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Fairy Question

Forums ► General Info ► Fairy Question
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Fairy Question
Post # 1
When will the fairies show themselves to me? Are they scared?
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Re: Fairy Question
By: / Novice
Post # 2
They will most likely not show there selfs to you for about a month after meeting you. But after a while they will appear in your dreams, And sometimes when you close your eyes you'll see them or know there around you somewhere.
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Re: Fairy Question
Post # 3
Well you've provided a small amount of information so I can't really vary what you have done to persuade them to reveal themselves. Although I can give you a few pointers that show increase your chances of attracting the Fae.

1: Respect.
The Fae aren't very happy with the way humans have mistreated the Earth that we share. When they choose to communicate with us, one of their main priorities is to empower the human mind on how you should be taking care of our planet. Because of course, it is a home we all share. Respecting the environment around you is a vital attribute to have when attracting the Fae.

2: Be happy in life!
Old legends and folklore tell of the Fae having wondrous parties and festivals. They play music, sing, and dance all night until the morning light. Maybe you could try and play some music and try to be the happiest you can, taking life in its stride.

3:You need space sometimes, so do they.
The Fae are extremely delighted at hospitable humans and like the idea of having their own space. Maybe you could try and set up a little offering space inside your house, such as placing certain items on a shelf somewhere. You could place shiny things, cakes, treats,ale,honey, or one of their favorite metals (copper).

So those are some pointers that could help you on your journey to the Fae. Also be warned: not all the Fae are nice, so it's important that you keep the mischievous and evil Fae away from your home. It would be best for you all if you declare a warning. This can be anything such as ''Those with a evil,harmful or bad intent are not welcome here!''.

Finally to keep the bad Fae from your home you should look up the Fairy protection rune. Hang them up from your doors as a sign that only the good are welcome here.

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Re: Fairy Question
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Adaryn made some good points, faeries are like any other creature, give them time and respect. normally, they know what you're up to, so if you want to meet the faeries for, say, your spells, and not to be friends with them, they probably won't show up.

plant a garden with flowers they enjoy, go for sweet smelling plants. typically, plants that attract hummingbirds and butterflies attract faeires. you could also look for faeire rings, if there's a circle on your lawn normally that's where faeries dwell [google search it, you'll see what i mean] be sure to not step in it, or bad things could happen to you because faeries can be malicious, especially when someone wreaks their meeting place.

remember, patience is a virtue. you need to be nice, and calm, they will come when they're ready.
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