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I need help, please.

Forums ► General Info ► I need help, please.
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I need help, please.
Post # 1
My friend has been hexed or cursed, I know nothing about these things, but I do know that whatever was done to him is working.

I am feeling really bad about my friend he's someone who's special to me, like a brother and I feel horrible for what's going on with him. I don't think the details are needed but I'll tell you what stands out.

My friend had a girlfriend and now he doesn't. He received a call from a black magic arts practitioner(I'll call him Curadero). Told my friend(victor) that one of his black magic arts disciples placed a break up spell on him and his girlfriend. Curadero also told him that the spell was paid for by the girlfriends' ex.

Curadero told him that what his disciple did to him and his girlfriend was wrong, because he says he can only break up relationships only if it isn't true love. The thing is Victor and his girlfriend were really loving each other.

Now Curadero also said that this spell would cause pain and grow in both of them (Victor and his ex GF). He didn't lie. He's starting to get some awful chest pains and some suicidal thoughts which is nothing like him (He's strong willed). He also said something about the spell that the disciple buried some doll in a cemetery and burned it that is why Curadero isn't capable of fixing the spell. He also said that it's some high level spell. I am gonna be honest I don't understand if you want more details I'll give more.

Here is the thing though. I wanna take that spell in me. This friend is ignoring everything that the mage has told him, but I am not. My question is can I take it in and go and break this spell?

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Re: I need help, please.
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Wanting to take on the pain and free your friend is an amazing thing, but even if the spell could be transferred and such spells are normally very specific which and I doubt transferring it is possible the effects of the spell would likely be identical when applied to you so are you even in a relationship? What I mean is while transferring the spell is likely impossible you can't put a breakup spell on someone who can't be broken up. I'm also doubtful that even if this guy doesn't have the doll he couldn't reverse it and even if he has to have the doll his "disciple" works for him so he should be forced to reveal its location to his boss on penalty of being fired since the guy is running a business.
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Re: I need help, please.
Post # 3

I am not currently in a relationship.

Here comes the details. Curadero pretty much told my friend that his disciple had used a doll in the spell ritual and later burned it and spreaded the ashes. Now Curadero said that he and his disciple would have to buy a new doll and some other new ingredients to somewhat perform the spell again and break it(I don't understand how that works). He told my friend that he was able to reflect the spell to the girlfriend's ex but my friend would have to give him permission to do that. He doesn't want to reflect it(The guy has a good a heart.).

Now here this might sound a bit fishy, but Curadero said that he could do two things: Remove the curse and charge him $300 or reflect the spell to the girlfriends' ex for free. I don't understand this. How much do these ingredients even cost? He said he usually breaks these types of spells for $3000, but because this is a mistake he's charging my friend $300.

(This isn't in a first world country, we use Bolivian money. $300 is a lot for us.)

Curadero pretty much said that this spell would cause some form of paralysis to one of the two which it did,to victor's girlfriend; she got facial paralysis. He also said that Victor's head would hurt him frequently and that things would get progressively worst.

I don't understand any of this. All I know is that my friend is now being subjected to ideas of suicide. He knows it's not from him, and I know it's not from him. But still he is not willing to fix things with Curadero. Also he doesn't have money, and neither do I.

So here is the thing, if he is able to remove the curse but place it on someone else for free but only with my friend's permission, is it possible for me to receive this hex/curse inside of me if I allow it to be placed in me and without having my friend know about it? I would really not want him to find out what I did.
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Re: I need help, please.
Post # 4
I would also like to add, Curadero pretty much is in trouble. He basically told Victor that he is in trouble if he doesn't fix the mistake that his disciple has done. Can witches and warlocks have negative side effects for breaking up a relationship that was pure
and true?

The girlfriend's ex is a horrible person who did nothing good to her but yet she has come back to him...are spells that strong to override will and logical thinking?
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Re: I need help, please.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Put the thought in their mind and let it grow...how utterly clever! I've never heard of a phone call pretending to be the innocent concerned bystander. Genius really.

The man who called is the man who cursed your friend. He explained to him step by step what was done and how it was done, so you're friend's fears would inevidably help the spell to become more successful by becoming fueled by not only the caster but the cursed individual themselves! This is a common trick. Some people leave visible evidence in front of the house, mail letters, etc, but I never expected anyone to be bold enough to call and tell the person! Now there is one very serious risk to this. If the person on the other line was a magickal practioner themselves, they could use the voice as a means to slingshot the curse back--which is why most who curse such large scale curses do not give any indication as to who they are. And if they curse the person to their face, they can distinguish if the individual uses magick or not and if they could infact defeat them will to will.

Now, concerning the curse itself. Your friend is now fueling this curse which means he is basically cursing himself ontop of the original curse...if there even was one. His own subconscious and conscious fears and thoughts are assisting this. The mind is a powerful thing, more powerful than most people realize. We can cause all manners of symptoms (even pain) and behaviors once anxiety and fear sets in. And stress and anxiety, the mind, can even cause our immune systems to decline and we can be more prone to illness and disease! The power of suggestion is so strong as well. That is why people give supportive words to those competing or performing. "You'll do fantastic!" "You don't need good luck, you have this in the bag!" Now imagine if everyone instead said "you suck, you're going to lose" or worse yet "I casted a bad luck spell on you, you're doomed". You're going to feel aweful, your confidance will lower, and even the tiny idea of "what if..." in the back of your mind can cause you to lose. You'll forget how to spell the easiest word in a spelling bee, or trip during the race, or your voice will crack when you're singing. And then that tiny fear, that "what if?" Becomes "OH MY GOD! They were right!..." Now you're done for. Now you BELIEVE it. Now any will you had has gone out the window and straight to the gutter. And the only way to get rid of it is exactly where it started, your mind.

There is always a way to break a curse. But because you're friend believes it, it's not just going to take magick but a good performance. Because now he has to believe the curse is broken once it is, or he will perpetuate it on his own.

Send me a mail and we'll talk.

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Re: I need help, please.
Post # 6
In response to 'IEatFrogs' are you talking about the Mayan Deity or the Online Games Series. I'm sure you are being very ironic and witty, but this rubbish gets monotonous.
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Re: I need help, please.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
I'd also like to add that this man is only looking for money. He caused this curse or suggestion of one and is now attempting to make a profit off of it.
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