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Aura Meaning

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Aura Meaning
Post # 1
I was told I have a golden aura. What exactly does that mean? I've seen multiple explanations, but want some personal opinions on this.
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Re: Aura Meaning
Post # 2

Just to start off , everyone percieves the aura differently and so what one may percieve may be different for another . It can indicate how one is at the moment and a more generic form of his personality and abilities.

For gold , It represents a person who is very uplifting and inspiring , and a clear sign of power in an individual. It can indicate someone capable of being a highly powerful spiritual teacher , who have strong abilities.

It can also show someone wishes to control and exercise his power or controlling other beings

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Re: Aura Meaning
Post # 3

It's really great to talk about different symbolic meanings for different magick phenomenas :-)

For me gold is the color of God, like that of the brilliant golden sun that nurtures all life on earth! As with silver, the gold appearing in the aura displays a mastery of the color it is combined with. Gold is telling us that we have always been connected to our source and the we are a mastered teachers in the color of which the gold is combined with.

When gold is combined with either magenta and/or turquoise we are an extremely wise and mastered global teachers. we possess multiple modalities, applications and communication skills to help many others heal.

But that is basically what I believe that golden aura represents. Aura colors symbolic meanings and explanations can be told and explained by different concepts and points of views. Even with representations of colors about other magical phenomenas (for example, candles) - you'll find several conceptual differences and disagreements between different points of views and explanations. There will always be various beliefs when it comes to colors representations, always. Every person is different and might have his own theory and explanation for each color and phenomena. We can't really tell which one is accurate and the right one. It happens with all existed phenomeans which do not have an accurate definition. Many people would say that golden aura has a particular symbolic meaning and explanation, others would disagree and claim that it actually has a different meaning and other explanations. It is a phenomena that has been brought up with various concepts, everyone present their personal opinions. What I can tell, your beliefs and points of views about your aura colors are the most important meanings and explanations.
Read about it, learn about different concepts, points of views, meanings and explanations of different aura colors. But you will see that there are different points of views, nobody says that any of them is the right one or the false one. I'd advise you to follow the concept and idea you believe in.

I'd like to hear other ideas about this phenomena...

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Re: Aura Meaning
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Personally, I feel that the color gold represents the God, solar energy, physical strength, success, healing, intuition, divination and good fortune. As an aura color, I would say most of the above attributes still apply. But, that is simply my own personal opinion.
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