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Name: EsterElmer
Location: The shadow thats always by your side
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My totem is Serpent.

My Zodiac direction is East. (Tiger)

My Zodiac planet is Mercury.

My tarot card is Magician.

Birth Number 7:People who resonate with number seven are scholars and poets. They are intelligent with amazingly analytical minds. Yet, their minds are usually in a dream world where they can move things and events to their liking. Although their reality in much different than other's - it is a reality of their own making. These people have the ability to bring the perfect people, places, and events in their life experience that lead them on a path of consistent revelation.

Vedic Name Number 5:Your enthusiasm is contagious, and people just can't seem to get enough of your charm. You have an adventurous spirit. You communicate with others very well, and have a keen way putting others at ease. You have a genuine interest in people, which wins you plenty of friends in your life. People adore you for your high-energy, jovial personality and cleverness. You like to do things for yourself, learning from experience rather than being told what or how to do things by others. Foreign languages tend to come natural to you, and you are born to travel. Consider vocations in the travel industry, communications, social directing, counseling.

Name Number 6:The symbolism behind number Six is legend. With Venus as its ruler, Six represents harmony, balance, sincerity , love, and truth. Six naturally reveals solutions for us in a calm, unfolding manner. We invoke the Six when we need delicate diplomacy when dealing with sensitive matters. The spiritual meaning of number Six also deals with enlightenment; specifically "lighting" our path in areas we require spiritual and mental balance. Sixes beckon us to administer compassion and consciously choose forgiveness in a situation.