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Need guidance!!!

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Need guidance!!!
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Need guidance!!!
Post # 1
Hello everyone,
i am new here and to magic as well. I have certain problems in my life at the moment, and that's why i started to searching for "metaphysical" solutions.
Almost 2 months ago, all of a sudden, my GF broke up with me. I was suspicious that she had someone else, now i am almost sure about it. Anyway at the beggining i was under shock. I was jealous and desperate, tried to take my mind off her. But nothing helped. Tried also dating other girls, but the relief was short.After two weeks i searched help on the internet, and i ended up to spells sites. The only experience i had before, was at the age of 14/15 (almost 20 years ago) and i must say it was somehow effective but scary.
so, i was hesitating about spells and co, knowing that nothing is without a "price". Even in times when i was really desperate and helpless, i resisted casting the first love spell availabla, and i thank God for it.
I made a huge research, what kind of spells there are, how dangerous are they, when and how to use them etc etc...As time went by, i hoped that i was heading for the "cure" by myself, as time heals everything, but ufortunatelly that is not the case. Maybe i am a little better than 2 months ago, but not really good.
Anyway, here is the main question. I do not know exactly what to do. I love her somehow, i feel betrayed and want her to run after me and kneel, i want her to understand that what she did was not fair, most of all i want to forget. My egoism, my self esteem, my dignity were and are very hurt and very low, and to be honest, i want her to suffer FOR ME a little bit, but of course in a way i suffered (nothing really bad to happen to her). I want her back, but i do want the girl i knew back, not the girl she become the last 2 months. I want to regain my self esteem, my confidence, i want to forget her...As you see, i am really in a mess...
I thought at the beggining of a love spell, then of a "get over your ex" spell, then a "confidence" spell, a ...i didn't try any of them. Today i made my first spell, a "contact me" spell, which till now it was not effective. From that moment i feel a headache (more like a heavy-head), but i think it has nothing to do with the spell.
What is your opinion? What shall i do? I am really very sorry for the huge post, but i needed to get them out of me! I would be very happy for any help and response!

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Re: Need guidance!!!
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Other Spells Discussion from General Info.
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Re: Need guidance!!!
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Well....Tcubaka, I see here your voice of anger,ego and pride. She made a best move to leave you,because now you are showing a real prove that you don't know the meaning of love. Real love doesn't have memory to hate,love is forgiveness and freedom. Do you want her to stay with you because she feels sorry for you? Or better to leave you? I hate if someone lives with me without love and feels sorry for me and for sake of Sorry, will sucrify with a freedom. To begg you? To ask forgiveness from you? Why? Because she wasn't fake and didn't sucrify for you? I am advising to look for a fake spell in Spell section and hope you will find one will help you to get a real love. Sorry I didn't mean to be rude, may God bless you
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Re: Need guidance!!!
Post # 4
hallo darwish and thank you for your answer.
It is obviously i may have lost the true meaning of love, that's why i am so confused and that's why i asked for advice. And not to sacrify oneself is another thing to lying and giving false hopes...am i right?
I'll try your advice.

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Re: Need guidance!!!
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
Oh,I see...at this point,yes it's painful when someone is playing with own tail. Then you are lucky that you have realized NOW that she is wrong person than you would realize later. Move on and get some tips here on spell, how to be positive and to forget the past. May All Spirit protect you and bless you,Tcubaka. :-)
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Re: Need guidance!!!
Post # 6
thanks! :-)

i'll try something in the "confidende" and "get over your ex" section...thanks again for your reply!

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