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Can a catholic be Wiccan

Forums ► Wicca ► Can a catholic be Wiccan
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Can a catholic be Wiccan
Post # 1
Can a catholic be a Wiccan ? If so how so?
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Re: Can a catholic be Wiccan
Post # 2
I would think not as the two religions contradict each other. A Catholic can however use magic if they choose.
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Re: Can a catholic be Wiccan
By: / Novice
Post # 3
yes and no. you can be a catholic witch, but being a catholic wicca is similar to saying 'christian jew' it's possible to combine aspects of the two religions but they have some contradicting beliefs.

you can cast spells but still be a practicing catholic. and yes, there are catholic wiccans, but personally, you can be wiccan or catholic. there are plenty of christian wiccans, here's a link to the coven on the site http://www.spellsofmagic.com/coven.html?coven=147
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Re: Can a catholic be Wiccan
Post # 4

I will present my personal point of view about this particular subject.
I must say that using the term "catholic wiccan" is wrong and should not be used. As Pagan said one has only one religion, and saying that you follow both of the religions isn't the rightthing to do.
Wicca is a specific religion, if you join it you are wiccan. Christianity is a specific religion as well. If you follow this religion you are only Christian.
However, you can always have several tendencies that are taken from anther religion. Everyone canfollow a specific religion but can have some tendencies that are seen in other religions.
But this does not mean that you follow both of the religions, it only means that you have a specific religion but have tendencies from another one.
If you are catholic, you can have wiccan tendencies but you are still considered to be catholic.
If you are wiccan, you can have catholic tendencies but you are still considered to be wiccan.
Simply, this is your life to control so you can adopt tendencies from other religions and add them to your current religion. But combination of two religions is not really fully done.
You have to follow a specific religion you want, and if you do not like the current one - you can choose another one. As I said one can always adopt tendencies, if they want to follow their current religion and not to choose a new one.
As for witchcraft, the term is given to people who practice and perform any form of magic. Not only to wiccan.
So simply do what you will, this is your life to control.

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Re: Can a catholic be Wic
Post # 5
simply no.
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Re: Can a catholic be Wiccan
Post # 6
Yes!!!! You can hun, I'm Trinitarian Wiccan (AKA Christian wiccan's but I dnt like that term as I'm not Christian!!) we have no conflicts with the bible as we are wiccan celebrate all Sabbaths'/full moons etc. we practise magick & rituals while We continue on the path with Jesus/holy sprit etc. We worship a God & a Goddess. My high priestess is also from a Catholic back ground) and she worships the Goddess Mary of Bethlehem (aka the holy mother) as her Goddess like your honour Mary & Jesus as a catholic. For me it's the goddess Sophia (the triple moon Goddess/Goddess of wisdom/the holy spirit)let me put it straight the bible is man made so can not be taken as 100% fact! (it was written by man) Have you noticed how Mathew. mark, Luke & John are the same but slightly different??..........Yes man wrote them Jesus never even wrote a book, did he, so we don't have a direct transcript from him. The bible was deliberately translated after the 1600's to say witchcraft was forbidden. I suggest you join the coven I'm in Christian Wiccan's and your see you can hun, if you want to know more it's a suggestion. Anyway Blessed be x
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Re: Can a catholic be Wiccan
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
In my opinion based on 30 years experience as a Wiccan, one cannot be both Christian and Wiccan. The two religions have very, very different core beliefs and trying to put the two together results in violating the beliefs of both. This has nothing to do with the Christian view on the practice of magic, but rather on the theological core of the two religions.

Instead of trying to force together belief systems that are hostile to each other, why not look into something that is better suited to the beliefs that you hold as a Catholic. There are some sects of Catholicism that view the Virgin Mary as divine and to be worshiped alongside the trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blessed_Virgin_Mary_%28Roman_Catholic%29

Or if it's not the religion that calls to you but rather the magic, then be Witch rather than Wiccan. Witchcraft is at its heart simply a system of magic that can be practiced by someone of any faith or no faith at all.

You will find, it you say to a Wiccan that you are a "Christian Wiccan" or a "Trinitarian Wiccan" that you will find yourself ridiculed at best. Most Wiccans consider someone who tries to be both religions as someone who is hedging their bets because they want to be Wiccan but they cannot let go of their fears of Divine punishment left over from their Christian upbringing.
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Re: Can a catholic be Wiccan
Post # 8
Given everything that Catholicism took from the Pagan religions, we have a saying in my coven- Bad Catholics make the BEST Witches.

If you look into history you will begin to realize just how Pagan Catholics really are- they just don't realize it. For example: Christmas. The Christian Jesus was born sometime in Spring during the tax season (the reason they were on the road). Yule, the birth of the Pagan God (stories vary from group to group) takes place on or around December 25. The Church adopted that day for it's own celebration to convert more of those hellish pagans running around out there in the country sides. This is why you have so many non-christian symbols associated with holidays like Easter Sunday (Originally called Eoaster or Ostara in favor of a Pagan Goddess). The eggs and bunnies are age-old fertility symbols. And yet... today Easter is one of the most sacred of Christian holidays.... makes one wonder a bit.
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Re: Can a catholic be Wiccan
By: / Beginner
Post # 9

I believe in both beliefs, but I don't like organized religion because it's been corrupted over the years. If you believe in both, go to this site:


It sells books on those who question themselves about believing in both Christianity and Paganism, along with spellcrafts. If you want, you can look the items up, write them down, and search for them at your local bookstore.

When it comes to beliefs, I am not biased or bigoted. I don't try to shove mine down people's throats or tell people what is right or wrong because I know how irritating it can be and in all honesty, all religions aren't right nor wrong. In the Pagan community, the most controversial discussion to have is for someone to believe in God and believe in witchcraft at the same time, and it's not just in the Pagan community, but in the Christianity as well.

Just follow yourself and if you want, you can take what everyone says into consideration or not. Having your own beliefs and morals is meant to live your life with content.

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Re: Can a catholic be Wiccan
By: / Beginner
Post # 10
I was brought up a christian, but only went to church when i have too, i never truly felt right being a christian,i never wanted to be one and i always felt so weird listening to the bible, but when i heard the name wicca something clicked and i had to cheak it out, and i learned all abot it and i truly love it,am i able to change my religion from catholic to wiccan? I love everything about wicca's and i really hope i can......
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