New and confused.

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New and confused.
Post # 1
Hello everyone. I am new at this, well kind of. I have always been drawn to things of this nature and I was wondering how I go about finding the right path to me. I have been reading up in the newbie section and reading some posts. I just would like to know how i decide the right magic path to take and if this is the right thing for me. I do not want to question my thoughts but I know that I have not found my place in life yet and I feel that if I do this in the right manor that my life will start to have meaning. Please help me see what I am missing.
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Re: New and confused.
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Hello and welcome to SoM! I do hope you enjoy your time here!

It is awesome that you know that you like nature, that you know something like that about yourself. This can help you find your magickal path. Try this, Sit down somewhere and just write down what you believe in. Once you have done so, review this and try and expand on the things you wrote down. Go ahead and research some of the magickal paths out there, and see which ones correlate to what you believe. If there are several, try and figure out which one that feels right for you. One you can attune with, that sings to your Mind, body, and soul (higher self).

There is another method, if you don't find a magickal path works out. I don't recommend this at first considering it doesn't help with the research and knowledge bit, but it is still an alternative. You can always go your own path. What you believe is what you believe and you have every right to pursue it. Just throwing that out there.

I hope this helps. Anymore questions, feel free to mail me, or ask in chat and/or forums. Hope you enjoy your time here on SoM :)
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Re: New and confused.
Post # 3
Do you have a good place to research all of the magical paths that are out there? What would your opinion be?
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Re: New and confused.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
You can download free books on different paths and read them ,but generally we get to know the best one path for us by walking on it .Also it is not uncommon that someone started to walk one path and then chose new one .People like me walk many paths in same time combining them and creating new one which fits us perfect as personality and understanding .
The most important thing is to feel comfortable with your path and happy following it .

You can check the torentz for free ebooks .Aslo google books have preview on some books for free and also there are entirely free books often posts occult matterials and books and i know that people from here keep posting materials there too (for the site allows them to post so huge materia as book ).Also there are this huge sites which are dedicated on free occult literature on which you can find and read books online .I think my fellow members posted few in our coven so i can try to track them and send it to you via mail .
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