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bad luck ???

Forums ► Welcome ► bad luck ???
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bad luck ???
Post # 1
i need a teacher in bad luck or misfortune...
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Re: bad luck ???
Post # 2
Bad luck/Misfortune is not a type of magic. Its a catagory of Black magic. Its not very Wise to use those spells b/c they backfire easly, and fail easly. if your a begginer this is a bad decision to use that magic. But if you do use those spells make your own chant, And find ways to improve the spell. If you do that it will lower faliure rate.
Blessed Be
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Re: bad luck ???
Post # 3
Bad luck/misofrtune is a type of magick that some one could focas there study on. But those types of spells, as Naurto999 said, seem to be more prone to backfire. But Im sure that there are people who are good it and avoid backfire well enough. Im sorry i cant help you with learning this type of magick but I hope you find a good teacher.
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Re: bad luck ???
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Bad luck is a mild curse, also known as a hex or jinx. Its commonly associated with the evil eye, meaning a dirty look with negative thoughts done by anyone. Those who practice magick obviously can produce a stronger effect. The simplest amulet or protection can reflect or defend against it. These are the most common to "backfire" not because of any rules or karma but because amulets and symbols people commonly wear protect against it, which means throwing these curses can reflect back onto you if you yourself do not have a protection to prevent it. This is why negative, judging people tend to have the worst luck and sustain a negative viewpoint on life. They throw a lot of negativity around when its thrown at the wrong person, it whips back at them, causing them the misery they desired for others.
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Re: bad luck ???
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
But I don't teach, so don't pm me asking. And I definitely won't teach that.

It isn't "fun" nor will it make you feel proud. Many people abuse cursing others, and the danger comes when the curser gets so used to doing it, that it becomes their first reaction without thinking. Cursing can become addicting and habitual. A dirty look, a single negative thought, with a bit of emotion, all mixed up and projected. It can happen in a split second, and then when your common sense kicks in, you realize you just hurt someone you care about. Regret won't end the curse thrown either. And you can't just bust into full ritual to end it on the spot. Whatever happens, happens, and its your fault. You've been warned.
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Re: bad luck ???
Post # 6
Well said, WhiteRav3n. I can attest to what you just said, but it being me, the one projecting. I have the worst evil eye, in my opinion, other than this other friend of mine, and I have premonitions about this, before they even happen. I can sort of guess what will become, it is like a second guess, but it naturally slips my mind, because the only time that I do think and regret what possibly may become, is after I cool my emotions, but the reason why I choose to forget about it shortly after, is because it is very regretful. I repeat that, "It is very regretful." I often find myself, thinking twice before I get mad at my loved ones, or while I am getting upset, because of that premonition-like fear that I may hurt them. They are like clairsenstient-clairvoyant things.

What's that saying. . . I heard it from a seer once. Its subjective as much as it is objective. That wasn't it though. We live everyday in a mind set, that amounts to our belief pattern, or what one could call, "an outlook." I think what this may be called is, darma. Yes, darma. If you start to have a negative outlook on life, chances are that you may attract negative things, and just dwelling on negative matters doesn't help one bit with one's 'darma.' (the flow of things). When we want to do harm to someone, that totally changes our heart's intention, in all aspects towards the people around us. What lives in the heart, generally is naturally expressed through our actions and in our thoughts. What we think and feel resonates outwardly, naturally. What makes you laugh, what makes you sad; people see and notice these things. Sometimes people just naturally pick up on a person. It is kind of like how we choose to let things go or keep hold of them. One of the best things a shaman told me was, "Just let it go. . . !"

Then again, there are just some things we have to experience. Like that saying, "If you had to ask, then you couldn't afford it." It is kind of how like law enforcement officers are sprayed with mace, before they are allowed to use and carry it. If I were to hear one of aunties right now, she would tell me to live it up and get it out of my system. Certainly, in a sense, one reaps what they sow, in this context. You get what see; you see what you get. Like what you see; don't soon to regret. Life's full of fables, yet time eventually turns the tables. What goes around comes around, then goes back down, but it is our choice to dwell on a matter. Truly, "Just let things go."

I will say, that I've noticed that better things do come, after the storm. There are times that I will be so tempted to put a curse on someone, but my higher-self tells me to wait, and when I do listen, I truly see that 'times' do pass, and the best does come. Again it is how we resonate and whether or not we choose to let things go, but that is my experience on the matter. I would say, if you have to think more than three times about a matter, get it out of your system. Something about the number three meaning travel, change and the beginning to crystallization, in my mind.

By the wording of what you demanded, fireblood10, I think you just found council on what you've asked for, but fortune was the outcome. Well, not totally, because intuitively speaking, if one were to understand what misfortune or bad luck is like, then they are naturally honed to sense and see destruction; thus, in a sense, it is kind of attracted, or one puts it upon him or herself. It is like that saying about the number 13, that those who understand the meaning and it's power, then will hone the power of 13. What I really meant to say is that a boyfriend who cheats on his girlfriend, naturally suspects that his girlfriend is always cheating on him, when she is actually not. I think the golden rule is that, people naturally press their 'issues' upon themselves. Think about it.
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Re: bad luck ???
By: / Novice
Post # 7
if you're new, i wouldn't dive right in and start casting them. learn how to charge/ground energy, cast a circle, and shield to protect yourself and make sure your spells will work, before casting. a very simple one would be take a black candle, maybe carve the name of the person into the candle, and light it. you need to know the basics before doing it to be safe and for it to work of course. i know some 'black magic' users on this site, but most i haven't seen in a while, and my other friend is busy studying himself so i don't think he's taking on students. my advise would be to study, look up some articles, find some websites or books, if you need help finding any let me know, but i'm no expert on the subject, just know enough to use it if needed.
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Re: bad luck ???
Post # 8

Bad luck and misfortune are normal feelings. The universe treats us the same way we treat others. Karma. If you have bad luck go cleanse yourself.

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