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Santeria 1

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Santeria 1
Post # 1
so im pretty sure many people are like what the heck is Santeria well. Santeria is the worship of saint. now this religion goes back to afreica where its called YURUBA now there are many version of Santeros. from mayumberos to paleros. but now that I am blessed with the ability to teach from my bablaow I well start posting rituals and others things about my religion / practice as u like to look at it. the first is the summoning or gathering of guardian angels

when u have a chance gather a bunch of flowers of many colors find the oldest tomb u can find but this is important it most be abandoned meaning no one has gone there in ages. now u set the flower thereand take 3 steps back and say
"the whole world has forgotten u but not me" n ur new guardian well follow u

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Re: Santeria 1
Post # 2
isn't that santeria is the working with baba-elegua and the orishas? from what i know of its history, christianity have influenced this santeria.. in order for the santerians not to be condemned by the catholic authorities-because that time christianity have used its religion to conquer africa, they've hide the orishas in the form of the saints so that catholic authorities will be deceive not knowing that the santerians are actually worshiping the orishas and not the saints..

entering bab-elegua:
no orishas will be contacted if you won't go with baba-elegua first.. baba-elegua is the opener of the gates to the orishas and in order for a santerian to work with an orisha, he should first give offerings and please baba-elegua..

like voodoo and quimbanda, santeria is mediumistic in approach with the orishas.. in order for them to summon an orisha a medium is needed to become a vessel for the orisha..

this is just my own experiences with santeria.. i am not against the maker of this thread.. i just want to clarify things out..

namaste.. ;)
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Re: Santeria 1
Post # 3
thanks for helping n I know the history myself very we'll u see im a bablaow within my "church" now I am only posting parts of the religion on acount that I know that alot of the rituals and conjuring s should not be attempted by people out side or alone with out any help. so I'm just teaching the simpler ones that are justaz effective but less demanding on a person. but still thanks
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Re: Santeria 1
Post # 4
I am also in the Santeria religeon and have a great house here in San Diego, I like to inform people because its so misunderstood. I use spirits to help people all the time and would never use them for dark magic or to harm.
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Re: Santeria 1
Post # 5
When you do the ritual is that it or do you go back every so often
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Re: Santeria 1
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
One small correction here. Santeria is NOT called Yoruba in Africa. The Yoruba tribe from West Africa was one from which many slaves were brought to the New World and the slaves brought their religious beliefs with them. These African religious beliefs were later blended with Catholicism and the combination, depending on where you were and the specific blend because one of the African diasporic religions such as Voudoun, Santeria, Candomble,etc. There is a very complete list of the various religions at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Afro-American_religion

The original religion of the Yoruba tribe did not include any sort of Christian imagery nor veneration of Saints.

Santeria does not truly worship the Christian Saints. Rather it is a religion which is based on the worship of the Orishas who rule over nature and the works of humans. When the slaves sought to hide their worship of such powers from their Christian masters they did so by calling them by the names of Christian Saints so that their practices were disguised. So while one might have a statue of Saint Barbara on the altar, the being actually worshiped there is not Saint Barbara but rather the male Orisha, Chango.

There is a wonderful and accurate site on Santeria at http://www.orishanet.org/articles.html
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