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Smoke tree (bush)

Forums ► Herbalism ► Smoke tree (bush)
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Smoke tree (bush)
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 1
This thread will be dedicated to the medicinal (herbal ) uses of the smoke tree also known as smoke bush .
There are two plants that bear that common name ,so in order that any confusion is avoided i am going to give thier botanical names (latin names ).
Psorothamnus spinosus is a thorny legume tree that is common sight in Californian desert washes .It is also called smoke tree ,because its "smokey " appearance but this species is not the subject of this thread .
Second plant (bush ) that has similar appearance is the common garden bush known under the botanical name Cotinus .The reason why it is called smokey is the look of its flowers they look very kinda airy ,fluffy and smokey .
Now the entire genus is called Cotinus but they are different hybrids that have been created by crossing old already existing species .
The plant that my people have been using from centuries has light green round leaves ,despite the young shoots can have pinkish color to them and it flowers with white flowers .I know there is a specie that has purple leaves and flowers with pink flowers ,i am not sure if this type has any medicinal uses .If you happen to be the owner of such plant ,you can give it a try and let us knows .The puprple species is called Cotinus coggygria .
In my native country we call this plant Smradlika or Sumac .In my particular area it has been introduced to me under the name Tetra from my mother and she has been told from her grandmother .She was herbalist. The part of the plant that we use to gather and use are the leaves .Leaves are collected and let to dry in shady , airy place then stored for further use .
We use it for skin dissorders that cause inflamation ,because its infusion works as antiseptic and anti-inflammatory .
Use only externaly !Taking it internaly will irritate the mucus lining of your stomach and intestine and can damage them seriouslly !Some people with high fever may react negatively with its polen too .

It is used in sitz ,compresses ,baths and washes .It works against haemorrhoids ,oral cavity inflamatory processes (stomatitis ,gingivitis ,bleeding gums ),vaginal inflamations (either external or internal) .I also have used it in second phase of cystitis (when it causes bleeding while passing urine ).When using oraly make sure you use it as mouth wash never swallow !You can use it as internal vaginal wash or fill your bathtube and just sit in it to treat external vaginal infection .If the infection is very bad and is caused by serious bacterial or viral infection and persist you need to visit your doctor as soon as possible !For example vaginal infection can effect the urethra and from there it can spread even to kedneys or to ovaries if it is let untreated for long .Give a shot with the herbal remedies if things are not improving visiting your phyiscian is must .It can also help wounds to be disinfected and help the skin to recover fast if the wound is healing too slow .

How to prepare infusion for baths and compresses ?

Put 50 gr of dried leaves (if fresh you will need double ammount ) in 2 litres of boiled water and boil for 20 minutes then put it in your bath or use as compress .Make sure you do not burn yourself let the mixture to get colder .You can strain the infusion if you wish i do not do that .

How to prepare infusion for vaginal wash and oral wash ?
Add two soup spoons dried leaves (crushed ) or use double ammount fresh (cut ) 1 litre of water and boil for five minutes .Let to cool down a bit before use .

You can use cheesecloth or gauze to filter the infusion and to remove the bits and leaves .

We use it for skin dissorders that cause inflamation ,because its tea work as antiseptic and anti-inflammatory .

If you have prepared more that you actually needed you can conserve it in jar or bottle in the fridge for 12 hours .After 12 hours it will be not good anymore for use .

It has helped me against very severe infections and is still helping me i do not go anywhere without some ammount of this herb . My mother sends me packages with it ,because it seems to not grow localy or at least i have not seen it anywhere around .

I hope this thread is in some use for people and it is helpful .
I think it is important that we educate the new generation that there is much more to plants that some nice looking weeds .To me herbal remedies are the best and i take pills only if i have tried all alse that is herbal and alternative to help myself .Nature gave us plants and herbs as most natural way toward healing in existance for us .I want to appeal to all herablists in this site ,please keep educating your kids and everyone around you about herbal remedies .I have been told from my ancestors and now i am teaching you i also inted to pass down this knowledge so it will not be forgotten complitely one day when we are all gone .Lets not let this knowledge to dissapear in the moment that our physical bodies take out our last breath .
It is so worth to be prserved ,because it can restore the connection with the plants and nature that young generation now had lost complitely .It also will minimize the bad sidel effects that all man made synthetic medicines have on us ,and that we are fed too often that we need to !Be dependent of nature do not be dependant of the big pharma !Heal yourself emotionally ,mentaly and phyiscally naturally as long as that is possible .
Much love and light and blesed be !

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Re: Smoke tree (bush)
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Oh wow Art thank you so much for sharing
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Re: Smoke tree (bush)
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Very well written. I added it to my favorites! :)
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Re: Smoke tree (bush)
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Thank you dear for sharing your knowledge with us. I love it and definitely I will try on of this tips. Blessed be
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