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Comments and criticism

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Comments and criticism
Post # 1
My opinion of spellsofmagic: it's not very good. It's very disorganized, a lot of the spells are very fluffy, and it's hard to sort out the good spells from the bad (and from what I've seen, they're mostly bad). Plus, it's not that credible: I've seen the website claim that each spell is tested before being published and that the spells are very old, even ancient. I have a very hard time believing that either is true. Also, almost all of the incantations are very sloppy. The formatting is terrible on most pages. It's a very unmonitored, unregulated mess. Thumbs down. And regarding the chat: the rules themselves are reasonable*, but the way they're enforced is entirely ridiculous. If people put just one toe out of line, they get "gagged" without question. I understand the concern about spammers, but people get gagged for going off-topic or asking too many questions? What the heck??? And then no one is allowed to show even the least bit of discontent about a moderator's decision, even if it was unfair. If you ask me, there should be warning systems in place, and a moderator's word should not be completely final without outside evaluation. I've been a moderator in plenty of chats online, and the idea that one moderator's decision is final, with just the one moderator judging the situation, and no way to appeal the decision, is completely ridiculous. I would never run a chat that way. If I were on the staff, frankly, I'd be embarrassed for the way chat moderation is handled. For example, on my other chats, moderators are required to send in a transcript to the admins whenever a situation calls for banning someone from the chat. Without any sort of system of checks and balances, many moderators abuse their power, I think. Not to mention, any discussion that could possibly be deemed "undesirable" is kept all very hush-hush and taboo. It's as if the chat room is run by a freaking oppressive totalitarian government! "Shhh, don't say that here, you'll get banned!" And then a person has to make a whole other account to get back onto the chat?? There should definitely be an appeal system. Okay, I think that's about it. That's pretty much all my complaints. I'd like to see something done about what I see as some very flawed systems, or at least receive some explanation for them.

(*all reasonable, of course, except the last one)
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Re: Comments and criticism
Post # 2
I agree completely. But my main concerns are in the spell section of this website. I too find it terrribly hard to believe that every single one of the spells on this website have been tested and modified. Like said above the format of some of those spells is poor and sepecially spelling and grammar. Each spell should be checked and fixed where needed as well as tested by a willing person before it should be allowed to be seen by the public. But this is just my opinion.
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Re: Comments and criticism
Post # 3
I agree. You should tell the site Mod this.
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Re: Comments and criticism
Post # 4
While I agree with some of your critiques, there's also some things you have to factor in. Magic doesn't happen simply because you set fire to a rosebush and yelled an incantation. Magic is channeled from the body into the physical world. the incantations and candles and whatever else are tools to aid the channeling of the magic. I personally just focus and naturally channel my powers, and 87% of the time it works. Don't blame the site because one person's channeling methods didn't work for you.

I do, however, agree about the chat. If I want to capitalize every word in my sentence, thats MY business! :)
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Re: Comments and criticism
Post # 5
I understand that some spells may work for one person but not the other, i just think, like i said above, the format of the text, spelling, grammar etc. in some spell discriptions can be changed for the better, thats all.
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Re: Comments and criticism
Post # 6
I agree the wide variety of spells puts this sites credibility in to question when you got spells like to be a vampire lol.. Then have never used or tried the spell and say oh yea vampires don't exist and I don't recommend you try this spell that I just wrote a whole page for is just plain nonsense and there are slot of these I've noticed
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Re: Comments and criticism
Post # 7
Of course this site has faults. I would struggle to think of a site that doesn't. If you don't like it, nothing but you is keeping you from leaving.

A lot of the spells are very fluffy, yes, however then you should go and educate yourself on what is possible and what isn't so you are able to 'separate the wheat from the chaff', so to speak. Due to the high amount of fluffy spells, it is even harder to moderate them- especially with Spell Casters, which sets anybody to council. If you find a fluffy spell or article, rate it down. Simple as that.

Perhaps the admin has not got around to updating the part where it says each spell is tested before being published- I am sure at one time when the site was much smaller, that may have been true.

Again, if you find an incantation sloppy, rate it down.

Editors are able to modify submitted content, eg: shifting forum posts from one forum to one that is more suitable. So far, I can see some have been doing so.

Moderators are as quoted: ''Moderators watch the forums and the chatter to ensure civility is maintained and the site rules are not broken. Only long time, trusted members can become moderators. In most cases people will be asked to become moderators. The role of moderators is mostly for administration purposes.''

Of course they make mistakes, perhaps abuse their power sometimes, and some are stricter than others. We're human. These things happen, though I agree occasionally some are rather harsh. Although I have heard of power being abused via gagging, the only form of power abuse I have seen is 'ranking' someone down in the reputation bar when someone disagrees.

However, if instead of complaining about these issues, you have suggestions to how we could solve them or improve matters, I am sure they will be appreciated. Petrarca is the admin and all suggestions should go to him or another moderator via the message system.

Your suggestion of a gag being 'approved' could be beneficial, but it would take time if the admin wasn't online to approve the gag. So, if there was a troll spamming the chatter, and a moderator wanted to gag the troll, the troll could keep on trolling until the gag was approved.

Unless of course, some kind of bot or auto-gag system was brought in. But that too would have flaws.

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Re: Comments and criticism
Post # 8
A similar post commenting on the rules can be found at this link- some of the issues you mentioned were already raised..

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Re: Comments and criticism
By: / Beginner
Post # 9
I agree that too many of the spells are fluffy and it is a bit disorganized. The chatter rules are a bit strict, but I don't think they're unbearable though.
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Re: Comments and criticism
Post # 10

This site is going to have fluffys rather you like it or not. We cannot control who comes in and goes. Pet is the adiminstrator of the site. And i am sure he tryings to do everything he can. But you kno he is busy and dose not have time to be on all the time. But i do agree about the spells not being organized and published right by members here. It would be nice to see a complete clean out of the spell section on som. But i do not control the adminstration. I just come here as a member. I know the fluff has gotten worse and worse. Espically on the forums. I am so sick and tired of people posting threads on about mermaid, werewolf and vampire spells. Its really annoying and i wish i could do something but i can't like i said i just post what ever helpful information i can for others.

I wis there was fluffy control but there isn't, the rules are there for a reason and i actually think the rules are reasonable. People should read them and understand them.

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