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strange experiences..

Forums ► Astral Projection ► strange experiences..
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strange experiences..
Post # 1
I had this experience a couple months ago:
I was over at my best friend's house (we'll call her Lily), our friend "Bob", and Lilly's friend from out of town (we'll call him Tom).
The four of us were sitting around the kitchen table (we may or may not have been smoking a certain herb), having a grand old time. I think it was around 11pm.
Tom starts feeling kinda sick, so he gets up to go into the living room and lay down on the couch; but as he's walking he just falls, completely passes out. He wakes up in a few seconds, still not feeling too great, and says that while he was out he had a kind of "dream" about his brother (I don't remember the details). With the help of Lily and Bob, he finally makes it to the couch. Lily stays in the living room with him, while Bob and I go back into the kitchen.
Well, at this point I'm starting to not feel so good. I feel a little dizzy, so I lay my head down on the table. And then, I was gone. I passed out, too. Here's the weird part: I dreamed while I was out. This may not seem strange to you, but I have passed out a few times before this and this was the first time I ever dreamed. It wasn't a good dream, either. All I remember from it was darkness and screaming.

Now, it gets weirder...
A couple weeks ago Lily and I were at "George"'s house (where occasionally a very dark energy hangs out), and the next night we were over at Lily's house again. It was kind of late at night, again. And we were sitting at the kitchen table, again. However, this time it was only Lily and I.
I start to get that dizzy feeling again, so I lay my head down on the table and ask Lily for a glass of water. She gets up to get it for me, but while she's at the sink, I...go away...
I'll tell it to you the way she described it to me:
"You did this limp thing, and then you lifted your head up and looked at me with these huge dead eyes."
Apparently, I then proceeded to arch back over the chair. Then, I launched myself at her, hissing and growling, and (she said) really trying to hurt her. She had to physically restrain me.
After a couple minutes of this, my whole body went limp and I came back.
It took me a few minutes after I "woke up" to figure out that I wasn't dreaming. I felt very shaky, and was covered in cold sweat, but I didn't remember anything that happened and still don't. And there wasn't a dream this time, just a large blank spot.

So... opinions?
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Re: strange experiences..
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
If you were smoking marijuana, then it could of opened you up to a temporary possession from another spirit. Marijuana opens your mind and changes your subconscious mind so that astral entities or spirits can access your subconscious mind. You sound like you are describing that. They can also get to you by using your emotions and threw thought projection or held thoughts. If you blank your mind and do a void meditation then I think that can help shield you from that.
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Re: strange experiences..
Post # 3
This is why you shouldnt smoke weed. Freaky stuff can happen.

Id suggest you not smoke it. First, it's illegal in many countries. And second, it causes damage to your body that's either long term or permanent.

Also, was your friend high when that supposedly happened?
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Re: strange experiences..
By: / Novice
Post # 4
first thought 'Tom' sounds a lot like my ex of the same name on face value. second though, there's something in your 'certain herb' this is why you buy from people you know well. not that i do, and not that i care, but for safety reasons you should ask a couple questions about it. a friend of mine's ex friend mixed his with tobaco. not the same thing, but he never told my friend until he started getting rather sick [he didn't smoke tobaco btw]

my point, nothing really magical, it's probably laced. herbs have been used in magic to see and experience magical things, but unless you grow it, you're never 100% certain what's in the 'certain herb' these days, so it's probably not magical, but you should stop going to whoever gave you the stuff. just an opinion.
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Re: strange experiences..
Post # 5
The first time it was homegrown.
The second time, neither of us had been smoking.
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