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Post # 1
are the most dangerous negative program in black magic. As a rule, curses are passed on from one generation to another, from parents to children. It’s karma. Powerful curses may destroy lives of seven generations of one family. These are signs indicating that your family has been cursed:

They don’t honor the deceased in the family;

There are stillborn babies in the family or babies die before they turn three;

Some family members suffer from scoliosis, are retarded, oligophrenic persons or mongoloids;

Some family members are widows or widowers;

Sterile marriages, extra uterine pregnancies;

Poverty, useless attempts to make money;

Some family members are alcoholics or drug addicts;

Some family members don’t believe in God;

Family members file suits against each other, fight for their inheritance;

Family members don’t maintain relations;

Family members envy each other, have arguments.

Attention! If your family shows at least three of these signs, it has been cursed. You have to have the curse broken or your life will be full of terrible misfortunes. If one or two signs may be applied to your family, it is in the high-risk area. You need to have an examination.

There are different kinds of curses. Curses may bring death, infertility, bad luck, poverty, quarrels, diseases, alcoholism and drug addiction. In all cases, it affects people’s head and nervous system. There is a danger that accidents/car accidents may happen. Depending on the curse, women may suffer from loneliness, infertility or alcoholism. They may also become prostitutes. As for men, it’s cruelty, dissipated life and contempt for women. Such people take the wrong path not because of something, but against their own will and that of the rest.

When a family is cursed, its members, by a certain age, “know” they are failures. They get used to it and accept it. Such people are confused, irresolute and scared. They are in despair and want to shift responsibility for everything they do on other people.

There is a difference between the curse which has just been put on and the one passed on by the previous generation. People who have just been cursed try to resist the evil but their life’s not going well. It seems like their fingers are all thumbs. They are always late and can’t arrange their own lives. They find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. They are fussy and always in a hurry. They try to speak fast but switch to different topics. Even when these people are calm and relaxed, there is a feeling that they may jump to their feet and run away. They are unable to focus and don’t remember what they said a minute ago. It looks like all their efforts are aimed to go against the tide. They believe all they do it right, but in fact their mind is somewhere in the future, like about half an hour in front of the rest. They are losers who will never understand and accept it. This is how a “fresh” curse may be described.

All cursed people are energy vampires who got used to and enjoy draining spirits and souls of other people. They can’t live without arguments, quarrels and mean tricks. This is how they suck energy.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to break the curse by meditating with a candle or reading spells. Only a powerful ritual can help. Besides, your will is highly important since you will have to answer for both yourself and several generations of your ancestors.

Re: Curses
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
how is this an effect of being cursed "some family members dont believe in god" ???

the rest it interesting :)

Re: Curses
Post # 3
I want to clarify, that is, do not believe in God (gods, higher power). And faith may be all different.

Re: Curses
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4

This thread is hogwash.

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