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Energy manipulations!!!

Forums ► General Info ► Energy manipulations!!!
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Energy manipulations!!!
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Hey guys, making another article here, my last one was about Spirits and all, this one will be about Energy Manipulation!
If to be honest , this is one of my favorite topics.

Energy practice :
the point of the practicing at this is for you to learn to recieve and direct & send the energy back and forth. you are using your physical body to direct the energy itself. This psychic energy or psi energy as its usually called , is not visible to the human eye (mostly)but it is felt both to sender and reciever of that energy. In this case, you need first to gather a good amount of psi energy and direct it in the right way so that it may be perceived to the other person.

To the one who the energy is sent to you must to allow yourself to accept the other person's energy. Your frame of mind is very important and the intent should be to receive the energy. Be sure that you have fully relaxed all parts of your body and have taken a mental stock in all your physical ailments and emotions so that you are not confused by sensations like muscular tension or blood flow. You will be experiencing a gentle sensation in your hand as the other person sends the energy to you. Everyone perceives differently,mostly at first time and its not uncommon for one person to feel cold and someone else to feel warm.some may also feel alittle headache,preasure, or just alittle tinkle once the energy is sent to them.
of course with alot of practice and training, the energy will be sent faster and recieved easily and directly to the point.

Before you send the energy you must first accumulate energy to have a ready supply on hand and that it be strong enough to be felt by the person you are sending it to.Remember that to visualize means to re-create the experience in as many senses as you possible to you. This means to see the light, feel it blinding you, feel the light, Now absorb all this light/energy into yourself and all parts of your body. You can imagine you are a sponge or even a magnet pulling everything in. Make it all go into a tight compact ball in your abdomen. When you feel you cannot make it grow any bigger, begin to make it glow more intensely.

Now feel the energy traveling up thru your chest to your dominant arm and down into your hand where it pools and builds up. Do not move this energy outside of yourself until you are completely ready!,
Maintain this flow of energy for several seconds until the other person clearly and directly receives the energy you sent.

Some wonder how it is possible to send energy to someone away from you, or even by internet, well let me tell you, it is possible.
Gather some energy and send to the other person you want, how it is done!? simply. it is suggested that you focus on the nick name and visualize your energy going to that person, and no, you do not have to know what that person is looking like, only that you know your energy is strongly sent. If you need a little more help, you can visualize the shape of a person, the features do not matter as long as you tell to yourself that the person you visualize is the nickname of that person that recieves the energy you send.

*This such vizualision also helps me in healing , when i want to send healing energy or just heal someone this is what i do, imagine somone i need to heal and the point where the pain is, and that's one thing, but, when the person is near me i just put my hand on the place where it hurts, and do the same thing, but this is healing, we are talking about a slightly different thing*.

You may become tired after a short time. Stop and rest, as you can strain your self psychically just like straining a muscle.If you push yourself too hard and too fast, it will result in slowing your progress. but remember, if you want good results you , just dont over practice or practice too little, take your time.

well, now, another thing i would like to add is how to take energy of another person, yes yes, taking it,
some do not like this term, but, ah.. i believe if you really want to learn something about a topic, learn it all. haha

How to take energy from any source (nature or person or anything else out there):

Ok, the way is just the same as sending it, thou, only you need to vizualise that you are "taking" it from someone or something, "see" the energy going from the person to you, of course a thing to keep in mind is that for every person the emount of energy is different,
Person A-has small amount of energy
Person B- big amount of energy

let's say, person B take some energy from Person A , since A' has small amount, B' wont feel it, and take alot of energy from A

If B' gives A' an amount of his energy, for B' this amount will be small, yet for A it will seem as a huge amount

Trust me, saying this from an experience of giving energy and taking lol..

My next lessonarticle will be about psychic attacks and shieldings!

Hope i helped you guys!!!

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Re: Energy manipulations!!!
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
"Remember that to visualize means to re-create the experience in as many senses as possible to you."

I loved that you mentioned this. Too many newbies think visualization just means "seeing" and when we say "see" we mean "experience".

Good article. I would, however, suggest cleansing oneself before sending energy to someone. Think of it as spiritual good hygene.

Some people find it easier to focus on the distance/space between them, their energy and the person they're directing it to, instead of sending it off or drawing it in like a homing missle. Obviously with absorbing, you would target the energy and then focus on the space between you and the energy getting smaller until there is no space between you. With casting energy, it would be the reverse. You would focus on the space between you and the energy getting larger YET the space between the energy and the target gets smaller. If it is done this way, it is important to be grounded and centered. Otherwise, instead of the energy traveling, focusing on distance may cause you to travel instead. Nothing wrong with that, but it is an entirely different technique =)

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Re: Energy manipulations!!!
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Thank you for sharing this another way fo doing it

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