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The Evil Eye
By: Moderator / Adept
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What is Evil Eye ?

Evil eye is technique that projects negative energy toward the victum that has been overlooked or overpraised .This energy once bestowed then develops in some sort of sickness or discomfort within the the victum .The projection of the energy is done through gaze of the eyes as in same time words of prise are said .

Popular folklor names about it are :

-uruki or losho oko (Bulgarian folklore )
-Ayn Ha'ra (Hebrew )
-mal occhio (Italy )
-mal ojo (Spanish )
-bla band (Farsi )
-buri Nazar (Hindu)
-mati (Greece )
-Isabat al-?ayn(Islam )

Where this belief can be found ?
This belief is presented in Eastern Europe ,South Europe (Greece ,Italy and Turkey ).West and East Africa ,Middle East (Islamic countries it is mentioned in Islam and their holly book ),Central America (Mexico and particularly users of santeria share this belief ),South Asia (India and the followers of hinduism ),some parts of Europe (where celtic believe system is presented ) and Some parts of Americas (brought by the Europeans and colonists ).

How does it work ?

Now i am going to explain how it works accorning my own believes and understanding .Please bear in mind that if that does not matches your own belief that is not my burden to bear .

First of all there is common belief all around the world that the eyes are window of the soul .We express our emotions through our eyes ( crying and laugphing ).Also eyes are affected and change when we go in trance or when we sleep (they move rapidly in REM Phase of the dream ).So eyes are connected with our emotions ,our states of mind (awake and asleep cycle and changing status of conscious or subconscious ) and i believe they are also related with projecting of energy through focus .
In body langauge if you are open with someone you will look him in the eye of not you will not ,to me it has to do with the fear of being cought in lie .
So we able to project our emotions through our eyes (emotions are also form of energy or related with energy flow if you wish ).
However lets not forget that not all human emotions are good or kind .When we talk about evil eye we relate that with projecting or overlooking someone's(something ) beauty in way that has to do with jelousy .Not all people prise you with good intention or out of good heart .Some people prise things and in same time they are jelous and envious about this .So not everyone that say compliments is wishing you good or causing you good .They say good words and in same time they project jelousy and envy on you or your child so to speak . In magic intend counts more than words spoken !

Is this technique performed intentionally or not intentionally ?
In most cultures it is believed that people cause it unknowingly and even unwillingly ,simply because they are not aware how they project energy and emotions in bad way and some are not even fully aware that they are envious and jelous .
Only in Italy and and Sicily is belived that jettatore (weilder of the evil gaze )is doing that with intend .
My personal belief is that everyone that is aware of energy manipulation and projection can bestow that on you willingly or even not willingly if driven by his/hers shadow self .As i mentioned emotions are form of energy and not everyone is aware of his/hers emotions all the time (even advanced practicioners may loose control over the process ).

Who is belived to be able to give you the "evil eye "?
Traditionally is believed that people that have blue or green eyes are the most probable users if the gaze .Oftan the user is female .As we know females are more emotional gender and they also have more intuition ,but male also can perform in this particular field .Female aslo have habit to talk more and praise things more .As we know elderly people love to gossip and really to know everything happening ,they also have more free time to check what is going on in the neighbourhood .However young women that are jelous or women that do not have children are also prone to be jelous of child's beauty .
So most possible users are :
jelous and evious people in nature that have blue or green eyes .More often elderly females .Childless women .People that are born with the natural ability to strongly project emotions and energy and are unware(aware ) of their doings .

Who are the most common victums ?
Babies that are very cute and beautiful are in most danger .Also toddles and small chidlren that are "very cute and sweet ",so people stop by and keep praising the child staring and gazing in the child .
As we know kids are near to the source energetically they are very sensitive and their immune system is still about to become strong .So they will be affected most badly from the "evil eye ".
Also in risk are nursing mothers ,fruiting trees and dairy animals .
Fathers and sons (fathers beacuse have male child that is handsome ).Adult males that are also handsome or maidens thay are envied for their natural beauty .

How and why victums are affected ?
Evil eye cause not suprisingly lost of liquids in most part ,but it also can cause impotency and some form of sickness .
Human body consist mainly in water ,but water is receptive element it can be charged and it can inprint energy .
So when this evil eye is projected on us in form of negative energy the body naturally will try to get rid of it by loosing water . That will go either through sweat and tears either through urination .All body fluids that we discharge contain salt and salt has cleansing and banishing properties .
Babies and infant will start sweating ,having fever to loose liquid or will have diarrhea .Also they may cry a lot (water loss through tears )and simply become weak and sick ,restless .
Adult man can loose potency and can get headaches and dizziness ,same goes for maidens .Nursing mothers can loose their milk ,same goes for dairy animals .As for the fruit trees they simply will loose the crop .

