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Love and Black magic Help

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► Love and Black magic Help
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Love and Black magic Help
Post # 1
I have 2 questions 1 about love spells other about black magic spells. This may be long sry. I just don't want to make to many posts.

1. Ok I like this girl but never talked to her yet. I was thinking of doing a love spell to get her to like me. But I read there not good because the spell is the only thing that makes them love you so they really may not love you at all. I want her to really love me. I guess what I'm asking is is there good and bad effects to love spells. Like if you do Black magic you can also hurt yourself. What kind of bad things can happen with love spells and will you always get a good and bad effect? Also do I have to physically meet her face to face for the spell to work?

2. I read black magic should never be used ever because you can hurt yourself more than the person your doing it to. So why do people post and do black magic if its like that. Even though the article I read said there is no protection against it there must be because if there wasn't wouldn't the people doing it like be injured or die? So how can I protect myself?

If you want to see the article here it is.
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Re: Love and Black magic Help
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

Well love spells aren't that great because you are making someone go against their own will. No need to make someone love you. If she doesn't like you then she doesn't like you! It's not right to control someone like that. How would you feel if some random person did a spell to make them like you? Also love spells backfire and she could end up hating you. Also your infatuation to her sounds very childlike... maybe you could talk to her and see how it works out. Also magick has no color. Nothing is just evil because all things have some good and evil to it. Though black pertains to negative magick like hurting someone. Whatever magick you do and the effects of it depends on your reasoning for doing it. So I predict your love spell will backfire, because it also seems like you may not have the experience in magick yet. Some people believe in the Three-Fold Law. Which is whatever you do to someone will come back to you times 3! And Love Spells would be considered bad in that law.

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Re: Love and Black magic Help
Post # 3
1. as what you have said, the advantage of doing a love spell is that even though the person don't love you he/she will be forced to love you (advantage in the sense that it will be beneficial to you).. disadvantage is that, as what you've also said his/her love is most probably not true it's because of the help of magick and not with the help of your own efforts to win her..

2.Black is a word interpreted by the media as being something representing evil or some moral definition. The actual meaning in the context of the Luciferian Faith is different. The word ‘Black’ is described by Idries Shah as being identified with the sound of FHM in the Arabic tongue, which is ‘black’ meaning ‘wise’ and equally with ‘understanding’. Shah writes further that black holds a connection with hidden wisdom, thus the phrase, “Dar tariki, tariqat” which means “In the Darkness, the Path”. -from the bible of the adversary by Michael Ford..

black magick again, actually if you're doing bad to others its not actually black magick.. the "so-called black magick" means hidden in the veil of shadows.. well actually there is no color in magick.. its just how the person use it..

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Re: Love and Black magic Help
Post # 4
Thanx for the answer it helps.
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