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Inception as Reality.

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Inception as Reality.
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Inception as Reality.
Post # 1
First, I understand many will see this topic, scoff, and go back to their daily routine. That is perfectly cool with me, I'm writing this for people who are ready to explore different concepts. And for those who have been through it themselves.

For those who don't know, inception was ridden with occult concepts, numbers, and sequences. When I saw it, it really made me respect Nolan for the "layered" tapestry he created in which he sort of "illuminated" a part of our subconscious, the multi faceteted, multi dimensional, multi-time aspect.

But I am not talking about the movie. This kind of information has been known by many different kinds of researchers and spiritualists for some time now. Even modern day Shamans know and understand, although they usually don't get entangled with too much research into the dark side- they know and understand the influence of certain humans on this planet. Most of them these days deal with "indigo" children as well, and as certain are also aware of a sort of off-world presence, and interdimensional manipulation.

What I am talking about, is not simply putting an idea into someones head through a complex series of dream states. I am talking about the astral body, and the dreamstate as a way to misguide others.

This research obviously began with the paranormal research beginning with Hitler, then the CIA, and the fabled mind control experiments. They always say those programs ended and got destroyed, but this is totally and utterly wrong. There is the presence of certain beings- who became a very big contributor to this knowledge and technology. I would say, the human beings who are involved with this sort of activity can no longer be considered "stereotypically" human- because they are dealing with this that are hundreds of years beyond our current mainstream frame of reference.

Okay, sounds scary, paranoid, and sci fi right? Well...you might wanna know how I know what I know? haha I'm not going to give you credentials. But those of you who know how to resonate with truth might hear the pattern in my words and be able to pick up information that benefits you, discard what doesn't. Lets just say that I kind of know what it feels like!

I write this now because my mind is far more clear than it was when I first began. Furthermore, this is something that is totally beatable (at least at this level) and although very hard to detect, not all that threatening. But because of the layers of what we would call the "controlled information" medium (except the internet of course, but its mired with disinfo/BS, mostly due to human ignorance not conspiracy) this is exceptionally dangerous.

I have given up into trying to illuminate certain types of information to people. They have to see it for themselves. It is easy to just label everything as "conspiracy theory" and paranoid schizofrenic delusions. I wish...I REALLY wish that is all it was! But the real dangerous people are those who not only understand the spiritual side, the conspiracy side, but are able to dissect the entire scheme from a rational and logical point of view. These people are often targets of the "unseen" or "occult" influence that wants to utilize this information for their own gain.

Okay, now onto inception. The research continued with remote viewing. This is essentially proven for those who have been a part of it, or who have read the testimonies. The powers that be discovered what many powerful people already knew, that all of time is simultaenous, and recorded through a massive mind/consciousness that could be tapped into at any moment in time. People with the DNA forms were often monitored and abducted, and also by the "off world" presence as there was a correlation between certain things that need not be talked about here.

People that often get put into the "higher programs" of black budge operations are usually people with specific blood types, which when screened through certain military tests- are put into other testing. If they pass or deem valuable to these people they are eventually trained and put into even more specified programs. This happens within the various parts of the military agencies, and the corporations/military industrial complex that works closely with the hidden government. Nowadays, the methods of containing information, misinformation, and containing leaks is far more sophisticated than it used to be. There exists technologies that can wipe memories, that can screen them or cover them, and hypnosis/trauma induced methods that are able to separate personalities in order to "shield" the ones used in the hidden programs from the "personality" that is out in the day to day world.

Beyond the remote viewing programs, and those programs which formed from the technology gained from the recovered "craft" that has crashed throughout the world, they began to move into new territory. Some people are familiar with Montauk, and other similar events/facilities. I guarantee you those leaks were un intentional at the intelligence level, but intentional at the higher level. Of course, no one knows the full story but those who can feel out energy in events, and remote view know there is truth in those events.

Anyways, eventually- along with the technology Tesla helped developed, and those shared by certain off world presences, things such as HAARP were able to be built. They also began to experiment with implantation, the use of frequency modulation, experimenting with the effects of certain frequencies, running them through computers and then learning what corresponded with what. Thoughts, emotions, etc. They trained people to be able to remote view, and to astral project for many reasons, reconnaissance, spying, astral manipulation, thought manipulation, and even apparatuses and drug use that might enhance the "abilities" of their field agents.