In next thread i will explain how we can reverse ,protect and cleanse ourselves and our children and properties from the "evil eye " .Also techniques of how we can test if this nasty headache we got has to do with the granny that just gave us weird stare ten minutes ago .

Please, do not understimate the power of negative human emotions projected on you and your children .As the Holy Book says "the human eye is never full " .What is ment by that is fact that people are always envious for all that you have and they do not that can be wife ,child ,tree ,house ,beauty and intelligence and so on .And please keep in mind i did not write this thread to create air of panic and make people freak out every time that someone gave them "the stare" .I am trying to raise awareness that things that sounds nice may have not so good intention behind .
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Re: The Evil Eye
By: / Novice
Post # 2
A lovely post Arte thank you.
As many know or dont i am from Greece. Here we have th evil eye too as a traditional belief. We call it either "mati" as Arte said or "to kako mati" which is literal translation of the evil eye.
The eye color of the person that "gives" the evil eye here in Greece is of no importance even though it is said that the evil eye from a blue eyed person is ten time worse than from a person with any other kind of eye color.
Here they believe that "the evil eye" can bring jinx to a person and a bad headache. There is a saying here in Greece for a person that is unlucky during a day then he will be asked "wow who gave you the evil eye?" The evil eye is considered a traditional belief here in Greece and is not viewed as magick. Even christians here believe in it and people that dont believe in magick at all. Though as Arte said the evil eye is like a curse that comes from the negative energy of a person when that person is overflowed with jealousy and negative feelings.
A person of every age can be affected by the evil eye but people here are most worried about the babies.
They dont let the baby leave the house for the first 40 days and when the 40 days pass they take the babies to a church and a priest blesses them so they wont be affected by evil in generally and the evil eye.(please keep in mind that christianity is Greece's main religion and i mean no offense in what i am saying). Also parents tend to avoid accepting invitations of family members or even friends that are known for their jealousy so the child wont be affected by the evil eye. Or else the child will be grumpy and cry a lot. And in some occasions even get sick.
This is an amazing post Arte that is saying how magick interferes with our daily life and many diferent people's traditions without them even realising it. Thank you again for posting this.
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Re: The Evil Eye
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Soulgray no need to thank me ,because you are one of the reasons i got inspired to do it .So i need to thank you .
I am so glad that you shared your traditional and cultural point of view ,being a member of the culture that has this belief too .
Undeed uroki as we call it can also cause bad luck if the process is going for long time or person that had natural strong ability to inflicte it came across your way .Thanks for mentioning that it slipped out of my mind .
Indeed as i mentioned everyone can give you the evil eye, but there are people more prone naturaly to cause this effect and people that can actually do it intentionaly as long as they can relate energy projection with expressing emotions (envy and jelousy in the case ) with the with will or intend to do so .
There is same tradition with babies in my country babies are not allowed(except when they are very sick and need medical attention ) to be seen by anyone outside of the house till they do not complite 40 days of their birth .Pregnant women do not announce their pregnancy up to fourth month so people could not express jelousy and kinda interffere with the process so the mother and baby can be safe when they are most vulnerable energetically and emotionaly .

As i always say we manifest and project energy and create all the time in our existance .This energy is not always good and it does not stay only around us and in our energetical field it interact with all alive around us (humans ,plants ,animals even crystals ).So we need to be aware of our hidden secret thoughts and emotions ,because they can effect our energy and with that affect all alive within us .As much powerful energetically and emotional is the person as much strong energy is projected ,in some cases the pesron may not be even aware of the process .And in the case of magician they are at least half or fully aware of the fact that they project negativity out of jelousy and envy or simply out of malice .

Also i would like to appeal that all people come forward to express their own cultural point ot view (or personal ).
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Re: The Evil Eye
Post # 4
I have ready many accounts of the Evil Eye and how to protect ones self from it. Cassell Dictionary of Superstitions by David Pickering and The Encyclpedia of Superstitions by E. and M.A. Radford both cover the topic.

