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I am new...

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I am new...
Post # 1
Could someone help me? I would greatly appreciate it if someone would give me a beginners guide or something... I know nothing about Magick and how it works... Also i need to know if this works 100%... i dont want to be wasting my time...
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Re: I am new...
Post # 2
Is there any spells you request me to do first or items to gather? I heard you need to meditate also before you use magick... please help me :P
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Re: I am new...
By: / Novice
Post # 3
magic is energy. when one casts a spell they are drawing in that energy and focusing it to help them achieve something. magic, however, will not work if after you cast you sit back and wait for change.

if you cast a job spell, you need to pass out a few resume's. magic will make things happen for you sooner than if you didn't cast and sometimes it might never of happened if you didn't.

magic does have limitations, any impossibilities such as flying, invisibility, transformation, won't work. magic is a belief and without 100% believe it won't work for you. i'm a logical person myself, so i can always argue both sides. but at the end of the day, if i desperately need a little something extra, i cast, and it something always happens within the next couple days.

if you don't believe in magic, that's fine, i have a friend who doesn't. it doesn't make you not a wiccan, or whatever you believe, you just don't cast spells. magic is everywhere though, it's a neutral force that doesn't do too much unless we send it to do something.

magic will fail if you don't believe in it, but also if you're casting for fun or to show off, or just because you want to prove yourself. cast a spell that will help you. back to the earlier example, casting a job spell when you've been out of work for months, have passed out hundreds of applications, done callbacks, and have gotten nowhere. you cast with a desperation, a need for the spell to work because there is no other option. this fire is what will make the spell strong and make it work.

hope i explained it to you a bit lol. why don't you want to 'waste your time'? if you're here for some spiritual reason, you don't need to do magic, if you're here to use magic as a way to intimidate others, you can curse/hex people, but it can come back to bite you if that's the only reason why you wish to learn.
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Re: I am new...
Post # 4
I am just interested and want to know how to do new things :D
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Re: I am new...
Post # 5

I think i can offer you some assistence..

Well let us clear something up first . You may notice some terms that include

-Black Magick

-Grey Magick

-White Magick

Magick have no color and they are just used to symbolize the intent so for example , asking people to teach you a specific one of them is rather unintelligent so to speak as so long as you can cast , you can pretty much can work with all of them.

Also , take note that tag words in front of magick like Weather Magick , Force Magick are unneccasary and annoying to some , those are not really a proper classification , and exist because simply the world is full of useless classifications

To start you off , here are several topics that gives you a good foundation in your study

-Astral Projection
-Casting a Circle
-Chakra Work
-Raising,Directing , Balancing and sending energy
-Working with dieties
-Desire and Will
-Grounding , Centreing and Shielding
-Energy Maniuplation
-Charging and Empowering
-Different states of consiousness

Anyway , though some may find my list abit excessive , it provides a good foundation for your study and is worthwhile to learn them. Also , if you study them , learn them in detail , do not be like certain members of the site , where just google for a term or ask about them in the chatter , get un indepth answers with little explanation and believe that they have suffiecent knowledge , some of the topics listed are rather large topics so to speak

Magick is most commonly subdivided to two forms , one is Low Magick and the other is High Magick . Google the terms to understand them

Here are several good books to start you off for high Magick

-Modern Magick

-Introduction to Hermatics

As for low magick , I cannot recoommend much about it as i am not much of a adept at it.

Sorry for the long post , in a writing mood today

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