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magic and the brain.

Forums ► Misc Topics ► magic and the brain.
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magic and the brain.
Post # 1
magic comes within and is hard to get if you dont believe in magic and gods then you shouldnt be looking at magic, magic can not be messed with and could kill you. for starters you need to learn how to meditate and control your energy in your body and you know if your meditating because you go to another world in your mind the city of the gods and you will gain a tutor he/she will help you in your magic and when you are properly meditating you can feel the energy and will not feel hot or cold you will just imagine that you are casting spells in your head at anything and then for exsample fire your hand will feel warm such as your palm feels like a radiator but feels cold if you touch your other hand with it. practice that for a few years and magic should become very easy to you and the feeling is great.
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Re: magic and the brain.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread is written so badly in terms of punctuation ,that i understood one thing only . And that is the very fact that i understood nothing .

It looks to me as if you had random emotional outburst to express what is in your head in crammed and weird way (especially toward the end of this creation ).
Also i do not understand what is this about especially the tutor part you make it sound as you gain that tutor from the lotary sort off .

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Re: magic and the brain.
By: / Novice
Post # 3
i get what he's saying, webwaver, but i don't understand what he means. from what i gather, turner began explaining how magic isn't for everyone as it takes faith and for someone to enter into it for fun could end badly, but then it devolves into random speech on how to get into spell casting, before returning to how awesome spells are to cast. i think turner means:

'magic comes from within, but without belief in it, magic cannot be cast. this being said, magic cannot be taken lightly, as it can backfire in many ways and be harmful. once should learn to meditate, and hopefully find a tutor to guide you. when you learn the right way you will feel the energy entering your body and fill you with warm. with practice, magic should come easily and it feels great.'

if i got that, yes, magic can energy, and feel wonderful, but you do need to believe or it won't work. at the same time, one should remember magic won't automatically fix things for you. effort needs to be put forth by the caster to help change their situation. drinking a potion to help a cold won't fully work unless you rest, and a love spell is useless unless you try to talk to the person you care for.
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Re: magic and the brain.
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Comments.
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Re: magic and the brain.
Post # 5
lol.. that's why this is entitled as "magic and the brain" so that the one's reading this will technically use his/her brain to know what exactly is going on.. lol.. just joking..

-->.from what i've "understand" with this thread, "meditation" is the key to magick.. because if you are meditating, you will learn to access for your higher self which is very essential in the practice of magick..

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