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Weird Dream*

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Weird Dream*
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Weird Dream*
Post # 1
Ok I had to take the first one down becuase I noticed some language in it, from where I copied it straight from my microsoft word file. If someone could interpret this dream for me, I woudl greatly appriciate it. Thanks in advanced, 7

I was at church and they were forming some type of committee or small church based society. Well my brother, not the real one, somehow let it slip that I was not Christian, and I was banned from the property under threat of violence. Everywhere I went. The corner store or the next door neighbor. I was trying to make a phone call for my dad, not the step dad i grew up with i never saw this guy's face bfore, to pick me up. He didn’t, he kept getting delayed. I went to the corner store where there was a nice couple that took pity on me and let me rest at their table, because I had just run the whole length of the street without stopping. People from the church stated to stop by. And I was the one leaving or being out of site when they were there. But it got to the point where every place I went, the store or the old house next to the church, someone would stop by and try to mess with me. I eventually started to not move from the table or from the yard. The old couple in the store were on my side. Even when the people from the church told them about me being not one of them. The store took more pity on me and was trying to help me locate my dad. The lady in the house next to the church would let me hide there and let me in and out of the house at my will. Now this all started because I would not sign the charter and sell my handmade jewelry without knowing what the group was really about. The guy in charge was a type of cult leader, he had that personality to him. While there were some men, the group was mostly women. It was weird. They were looking right up front not looking around, focused right on his face. And these were older women, people old enough to be my mother. What is the deal with this dream?
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Re: Weird Dream*
Post # 2
In my experience dreams with odd happenings that make no sense what so ever and have no bearing on the outside world are usually indicative of an internal struggle of some sort. The part of the church and your fleeing from it could mean that you have a problem with the church. Fitting in because of your beliefs or a general fear of it. Perhaps a fear of others finding out what you believe. The leadership of women or the dominance of women in this case could mean that you have a specific fear of maybe your mother or grandmother someone who is very religious or closed minded. Again a cult leader or dictator type could mean that you feel forced toward a certain path and you are rebelling. Perhaps a father figure. These are all suggestions to look at. If you want a possible interpretation then consider the simple following. Your parents or grand parents perhaps are very religious and you are traveling a different path then they. You may be afraid of them finding out or telling them because you feel that you will be outcast from them or the family if you open up. But you may have other friends or relatives that are more open minded and would support you if you were to open up.
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