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seriously need help

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seriously need help
Post # 1
merry meet,

okay so i know this sounds suupper crazy, but i really need help in picking two different spells. Ive looked around at many different spells but i simply dont have everything that is needed for the spells.

i thought to say this awhile ago but i read posts about love spells and see alot of people bashing how love spells are and how they dont premote them to being used. however im desperate this time and im gonna wing it saying my situation.

Well the begining of this year me and my ex had a baby, he landed up going to jail and after that i dumped him, before that we were head over heels in love and no matter how many other girls he talked to he always came back to me. but he just got out recently and right after started dating a girl i know from around and i really dont like (im from hawaii and its a small island so everyone knows each other). Anyways only since this happened he hasnt really talked to me or called about his son which is wierd because he was so set on being there for his son.

I truly believe he still loves me and i know the feelings are there, hes just masking them. I need two spells, well maybe three, one to sweeten his feelings, second to break him and that girl up and third to bring him back to us. I understand the terms of love spells and what they can do, im willing to take consequences for my actions and whatever comes with bringing him back. I want us to be inseperable like we were before, considering we have a son.

If anyone could help me i would soooo appreciate it.
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Re: seriously need help
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Hawaii huh, which island? my step mother's family is in Maui, that's why i ask is all.

to sweeten him up, use a honey jar spell. these are spells that have been used for a long time, works rather well, i've been using them a lot recently.


i'd alter that spell just a little bit, add more love herbs a spring of rosemary, a spring of lavender, a spring of lemon-balm, some bleeding heart, so on. i'd go for a picture of him over an old cigarette butt personally. finally, you can place it in your home, try to put it in the south or west, or bury it under an apple, pear, or passion fruit tree.

for your second one, break them up, bring him back, i have a spell i got from a friend and altered it so you can do both:


if you can't find Dove's Blood, you could use any number of love oils. the one i got called for sesame oil because my friend added sesame to everything.
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Re: seriously need help
Post # 3
Thanks! But that spell to break them up I really wanna do it badly but problem is that I don't have blue candles I have one big red , one big pink and four lil red candles, so I'm kinda like stuck, oh and instead of doves blood oil, can I use my blood.
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Re: seriously need help
Post # 4
And I live on oahu, its a diff island from maui
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