They began to understand how these unique dna patterns were able to also be configured, or if not in subtle ways "affected" by long distance means of Scalar Wave beaming, microwave beaming, and what some traditionally refer to as "psychotronics." Attempted "blocking" the awakening or expansion of the consciousness of certain people (such as "indigo" children) by working through certain drugs out in the mainstream market (such as ADD medication), scalar wave beaming, and astral projection/remote viewing manipulation. Of course, humans are not the only ones involved in this activity, as most of you reading this probably know.

Many people who encounter "negative" entities in the astral, or when they are sleeping are actually encountering the latter. But sometimes, it is both, a joint effort, or many many other things. This is where the unknown gets strange and weird. And the benefit of them having this power and ability to affect others long distance- is that awakened souls/people can have a direct knowledge/cognition of this hidden world once they realize it. This is not always the case though, many lose their minds, become ultra-paranoid, die, or choose to live in complete denial of anything in these categories. Most people get "scared off" from the unknown and spirituality because precisely of traumatic "paranormal" experiences.

The inception part comes in, because the covert government for quite some time now, has had the ability- through their agents, and through their technology to manipulate astral bodies. Take them out, and even implant them etherically through various means. This includes the people they use (astral projectors, often under control by their handler) to go into people's energy fields and do the same thing. Many times unseen/occult forces (entities) are also working together for the same reasons. I know, it's fucked up and hard to believe, but this is not at all "materially" real. Some of it happens through the astral and thus most people will never know.

This way, they are able to implement thought forms, which because they are put into your field, and astral body- are able to "trickle" down into your subconscious and then into your conscious mind. These often are things of addiction, the "need" to use certain stimulants, or thoughts/emotions that are not your own and always negative in orientation. They are sort of like Wernicke's commands or whatever they are called. And sometimes your mind forms these out of past trauma, such as things your parents told you etc. These are not accidental though, they are intentional. And they will always be things that guide you away from your genetic and spiritual potential to rise above the system.

They are often fed, and accompanied by your own thoughts/habits, and they become embedded deeply into your energy field. When an energy worker removes the, they can re-form because the habit/addiction is still in your brain chemistry (physically) and thus reinforcing those thoughts/habits will begin to let it form again, or make you susceptible to another "implant."

Understanding this will give you another level of being able to control subconscious functions of addiction and other hidden things that might govern the lesser parts of us. The astral body and portions of the physical body can be in subtle ways, affected through the "inception" of certain thought forms, images, or even DREAMS! I have seen it being done first hand....and it wasn't until a so called "awakening" that I began to notice it in my sleep.....

The most important thing here is there are standard rational explanations to everything. Sleep paralysis might just be you being stuck in between here or astral, or simply a neurological disorder. But it can also be the sign of something causing physical symptoms! In other-words, bio-chemical reactions or dysfunctions can be related to energetic imbalances/ailments. Frequencies can cause this too, which i why good music can cause you to increase serotonin, and constantly listening to depressing music well, can make you chemically depressed (temporarily). Same with imagery and coded diagrams. This doesn't mean it directly controls you...NO, you "mindcontrol" yourself! Those things are just catalysts.

Yes it might be scary to some to us who have been through it, or who know nothing of this topic.

These same waves, are able to be protected against by simple things like energetic clearing, meditation, dna activation (which is a gimmicky way of explaining becoming in tune with your physical/psychic self), crystals, stones, salts, and mental/visualization such as shielding. Changing diet from more alkaline from less acidid as well, among a myriad of other things.

The point of this topic? Well..everyone expects the "conspiracy" to be a product of simply physical means. No...there are very subtle astral/enegergetic methods of affecting people, thought forms, emotions, and even lives! Sure they are not literal control of a persons mind, they are as harmless as MTV media commercials. But we both know the latter is trash for the mind. It is always the choice of the individual whether he wants to follow a suggest behavior. But its hard to know when it is not even your own suggestion!

Just remember, stand strong in your own pillar of Being...and don't be afraid of anything.
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Re: Inception as Reality.
Post # 2
Very interesting article and even more interesting insight. Thanks for posting :)
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Re: Inception as Reality.
Post # 3
Thank you.
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Re: Inception as Reality.
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Quite well said, :D
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Re: Inception as Reality.
Post # 5
I agree with all of this. I have been through some of it. Thank you.
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Re: Inception as Reality.
Post # 6
Thanks, it's good to know others have had the same experiences.
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