In parts of the USA there are many who still hold to the folk lore and superstitions of Europe. They carry a talisman that is said to ward off the Evil Eye, they hang 'witch balls' in their windows to protect the home (a witch ball is a blown glass orb in varying colors, though most I have seen are blue and green), many still use the practice of 'churching' the new mother and child at around 40 to 42 days after the child's birth.

Many people who believe they have the 'curse of the Eye' refuse to look others in the eye as to protect everyone from the curse. They stare at the ground or over the left shoulder of the individual they are talking to. I have heard of many older women, and some men, who do not allow children in their homes as they fear casting the Eye upon them. Most often they are childless themselves.
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Re: The Evil Eye
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
Second part

How to protect myself against the evil eye ?
Objects that are eye shapped (disk or oval shaped ) are used as repellent talismans (amulets ) to keep the negativity away .Those are called also apotropaic charms .
What we bulgarians use is blue glass eye that is worn as pendant on necklace or as bracelet .Most often babies and small childen wear it but it can be worn from any gender in any age group .
The way that protection is carried away depends of the particular culture .Some cultures use red thread or cord (Hebrew ) or so called hamsa hand which has included blue eye in its middle .Hamsa hand on itself is also for protection .
The charms mirrors reflect back the negative energy ,and some of the gypsies use small mirrors that are sewen to their cloths to do the job .The blue glass charms are called Nazar Boncugu in Turkey .Egyptian people would use instead so called eye of Horus charm to repell the evil eye .Other popular charms are the "donkey beats "(used to protect the animals )or just blue beads that are put together on cord and worn from the babies till the cord is not worn off .In Nepal local people use so called eye of Buddha .
In some countries such Italy people use so called Roman Hand of Power or they use instead lemon that has been pierced with nine nails (this is used as house charm to protect the property against the jettatore ).Another nations use so called Mano poderosa .I have seen also the blue eye charms put on red cords in use from people that follow the santeria path .
If a herb is used most people would use rue plant that is pinned to the cloths (Neples) ,or legume seed called deer's eye is hung from a red cord to protect the baby in its crib (Mexico ).
When the man potency is at risk charms made in fig hand and horned hand are used to repel the evil eye .Another charm that is used by men for same reason is so called "Italian horn ".This horn can be cut out of red coral ( red coral is also symbols of fertility in same way as horn ).Horseshoe that is well known symbol of luck is used to repel away negative energy from the barns ,houses and property .
Another popular charms and symbols used for protection against it are :
-crescent-shape objects
-bucke of Isis amulets .

Gestures and methods used to ward off against it .
What we use in my country is we spit once and make full anticlockwise circle then repeat other 2 times (3 times all together ).Also as soon as we walk home and we felt that we have taken uroki we wash our eyes with water three times .Also in some cases to the children is given holly water or blessed water .In more older times people had habit to recite prayers .Sometimes on the child also can be spit after the words of praise have been said ,or generally people will put a bit of dirt on the baby face so it does not look really spotless and beutiful .

In my next post in this thread i will discuss some more ways that we can use to cure ourselves once we got the negative gaze bestowed on us .
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Re: The Evil Eye
Post # 6
Looking forward to your next post, Artindark. Thank you for bringing this up!
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Re: The Evil Eye
Post # 7
In folk tradition in the USA one may spite in the eye of the wielder of Evil Eye. Use Witchballs, which I listed earlier, glass orbs that are traditionally blue or green. I have seen many older pieces of jewlery that have an eye or spiral center, they are thought to either capture or reflect the Evil Eye. There is also the custom of wearing metal (or flashy) jewlery to reflect the negativity of the Evil Eye.
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Re: The Evil Eye
By: / Novice
Post # 8
In Greece the most common thing that repels the effects of the evil eye is something blue. It doesnt matter if it is clothing, jewel, or a lucky charm ect. it can be anything at all as long as it is blue even nail polish.
To the babies they wear a black thread bracelet blessed in a monastry with a blue glass bead on it or a safety pin with a blue bead on it and a small icon of Jesus with his mother pinned on the crib. Also if someone thinks that he/she just got the evil eye they spit around themselves and move (any kind of movement) so the eye will "fall" of them like shaking it off in a way.
Nazaars are also woren by women especially. And it is said that this is the reason why a bride needs to wear something blue in her wedding. So the jealousy of the people around her won't affect her.
Thanks again Arte i am waiting for the next one.:)
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Re: The Evil Eye
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 9
In this post I will discuss with you dear reader few curative methods ,that I have seen used or have been used in me in Bulgaria and Italy .

