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Forums ► Misc Topics ► Crystals
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By: / Beginner
Post # 1
How can you find your own crystal that work for you? I have no way to do it in person because there are no crystal shops or Magickal shops that would carry any. Is there another way via-internet or through a spell or something?
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Re: Crystals
Post # 2
Hello Ivy,

This is a strange question because their is not just one crystal that will work for you. Crystal magic is largely a pagan practice involving the use of gems and crystals for many reasons; healing, love, money, meditation, and much more particular stones can aid you.

When I use a stone for magical reasons I cleanse it prior to using it in any rituals, as the stones are subjected to countless years of energies before we get them and some of those energies include negative energies.

My method is just to use a mixture of sea salt and water letting the gems soak over night before wiping them off with a soft cloth.

You can find a list of gems and their meanings here.
As well as your birthstone here.

Please note aside from research with the crystal cure for gems I have not bought anything from them. I normally will use sites like eBay which have a wide selection of gems you can by.

All the blessings.
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Re: Crystals
Post # 3
also i suggest if you are just starting with crystals look for your birth stone and start with that, and if in the future you feel as tho you need another stone meditate on your birth stone and ask it for stones name...
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Re: Crystals
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Gift shops and museum stores (shops inside most museums) carry gemstones. I really stand by hand picking gemstones, as each one has its own personality.

Look up the keywords "lapidary store" on google and you should find a few places you didn't know existed in your area. Metaphysical stores are not the only place to find gemstones. I'm a jewelrysmith/metalsmith (hobby not profession) and although most stones are cut for jewelry, you will always find a selection of rougher or tumbled ones as well as crystal points because they're more unique and interesting to work with. There is only so much you can do with cabochons, beads or faceted stones until the designs become repetitive. When shopping at a lapidary, always ask if the stone is synthetic, lab grown, or genuine. If it's genuine, they usually tell you where it's from, ie: tibetian quartz, german lucite, etc. If it's cheap and looks too perfect (no imperfections/inclusions), it IS too perfect and it's probably lab grown. Some places try to rip you off by selling lab grown crystals and since they aren't synthetic, they'll tell you it's "real"...little play on wording to fool you. Great thing about buying from lapidaries though is the stones are much cheaper than going to an occult shop and you can find some very nice unusual pieces.
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Re: Crystals
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Go to a place and pick whichever one calls out to you. Don't worry about birthstones or what stone/crystal does what. The one that you are attracted to most is the one that will help you to be more balanced.

When we need something, we are instinctually attracted to it. Some people will crave foods their body needs the vitamins and minerals from. This also goes for stones and crystals. No one is 100% perfect. We all have things to improve on. When we are attracted to a gemstone and want it with us, we are instinctively picking up that the particular stone/crystal has an energy that can help us with something we either have an excess or lack of. So find the gemstone and THEN research what it's all about. You'll learn not only about the stone, but about yourself and what you subconsciously feel you need.
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