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Forums ► Misc Topics ► killing?
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Post # 1
um... well i know magic has repercussions and ive actually got a friend who does magic to some extent... ive always loved magic but i cant bring myself to try the non-phycological ones because im scared that "karma" will come back and actually cause some one i care about to suffer since that would be the worst way to make me suffer.
i was wondering if any one has had it happened or if it could happen to my family/friends if i tried. ive heard about a woman who wanted an apartment and cast a spell and it caused the man owning it to die... then she died after she got the place. i dont know if thats complete B.S. or not =/

obviously if im asking this its about my wanting to hurt some one else. equivalent exchange and all that jazz.
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Re: killing?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from General Info.
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Re: killing?
Post # 3
Magic is dangerous in itself.
You can enter the astral plane and did not return. And you can lose a magical duel and end up in hospital.
And you can not cope with the power of their own and become the master of her in her slave.
And magic is dangerous by the fact that on any magical effect is inevitable and not always predictable response. Kickback is the stronger, the riskier the magical effect, and thus for the magician to be a ruthless response.
Any person engaged in magic, making this step is not just so, and, pursuing a very specific purpose - usually it is something that he could not be achieved by conventional ways of moving people.
All novice magicians tend to get all the same as the ordinary people, money, love, personal power, power, recognition or status in society.
And to achieve the goal are ready for anything to work and brought what they want.
But to enter into the world with their old views can not be a magician. This leads to errors.
And this situation, and creates the effect of the reverse shock.
All psychological complexes, unresolved issues, create a situation where having magical powers adept, doing magic, gets backlash with his own power.
With the fulfillment of his actions consciously desired by other parts of his personality, the magician at the same time, or giving other teams beyond the control of consciousness. The magician may subconsciously want one, and ask for another, but it will be done, only the most treasured desire! The magician goes into the small world, appealing for help to the truly powerful forces, making mistakes and the consequences can be extremely difficult.
And the main reason for "Reckoning" - a lack of harmony of the individual worshiper state and internal integrity. This is an internal state can be divided into the main phase.
This influence of the existing mechanism of perception.
And this is not always correct interpretation of the events of cause-effect chain. Therefore, any adverse external effects on man may be perceived as the latest "payback" for "bad" or even just the act of thinking about it.
Also, the reverse shock may be due to internal contradictions of personality. This causes the simultaneous implementation of conflicting desires.
Yet the reverse shock may be due to effects of the influence of society on the individual. This provokes a constant internal struggle between the desires of the magician, and as amended from outside the prohibitions and restrictions.
How do you understand all the causes of "retribution" is purely psychological, not magic.
And get rid of these reasons it is possible and without the use of magic.
We need regular psychological counseling.
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Re: killing?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
"do you understand all the causes of "retribution" is purely psychological, not magic"

RedMercury...I would hug you for this if I could. Yes! Finally someone else here sees it this way.

You could also consider that through extreme worry and fear over such retribution, the caster could in fact manifest their own worries and fears due to intensely focusing on them. This can cause a snowball effect. As they see their fears manifest, it falsely validates these fears, making them even stronger. This causes a vicious cycle of negativity.

Regardless, its self-created and self-inflicted.

However cause and effect is very real and should always be carefully considered. But its all in HOW you approach a situation with magick, not that you choose to do magick for it or not. The ways in which to approach a problem/situation is only limited to the knowledge and creativity of the caster. With experience and knowledge, the magick practioner develops the ability to deduce what the best choice of action (or non-action) is.
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Re: killing?
Post # 5
Following the "Universal Rule", you can only harm/kill someone with magic, if they truly deserve it ( ie . a murderer ).

If your "target", truly does not deserve to be harmed/killed, then the spell will affect the caster.

Either way, it takes a -lot- of energy and emotion. Even more so, if you were not the original victim.
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