look, burn, etc.

However, you do not necessarily need to give a lot of importance to the flame of the candle you saw while you cast the love spells you talked about. Simple as it can be, you can have your own statement about this subject and state that the shape, appearance or other features of the candle aren't important for you and have no meaning for you or for the spells you have cast, or, you can state that candle flame's features are meaningful and do have a very big importance and influence on your spell and on your life. So you can choose to try to make a candle flame reading or not by yourself, whatever you wish to do.

And now to the subject. Candle flames do have part in divination and other magical meanings and forms. Candle flames have a lot of concepts and various ways of reading from plenty of different traditions, where everyone has different ways to read candle flames, by observing the smoke forms, shape of the candle, its "spark", burning, etc. Some traditions might have different ways and beliefs about reading candle's flames by doing various things. When we burn candles in many traditions, we often watch and wait for divinatory signs that tell us how the work is going to come out, whether the spell will be a success or not.

A candlee is specifically described asa magical tool we use a a focal point, representation of the element fire, mood setting, source of light.. Auras hold signatures, vibrations, and frequencies that allow one to interpret various aspects of the object. A candle flame reflects many things you will get to understand soon or later. These things can be determined through different readings we do or conclude by your own selves.

Everyone views the flames differently and in a slightly different manner. As flames does not actually have an officially defined definition it is up to you as the person viewing the flame and the manner of which you do so to depict what is seen. Your mind might assign a certain section of the flame, or a certain frequency any features. What these flames mean depends entirely on the person viewing them.

But again, you can have more than one answer here about your reading of the candle's flame, which all of them might be taken from plenty of various traditions and religions. So nobody can state any statement and claim that it's the correct statement and proven as a fact. This can be confusing and you might get the wrong opinion and point from here !

But I must admit that this subject is very interesting and it can give you a lot of suggestions, tips and knowledge if you get to realize it without getting lost between all of the different concepts and statements about this subject, or between the various traditions and religions which state their beliefs about this subject.

However, I think that if you read it in an article, where you can see various concepts, the confusion will be less serious. So the best thing you can do here is to learn about many concepts about this subject, and choose what to believe in. When you get to know about many of these things, you'll get a better idea and a point of view about all of this and you'll be able to get your personal statement.

You can find tutorials online but those are only suggestions to give you a solid example of what you're doing.

However, here are recommended articles for you, which gives you tutorials and suggestion:


Feel free to search for different articles. Best of luck !

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