In Bulgaria when child gets uroki (the evil eye ) , complains from headaches and gets scared easily (it is generaly restless )grandmother will take the child to another wise and old woman .This women still exist and they recite special chants ,but they almost whisper them so you can not hear the words .Words are secret and are passed or stollen from granmother to daughter or grandaughter .Once words are given or stollen the woman looses her ability to use them according the tradition and tradition passes down generation or goes to person that steal them (usually woman ). The woman lits fire with coals and wood and put metal bowl with water on it ,when the water is a bit warm it is taken out and placed above the child's head (can be adult too ),the coal is trown in it and the words are recited few times .The coal of course produces ashes when placed in the water .Then child need to sip from the water and then it is spilled away .Similar technique is used to heal from fear or shock .Please ,note those are mainly wood ashes !

In Italy i have seen similar method used ,but instead of ash and coal they use olive oil .
The method consists of taking dish with water and dropping few drops of olive oil above the affected person head as in same time prayer is cited .This method can be used also as divination to be checked if the method worked and to even diagnose if the person indeed has been affected from the evil eye .However we will talk about dyagnostics in some of the future posts .

I would like to take few moments to explain from my point of view why such ingredients are used in such doings .

As I said already water can absorb negativity and any kind of energy too it is basicly conductur of electricity .That pretty much explains why the water is used .
Ashes to me have protective and cleansing properties .I clearly remember my grandgrandmother scrubbing her pans with sand and ashes to make them clean and shiny .

Olive as plant always has been related with bringing forth peaceful vibrations ,protection against evil and good luck .The oil from olive fruit is much used in holistic therapies and is believed to be beneficial for skin and hair and some people take one spoon extra virgin oil per day for good health (it is good for cardiovascular system when it has not been cooked only !)

I am planning to do separate post for olive plant magical and medicinal uses anyway .

To be continued ...
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Re: The Evil Eye
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 10
How to diagnose the evil eye ?

The easiest way to diagnose the evil eye is by using fresh egg from hen (preferably free range ).Never use an egg that is old or that will effect the results that you will get out from it or totaly mess your divination .Eggs are used in many cultures on almost of all contitents something that i personaly find faschinating .I personaly believe there is a living force into them that is extremly sensitive to negative energy of any sort and shape .
So hold the egg and roll it all over the child (woman ,man ) .Make sure you do not miss much of the skin and i personally will hold it also a bit more over the third eye chakra .Another way is to put the egg under the bed of the person that you think is affected .Leave the egg over night and the person should sleep over it .Under the bed not under the mattress!At the morning break the egg in bowl and examine the way it looks if it smells funky ,look as cooked ,have black inclusions and very weird eye shape the negative energy has been there and has been drawn into the egg .If you are absolutely sure you or the another person have been affected anyway just take the egg away from your property and smash it against a tree ,before that ask the tree to ground all bad energy .You also can just bury the egg in the ground again away from your property .
Same method is used and can be used to get rid of all form of negativity bestowed on you or a member of your family .

If you can see energy and auras you probably would notice changes is this people anergy under the form of uneven spots and changes of color that kinda do not change ,sometimes the color can be really dark .If you are highly empathic you probbaly will feel that something is off with this person .Also the person affected will have those physical signs :sweating ,anxiety ,unexplained fear ,urinating often than normal and even purging and vomiting .Also nightmares may occur and periods of sleepwalking if the person sleepwalks naturally .
Another methods of divination may be used also to diagnose the energy disturbance caused by it .
I am pretty sure if you are experienced with any tool for divination it will give you a hint that something is off with your energy ,because on subconscious level and energetical we feel this changes even if they are subtle .
What people use is reading the designs of substances or liquids placed in bowl of water .For example my people will use coals or ashes dropped in water to divine (scry ) if the person is affected keeping the bowl above the person head .It is believed that if the coal (ashes ,matches ) float on the surface the person's energy is affected .In same way wax can be dropped in the bowl and if it stick for the bowl or splatters then again we have negative influence .
In Italy olive oils is used for diagnosis too not only for cure .One drop is added in the water then few more and the pattern they develop is read .If the olive oil drops merge to develop eye patter that is validation that it has been bestowed over the person .The bowl of course always is kept above person's head (where his crown chakra is ).

If i came up with some more information about this topic i will add it here .I hope that helps .:)
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