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Post # 1
When I first started going on this forum a couple of months ago there were amazing and informative posts. I am a huge fan of Red Mercury and Marfa, these Russian witches are knowledgeable in the extreme. I now go on and look at the new posts, Hey I'm New, What is a reliable Vampire spell, Love Spells are bad don't do them!, I had a dream etc. Other websites are so much more informative. Whoever the Moderators are there is very little information about magic on here anymore. Just my opinion.
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Re: Downhill
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Comments from General Info.
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Re: Downhill
Post # 3

There will always be times when the site will become over run by a lot of seemingly repetitive questions, as well as fluff and non sense. This happens more often during the summer season when a lot of youngsters, are out of school, and in their free time they spend their time here, posting and constantly asking questions, some of it may be fluffy, but the majority of it just seems frustrating and exhausting especially to the more experienced members. I can't tell you how many times I see a lot of the older and more experienced members, myself included, chat in the public chatter or explore the forums, and literally have a breakdown because they become overwhelmed or exhausted by trying to teach or help younger less experienced people who act like they deserve to be spoon fed information and knowledge and expect to be casting spells and doing advanced work, without giving a care to the basics or respect for the people trying to teach and help them.

Over time, many of the experienced members will loose interest and shy away from chatting or posting; or they give up entirely. This situation and phenomena can not be avoided, controlled, or stopped no matter how hard the moderators or any of us try. The only thing we can do, at least those patient and willing enough, is keep trying to help, and post useful, informative, and meaningful posts. The site is not yet completely void of common sense, logic, and decent members who try to help and post decent works. So my best suggestion for you, Black, is to try to help out when you can, post useful and relevant information, and do the effort and work, at least try to help yourself, before expecting others to help. This advice can be said for many people, if they are willing to listen, understand, and so on. I can't tell people this too often: Remember these three words; Patience, Effort, and Discipline!

Green Blessings,


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Re: Downhill
Post # 4
Simple as can be, if you don't like it here or you think you can't learn anything here then delete your account and leave.
We don't owe you long posts trying to think of excuses for members not taking magic seriously or how you should be patient and give things a chance. If you don't want to take the time to actually read the good stuff then we can't help you, sorry.
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Re: Downhill
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
Here plenty useful posts,just do the search. People who tend to complain are lazy and lwish to get knowledge on a silver plate.Knowledge doesn't come easily, you need to search for it
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Re: Downhill
Post # 6
I couldn't agree with Demyan more.

If you don't like it here, simply press the 'X' button in the top right of your screen. Although many members do take the time out to write informative posts, they don't have to. Personally, I think people should be a little more grateful to those who really do try; especially when it comes to correcting the misinformed.

Fluff is always going to be here. It's not our fault, and it would be difficult for the moderators to gag every single one.

If the 'other websites' you speak of are more informative, nothing is stopping you from going there.
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Re: Downhill
Post # 7
and what website's would these be? Are they forums our just articles. There is alot of fluff here but they are not consistant members and fade away. Yea they will always spring back up but is it hard to just ignore them?
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Re: Downhill
Post # 8
I agree, there is just so much that i want to learn, but the site just isn't giving enough answers at the moment :( Oh well.
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Re: Downhill
Post # 9
I have observed this thread and I must agree with every word which was said by Othala and Demyan.
You are not tied to this site and nobody here forces you to stay here or be a member of this site. Do what you will. If you wish to handle the fluffs, role players and trolls - do it, it will be even helpful and respectful to the serious and experienced members of this site. You will also help beginners and newbies to learn and gain more knowledge. You will also help this site to develop itself and become better. If you will choose to stay and to handle all of the fluffs and trolls you might help us make the situation better so the site would match your interests and ambitions which are the reason you have made this forum thread for all of us.
You can also choose to give up, leave the site, delete yourself or just not take it seriously and stop being as active s you have always been. I can understand that it might be extremely frustrating to see members who do not take your loved website seriously, harm it and its members. Also the misguidance and the wrong information here can make a serious magic practitioner to be offended because we all take our practices and path seriously. Lets not forget the innocent beginners and newbie members who came here to study but get wrong information and misguidance instead of gaining knowledge and getting informed. It also leads them to wrong directions as well. So your statement and concerns are totally understandable and nobody really blames you for being concerned, frustrated and angry with the people who come here out of bad intentions.
But as people told you, if you wish not to handle with it and get over it - you are free to will and follow your heart and feelings.

But the things is that i do not really like to see people complaining in the public about subjects which are already well known although the best thing they can do to actually help is not to complain and just to be calm and to try to help and fix the wrong information and misguidance.
Complaining makes the situation only worse. As you know, the role players and fluff bunnies' intentions are to harm the site and to make it less qualified. By complaining about it and saying that this site is not qualified anymore you just tell them that they have achieved what the wanted and managed to harm the site and make it less qualified. By talking you just make a bigger noise and also cause worse things and troubles. Being silent and not complaining is actually a good thing to do to help our community. As you know, if people do not feel that they have achieved what the wanted and managed to make their ambitions to come true - they just give up and move on.
Perhaps if we would not complain so much the situation would be much better, don't you think?
You can help us with not complaining too much, as I have said.
As you know, all of the bad things have a good side. Please try to be positive and see the better side of the current situation, because it is very hard to miss it:
We have knowledgeable and experienced members who can help.
We are a big community of magic practitioners.
We still have hope!

Misguidance, wrong information and fluffs can always be corrected if you do your best, be positive and look at the better side of all of the things here.

Enjoy! :)
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